So from the title, you may be asking questions or already have some idea of what this project is. Basically ETLive, is Enemy Territory, the game we all play and love within a web browser. ETLive is a multi-platform, multi-browser implementation of Enemy Territory, with very similar intentions to that of Quake Live.


This project will contain an entirely new way of playing Enemy Territory. Users will be able to create their account and play instantly after downloading the browser plugin and downloading the base of ETLive. One major issue this resolves with ET, is that it eliminates issues in players finding their first game, going from 2.55 to 2.60 and then to 2.60b, and then having to proceed to download a vast number of pk3 files when they finally get on to joining a server.

Once your account has been created on ETLive, and you are ready to play, you can invite your friends using the in-browser buddy system or join your friends in their games in progress.

As the current releases of Enemy Territory, ETLive will have dedicated servers, but with more functionality. ETLive supports ranking and achievements, meaning that you can play your games for profile achievements and work to build your score up and possibly work your way up leader-boards, or just outrank your friends. Of course achievements are not entirely the focus of the game, and they’re there just to improve your experience and enjoyment of the game. YCN will be supporting game-servers on ETLive and are closely working with the development and helping as much as possible to ensure that this project is as enjoyable and successful as possible.

Competitive support

Of course if there is YCN, there will be GamesTV! We hope that the release will swiftly also have a TV protocol similar to the current features and performance of the current protocol, this should ensure that the competitive scene is taken care of also in the potential move over to ETLive. The competitive side of Enemy Territory is also important to the success of ETLive, we have also been in talks with TZ-AC about the future of anti-cheat on a new Enemy Territory client and anti-cheat will be implemented into ETlive from day one.

Unique features

As we mentioned before, it is hard for new gamers to join, however with the appearance of the currently client, players may be discouraged to try ETLive also. We are considering potentially improving the appearance of the client for ETLive which will possibly bring in new players. Another feature is potential new game modes such as Domination, which is in current Call of Duty style games.

Current setbacks

You may be thinking “Well this is just going to go a month and be forgotten”, well ETLive has currently been on and off in development for a long time, and has been kept quiet to avoid legal issues. Ideas have come to light about how to avoid these, and keep ETLive as secure as possible, and ETLive is in a stage at the moment where it is loaded into the browser and playable. We say this but please note, it is a far way to go.

Who are we?

ETLive is a very small project at this time, and there are only 2 main developers, and other people who are contributing other stuff into the project. The two developers are Kai “Apologet” Rathmann, and Eamon “Dutchmeat” Woortman. Both developers are from the RTCW scene in the past, and have ran communities in Enemy Territory and RTCW in the past.

The near future

The intention now is to release a closed Alpha by December and to have basic LUA support from day one. The Alpha will be very limited and unfortunately only invitational, however we will keep you updated on the development at our website which will contain development news at where we and YCN are active.

Be sure to follow our progress and keep up to date on our website, we promise to keep you updated with news and updates.
very nice Msh mate!
as long as it's not an official game from the makers of the game you will never get the publicity you need to attract enough players to fill this new game imo + legal issues??

but still nice work & hopefully my statement is wrong :)!
nice :)

how's it going legal wise then?
Excellent, best of luck! Just make sure it doesn't turn out like etxreal, maybe use a similar development strategy to cs:go.
Good nice!
thats really awsome but can you do it without splash damage permission?
sounds pretty useless tbh

ninjaedit: will be better if you're able to force etpro(or similar) only, fuck jaymod and fuck domination
No trickjump? :(
no tj - no et
No , people got the free right to choose what mod they want. Forcing is not a democratic way
we just show them the best way to play et
I m sorry but this is like you pretend that a person or a group of persons know what is best for the people and this is the opposite of democratic. Democratic is that people choose what they want , what they think is best for them. It goes for real life, it goes for games as well. What you think is best way to play ET some other person/s could think different. You have to present them, yes, but not to force them.
u dont really get it mate. i was kinda making fun of u, cuz u start with this democratic thingy. its the internet. and lets say if in etlive there is only this one possibility to play competitive it wouldnt be illegal or not democratic. Like LoL u know. You get put togehter with random people or start searching for a game with ur friends to play against the same amount of opposite players. best way to get our beloved competitive scene back to life again.
Now you talking more on my taste. But your first reply the one with "we just show them bla bla bla" was kinda repulsive for me. Don t get me wrong.
since when does ET have to be democratic?
Since democratic is better than the rest.
ET is not a state, its a game.. no other FPS games were democratic in their developement
That you dont know , because you don t have access to their marketing and design bureaus. Also I was strictly reffering to what error said that people must be enforce to play ET Pro. You can t enforce anybody to do something. Anyway I understand that this browser ET is developed to support only ET Pro so I guess we will see how this will work from the point of view of attracting noobs or people who had no touch with ET what so ever
Could you elaborate?
it already is, votes only go through with a majority of players in favor of said vote.
its not about forcing, its about giving the best there is to keep it alive

