Which watch ?? help needed

Hi, i need really nice looking and branded watch... My style is like those E.Armani below. Show me what you got :)
My types :

#1 (imo very nice & best 4 me)

image: 1-1

image: 2-1


image: 2

image: 10

image: 11


image: 1


image: 6

image: 2

Need sth like that, price to 370Euros. No need more expensive watch.
spending 200 max here on a watch

e: 1 or 3, but i prefer watched with metal bands
I'd choose either the first by far or the third one..
image: MU1237

got something like this , ticking since 1998 , few repairs tho
awesome watch is awesome :D
i was thinking about sth like this, pussies likes that kind of stuff :)
i like omega :(
brentling or whAt ever its called : D: D
buying a watch from armani is like buying shoes from lee cooper : D
drive to the turzyn market in szczecin :D
tell them that you want a good stolen rolex or smth
Like your style but cant afford any of them :)
image: dieselwatch-600x337

got smth like this
pick #1 or #3. #2 is for grannies btw.

e: Why Armani? get omega!
just like armani watches style
btw, why do you need watch? You can check time on your phone or mp3....
lul i thought watches are made for showing us what time it is, i was wrong
do you have phone?
ye N8800 carbon arte, need some kind of jewellery on my hand ;)
Who needs watches...
But i'd go for #1 or #3
waw wow waw! ask ur real friends which is better :D :D
get some fake one for 5 €!
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