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Hey, I was wondering what mouse mat could I get? I need it to be quite big, over 40cm length ways.

I am looking for either surface, cloth is preferred tho.

I want to use my Razer Diamondback 3G with it, but I'm using MX518 right now.

My other mouse mat has started to tear for some reason, and that would explain why my mouse won't move down correctly :D.
goliathus speed alpha
Over 40cm: Roccat taito

qpad ct is wearing out fast
using razer mantis control which is pretty nice tbh
really if u want your mouse mat to last long get hyperglides with ur mx518, doesnt leave scratches at all and good for smoother mouse movement aswell
everglide titan monstermat.
also doesn't wear out that fast.
Just got the puretrack talent few days ago and it's pretty nice. If it's better than a qck or Titan etc is probably up to personal prefernce but I'd recommend it for low/lowmid sens.
und wieso nicht für high sens?
cuz I can't recommend what I don't use :p
roccat taito works well whit mx518
Puretrak talent. Best clothpad out there by far
Well because you said that I will buy it next!!
love you so much ;)
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