dividing the game into little MODs is useless for a project like this, specially in the begining
ETPro is a MOD, is not what ETPro originnally was designed. You give them WHAT YOU THINK IS BEST. Let them choose.
How's it going with trying to get ET on steam?
Not really sure. Gabri22 was sending emails to them (SD, ZeniMax) but I guess the initial enthusiasm wasn't big enough. You can ask him, maybe there is still a hope :)
I believe that that's the only way to get more players into ET.
it's nothing to do with enthusiasm, they're aware that a hell of a lot of people play the game (Steam I mean) and they let a lot of shit games through Greenlight, but I think SD/iD wanted to bury ET years ago. look at the fact that PB dropped ET, the masterlist being down for like 2(?) months and such. any responsible organisation wouldn't let such crap happen to a game they want to "survive" :P
How will it work with configs since everybody uses some kind of other settings etc?
You can have a config, but it wont be all the commands for Enemy Territory
Quake Live makes ET look like CoD when it comes to customization options. dont worry
meaning that QL has some really awesome customization features (e.g. you can chose color of your and enemy rail to distinguish, you can force enemy models to be default, picmic isnt "just" locked to 3, ...) and that it being browser based doesnt mean that cfgs are not supported.
look what msh100 said
he said that there wont be all ET commands.
i dont see why that should be the case...
if you take QL as an example its quite obvious that playing in a browser shouldnt be the reason to make it less customizable than it is now.
Very nice GreeceMarcus I hope Kinsler offered you what I told him to give you because you deserve it!!! :XD
Great :) Can't wait until release!
I dropped few tears of happiness THIS IS A GREAT DAY
brb gonna cheat
First thought was that my fucking fps will be lower then deryn on a friday night
If it works like quake live, the browser will more or less only act as a launcher, shouldnt be any problems with FPS if you can run normal ET. :P
Actually, I believe it is more optimised :)
Like Sjadan said, if you are able to play ET with a normal framerate then you wouldn't have issues playing ETLive. Also, like Marcus said, the engine is optimized, so you might just have a better framerate.
Is it possible for a "real" ET player to play with an ETlive player? Would be even more awesome!!!
probably not
get ID/Splash on board with this. dont wonna see another C&D and even if they could not/would not it would be more than optional to have their support.
and is there still a way to reach bani? whats his take on this? i cant imagine the community to play anything else than etpro.
this also needs major promotional efforts but i think it might very well be the thing that manages to "save ET".
Contact has been made with "experts" in the licensing, and the way the project intends to run should be no issue
ID wanted to make ETLive if QL was big financial success... it wasnt
what are ID's expenses? I never understood how QL could possibly cause a deficit for them..
server hosting in dunno how much countries + all the data transfer

apparently it is more than ID was willing to spend on ql
ofc it wasnt.
f2p game in a niche market.

also: what a retarded thing to say.
what was retarded ?;0
ololoomgwtfdudzorthisisubermegacoolzorskiiwtffffincredibleskinewszor :Ddd;d;d;DllX;d;x:DDd



let's celebrate :D:d;d:D;d:D;D:

thats like saying to a murderer, nice you stole my ideas...
You stole my idea.
yeah you were the only one with this idea after Quake Live successfully launched
sounds promising, hopefully it will be a success!
That's just epic,keep it up!
Good job;)
Very nice initiative!
wtf? :DDD nice one guys!!!
very, very nice!
i love you
Although i usually am optimist, i wanna say this is 4 years too late.

