new games !

what games are u looking out for the most? top 3, nothing really cool has been released yet recently imo... but some cool stuff is coming up:

1. Brink - might grow as much as CoD did, people just need to give it a fair go
2. Diablo 3 (lots of people still playing diablo 2 even if its super old) - this game will be awesome
3. Doom 4 / RTCW/ ETLive (one can only hope, only heard rumors about this)

curious what else is in the making:)

ps. pc games only
Football Manager 2011
Diablo 3 for sure!
MASS EFFECT 3 !!!!!!!!!!!
ME 2 sucked ._.
wat the story in ME was so frikkin epic ._. me2 was just shiet ... 80% of the game was recruiting the team + adept power was fun in ME1 .. ME2 just shit and boring ... no inventar anymore .. no more makro exploring just hours of scanning planets to upgrade shiet zzzz
i focused in the graphic and story development

that was epic !
story development <.< ... oh no collectors left their galaxy , recruit ppl , go thru the omega 5 portal and destroy their base

the gfx was nice , was like watching mirandas ass all the time :3
was like watching mirandas ass all the time :3

like jelly

but srsly, as i see it, me2 choices you made gonna have huge epical impacts on me3 :D
yes thats nice but why didnt they make the story in ME2 more complex ... i mean recruiting random ppl the whole fkin game was kinda boring storywise ... after i filled my squad i was like ..."yay let the mainstory begin" and at that point it was pretty much over already .___.
what i was rly dissapointed was when you create new char, the games choose defualt main choices from me1

mafia ~_~
StarCraft II.
Football Manager 2011
ET Live
Fallout on the old engine :(
Splinter Cell Conviction
thanks for reminding me to burn it
meine ist immer noch net geflasht :(
dreckiges 7er liteon rev2
not for pc :(
got it on xbox 360 great game <3
ET Live

I ll die waiting
Kris ET Movie 3 plz

and i wonder how rtcw/et - live would turn out.
diablo 3, ME3 a some new fps mp game.(CoD4 @ updated Q3 engine would be best imo. I am sick of WW2 already so gimme M4A1!)
crysis 2, could be nice in a city environment.
1. Civilization V
2. Diablo III
3. Brink
4. Medal of Honor
5. F1 2010
Mafia 2 & Starcraft 2.
That's really about it :p
Duke nukem Forever!
can't wait diablo!
MAFIA 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111
rtwc 2012
alan wake
red dead redemption
Diablo III, don't expect any other decent games.
Starcraft II will be alright, not really my game though.
As for Brink, I'm not really expecting much but it has a small chance to succeed.
i'm waiting for rtcw3:o)
d3 d3 d3 d3

when is it comming out ?
i srsly can't wait any longer :<
Mafia 2, Max Payne 3, Diablo 3
Football Manager 2011
Really looking forward to SC2 - Decent RTS would be nice in my life.
Baldur's gate 3
brink/red dead redemption/crysis 2
diablo 3
blacklight: tango down
super mario galaxy 2
samurai showdown: sen
naughty bear
GoW 3
No More Heroes: Paradise
unannounced continuations like pk, quake, ut, doom, dungeon siege, pso etc

None, I'm only playing with girls
1. Fallout New Vegas
2. Episodes from Libery City
3. Half-life 2 : episode 3
image: f0d3d57f86ab6201015dfe7c084ab91b

out on TL, 16 gb
played it 4 months ago, worthy
Half-life 2 : episode 3
mafia 2
portal 2
splinter cell conviction
mass effect 3
the witcher 2
Diablo 3 for sure
hl 2 ep 3
black mesa, refreshed hl?
there are no real games iam lookin forward to

ME 3 just to finish the trilogie ,

D3 not expecting much

Brink ... dont like the engine and the movement that is coming with it , looked slow like MoH , the steroid and skinny charcreation is like just not my style

a new fallout would be nice :3
Starcraft 2, currently playing BETA it's gna be FUCKING Huge along with DIABLO 3
CoD 6 online, its nice
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