But, hopefully if they get their hands on etpro and implement it as a vanilla / default mod, it might be epic :)

It would be nice if there were buttons like:

"join 1on1"
"join 2on2"
"join 3on3"
"join 6on6"

It finds a game for you depending on your skill level (dunno how skill levels would work).
I dont think that would be good (atleast second part of it..)
Instead of using mirc,there should be these ROOMS where u can find a war..

Its really Awesome idea about ETLive,but my question is about config.. I'd seriously want it almost as same as it is in ET...
I mean that would be like gather.. you click "join 6on6 med" and u get into a war with 11 other ppl who clicked the same thing. This would make all the public players to start playing clanwars and actually make new teams etc.

ofc there should be a chat room or smth to find a war with ur team,

e: and also if there are some people who teamkill etc. on purpose then they should get banned.
Ingame voice communication would be quite needed then
dont think so..
Wouldn't work, if there were such a thing for each skill category most if not all would press the 6on6 high button to test or just see what it is like and find out if they could compete, over time it'd decrease and 6on6 high would be populated by low+/med people at most. Same goes for all the other categories I'd imagine. Basing it off of player stats or achievements wouldn't work either simply because some prefer not to waste their time with those. :P
not if you connected the "skill" like an ELO rating in QL
Covered that, I thought it was clear that a rating system would require time and mostly motivation, which most people wouldn't ever want to go through. Take the likes of walle, toxic and I don't know.. Night for example, you'd hardly ever see them playing public games or random mixes on there, which would leave them relatively "low" on the "skill"/elo ladder. The idea is there, sure, but unless you manually exclude/include players for an "invite only" type of match-up you won't ever get anything accurate. :P At which point you'd be better off just going for a mix/draft to begin with, saves time and you get to play with players you prefer playing with.
but if they arent playing mixes now they wont do in future too - problem solved
But they are. Just not as frequently, 1 mix a week or even just 2 at most a n entire month at times. :)
elo rating was one of bad good things that happened to quake :<
atleast there would be a lot of teams to play against :P
And nobody wants to play 6o6 with mix
over at #ALMIGHTY.ET we take like 3 mercs for every 6on6 d:
Yeah but if you have full random team its just horrible :/
well the et.gathers were always quite popular, they just lacked a good admin. :)
Fuck you man :(
it's gotta be said. :( you only put in effort for like a month each time.
Was successful only during school holidays, and you gotta understand I couldn't keep it active during the school hours myself d: (YES I FUCKING STOLE IT)
Not to mention you wouldn't shut the fuck up with your mass highlighting ensuring I would never participate in that shit.
That's what it needed
still better than public..
Public is wrong?
17980 mines, 1337 players, every 10s airstrike, fuck yea!
3rd best news of the day
I kinda skimmed this but just to clarify; completely separate game to ET? :P like, people who currently play on servers, wouldn't be able to play on the same servers as those on ETL?
had this idea about a year ago :}
Sue them... bastards :D
people have "had this idea" ever since Quakelive came out, this is the first time it's been attempted. :D
great stuff, looking forward and i am here to help if you need me ;)
best of luck
Good Luck :)

Looks almost like QL
ok, that´s awesome!
wauw nice idea but i hate browser based shit thats why i dont play ql so shit idea QQ
Hope this project makes it to the end!
awesome gl!

edit: will this also enable you to bring in some actual mod/game changes or will it be just a straight browser integration project only?

mostly asking because i'd like to see some fx-scripting added :p e.g.

not so much for competition ofc (movies aside) but it is the kind of thing (including integrated movie tools) that would make the overall package more attractive.

"The Alpha will be very limited and unfortunately only invitational"

Also interesting.
So if we (the ET.exe players) can not play with the ETLive players, do you expect us to drop our .exe and to play on our browser?

don't get it..
I think the main ideea behind this project is to make much more easier and accesible for new comers in ET to discover the game. By implementing it via browser I believe this has potential of success
I really hope it would not split the community in two.
But as long as it is well optimized for our engines and organized (contact every organization or whatever to tell them to change their way of supporting) I would for sure give it a try!
You worry to much about things. Is not going to split anything , is not like this is a project where people will fight for 2 or more separate fields. This is without question a very nice try of bringing new people in ET , people that dont want or can t or don t know how to download ET packs , install, etc etc.
ET & ETLive will be two completely different games. those who start from ETLive won't be able to play with everyone who sticks to ET.exe (as Zodiac said, like Q3 -> QL)
I know you can t connect from a normal ET server to an ETLive server, I was reffering to what Ding said about splitting comunity in two. I was reffering more to the fact that it will help imo to get new players in the universe of ET.
it won't get new players into ENEMY TERRITORY

it will get players into ET LIVE

a lot of people will continue to play ENEMY TERRITORY

causing there to be a split in the community between ET LIVE and ENEMY TERRITORY
I m not sure you are right.

I guess time will tell.

Is not necessary for you to predict things about a project which is not even done yet.

Have a nice day and end the subject with me please :)
it didnt work like dat with quakelive... ql actually collected lots of players from quakes
yeah but still a shitload continued to play old quakegames :P those guys who saw it as a low-remake
define shitload :D

ofc there are players that still play other quakes, but many do both
yeah, just like Q3 had to play QL instead.
I have question about stream. How it will be like? Like streaming background & browser or like Q3 engine game (no fullscreen) etc..

probably exactly the same stream settings used for QL.
Yes, but there are also any others programs like FFSplit
The only time in 2 years and a half when msh100 says something that actually puts a smile on my face.
Rough weekend - Can someone provide cliffs?
Really nice! Hope you can finish it on time.
S in begore there is none left to make it for?
bad bad idea.
i think its a waste of time
nice ripping off at leat 5 years old idea...

gl with that
ripping off.. of who exactly?

nobody released it before this so it's useless that they had the idea 5 years ago.
but it doesn't mean shit because they didn't do shit. :D as I said, it's useless that they considered it because they didn't DO IT.
I guess your are forgetting something...

They own all rights, they are the creators of this game or part of the game... I don't know how they will manage to release ETL ...
supposedly they don't need SD/ID permission to release this. :P
I don't know hows the gpl license, but i doubt they can release a game like this.
First, i think they can't charge any money, which is already a problem... how will the servers survive? Plus Quake Live lives partially because of premium accounts etc....
let us dream FODASSE !!
true, but they must have a plan of some kind.
seems like YCN sponsors this, so I guess they will keep it alive by paying server customers
Well, ID thought of it first, time to pack our bags and go home.
nice, you can copy paste from above
U have no life sad fuck, ur fuckin with internet people cus you'd get ur ass beat irl. Now fuck off and stop replying me all the time. This is like harassment, everywhere I go n what ever I say this idiot replies me.
gimme alpha access i no wanna palypaly against cheaters in December :[[[[[[
jaymod, etpub or etpro?
Holy shit guys, sounds amazing.

There are probably tons of people on Crossfire willing to help out with the project (me definitely being one of them) so tell us if there's anything we can do.
Well we still need a dedicated web developer(PHP/JS), I'm doing most of the web part at the moment, but there are alot of bugs to be fixed/features to be realized asside the web part of the project.

For now we're still trying to plan all the current features and tasks, so we're not really actively searching for people yet.
Awesome.. Avi for testing :)
Looks promising!!
Well, ID released the code of ET so they can do with it basically everything.

I think ID Software won't mind about that because without big moneyzz for a advertising this project doesnt have a chance to attract many people. Thats reality...

Anyway avi as a experienced webdeveloper
Hey Janusz,

Could you send me a private message with projects you've done and maybe let me know what skills and programming/scripting languages you master?
do you guys think that ET will be more active then or what?:D
it's not to do with the ET you or me play. :d the idea is a "new" game, everything updatable. graphics and such too!
The graphics won't be updated?
pretty sure I read something in there about improving the appearance :/
don't see any improvements :/ just looks like r_picmip 0
It's the xreal ET, unstable fps and shit graphics, a win - win situation lol
anyways would be nice to see et more active ;)

but dont do this:
QuoteAnother feature is potential new game modes such as Domination, which is in current Call of Duty style games.

ET is ET, not COD
Well, there's no harm in adding gameplay/gamemodes or in this case, take CTF, modify a few things and call it domination. And gameplaywise, domination is quite good.

Our goal isn't JUST to place ET into the browser, but also adding new features.

But don't worry, this is on our wishlist, this will only be done when are finished with the important/main features.
i understand. keep up the great work ;)
dutchmeat :o long time no see, gl with the project :)
Who will determine the alpha invitations?
We will :)

We're still debating wether to have some kind of alpha signup for you guys or just a small group of people we know.
Arent you the RTCW cheater?
Quite the contrary, I've even tried to bring anti-cheats to Demo and 1.0, I've successfully brought punkbuster to 1.0. But unfortunatly due to stuborn players and admins the actual projects failed, they wouldn't use it because of the 'hassle' of installing it.
Mousetrap2 at and
Must be thinking of someone else then, sorry :)
must know a lot of people!
Have you considered allowing ESL & CB admins to test this?
fucking awesome
Could be great succes :) GL!
will fail
This is the only way, but sould ve been started by ID XD
Pointless. If it's not done by ID then no one will care.
Same question. Who will get to test the alpha version? I mean, will there be a chance to apply for the alpha version? So you get to choose the "best testers" instead of just giving out invites to famous ET players for example.
Like I said in the previous comment(, we're still debating wether we do an alpha test where people can apply for it or just a close group of people we know.

One thing you have to realize is that alpha(/beta)tests are meant to test features in different situations, systems, etc. So we need dedicated testers to give constructive, usefull feedback and not just players that want to see how it looks like.
Try to get in touch with the Crossfire Council perhaps ;)
Oh dear... xDD
The 'Crossfire Council' sounds rather mysterious, like "Don't contact them, they will contact you."
Trust me and give it a try ;-)
Well thats why the applying stuff would work out great. With a section where everyone could tell you why they should be invited. I for example have tested a lot of mods, actually worked as a beta tester for a casino games company and been the leader of one of the most active teams in the Enemy Territory scene through the past 5 years. But with the testers being selected from your friends list, I don't stand a chance though I have the experience, intrest and could be of great help for the project (at least I would like to think I would be).
Point taken,

I think we will allow people to apply and make a selection of the applicants based on their experience/skills, time and interest.
That would be your best choice.
You should consult with some main faces of CF community to make ETLive more catchy/interesting/exciting. With help you could find out more good ideas or ignore totally bad ones... if not directly with each person then open topics like that so we could discuss with you. It is not that I think you guys have no clue!!

I think ETLive would be faaaaaaar better than any other sollution and tbh thats what I am waiting for years...

I think:
- Looks are important and I agree with your point, but HITBOXES are equally important! Normal people won't enjoy our shitty game if its not possible to hit the opponent correctly ... If I aim to the head it should be headshot, legs are not part of head... make this clear for silly ET, thx

- Yea yea private servers are very important.

- QuakeLive is a great example for this project, you should look around and take some ideas, learn from it.

- I want to encourage you to talk with well known community members with leading/managment skills like our beloved Homer/TosspoT and ask them to contact ID Software if they could support your project. I don't think about money, but promoting[/u]!

Best of Luck!
what the fuck are you talking about with hitbox you clueless dipshit
You are turk, right?
your point being?
better watch your mouth otherwise im not gonna employ you, turbankid
that was a comeback that I never expected, well played gg
So you say that you can't hit headshots while aiming the ass? This is new. :/
I never got a headshots while aiming in the legs
maybe he is talking about cs :D
sometimes you aim lower and you get headshot, other times you are shooting 30 bullets into the head of the guy who dosent even move and you dont get a single headshot. that sucks
that's called spread mongol
no, hes right, ET hitboxes are total crap

ql ones are much better, and they still shit compared to cpm
ET hitboxes are crap but I've never ever shot a headshot while aiming in the legs (except if one or more enemy shoot at me and even if so, I can't remember)
you seen nothing then :DDDDDDDDDDDD
i described too dramatically tho never expected anyone taking it so seriously. ofcourse i dont experience headshot while i aim to the legs many times... its more like you hit the chest or far away from enemy's body and you still get hs.

same shit when you are behind a corner for 1-2 seconds but opponent still kills you, because your f_cking hitbox running slowe than you, "hah"
getting killed behind corners (and the reason why everyone with a (playable) bad ping is better off than someone equally skilled with a better ping) is coming from etpros shitty-as-hell antilag feature which heavily favors players with bad pings.
I hope you're trolling and actually not that stupid.
And why would I be stupid?
(just to clarify, i once read a post on here/banis forum/sd-forum explaining etpro's antilag feature and that's the way i understood it)
antilag helps ppl with bad ping more but overally it helps everyone to aim accurate. Also everything in the game still gives the advantage to low ping player. Getting killed behind the corners is just the result of some delay and low pinger would've just killed you before the corner. Instead you get to die into safe place where you cant be gipped. Its just gamesense thing to realize if and when you're getting shot regardless when your client shows it.
Quoteantilag helps ppl with bad ping more but overally it helps everyone to aim accurate.

from my feeling it helps them too much (or do you think that it is fair that "normalpingers" see people warping around on the server while the warpers (read: bad, but very stable ping) themselves have a normal feeling while playing? extreme example).

and about the behind-corner-killing, i know there is delay in client-server-client-communication which can/is the cause but that could only be an explanation when you are a relatively small distance behind a corner at least sometimes i got the feeling that i still get killed after an eternity. but as you stated its mainly personal oppinion/feeling.

Quote. Instead you get to die into safe place where you cant be gipped.

if you are referring to me (everyone with a (playable) bad ping is better off than someone equally skilled with a better ping) it wasn't specifically about the corner-killing more a general thing but - as already stated - that is solely my opinion.
if the ping is stable there shouldnt be any warping. also in Etpro theres antiwarp which is different thing which should prevent that. i think ive only seen 3 players to warp in my 9 years of ET and everyone of those had normal ping.

It feels like eternity because you dont expect that and general feeling is off. Remember that if you die they've shooting quite a while at you. good players would realize that they might die and it wont come as surprise to them. Also they can try to abuse the fact that they have extra time to throw a medpack to save them.

thats your opinion which is affected by the point above. In reality bad pinger have every disadvantage in the game. Starting from latency itself, firefights reactions, bigger knockbacks, unlagged nades/rifle/panzers, bullets disappear

Quote by baniif you get beaten by a high pinger then you suck. its harder for a high pinger to kill you than it is for you to kill them. your client is more likely to have an accurate representation of the world than they are
going to look after it the next time i play et, maybe there is a small chance that i will learn to expect it.

never saw that quote, have to change my opinion obviously ^^ (at least it felt comforting just saying its etpro's antilag fault).
Fullscreen support?
Yes, just like Quakelive supports fullscreen, ETLive will aswell.
Basicly, you start in small screen, in the browser and as you prefer, your can go fullscreen whenever you want.
Nice work Marcus :)

I give you alll the support i have!

This will be ready?
its a nice idea i think , it should be ready !
amazing! avi to test!
Can I still change my nickname ingame?
no... you are bound to etl account name as nick
I'm going to register mAus!!
Great stuff :)

Hopefully something like new unlockable weapons and perks/traits (buyable with money ofc) come up, easier to keep the game alive that way
no. no no no no no.
Noooooooo, fuck off with that bullshit
Why not? I think some people would be thrilled to use new weapons once in a while (eg StG44 from some mod, bigger damage than mp40/thompson, not as accurate), also molotov cocktails, shotguns, poison gas canisters etc.

Maybe a perk that allows you to recharge your power bar faster? Would make playing soldier/fops actually a viable option! Or faster suit stealing? Lower spread?
Monetizing this is a surefire way to hear from Activision's lawyers.
  • Which mod will be used? Etpro/Etpub/jaymod/noquarter ...?
  • Hitsounds? yes or no? (Hopefully yes! or at least it should be possible to decide weather you hear hitsounds or not or just hs; b_hitsounds 0,1,2)
  • Which Browsers are supported?
  • Releasedate ? 2012,13...16?
  • Is it possible to use your own cfg?

If you need help with some photoshopwork, then pmme :) I am no pro, but i can do some stuff np
actually... i think every mod can be implemented without problems :-D

this way you could have serious clanwar, and right after some phun, without much of a hassle
QuoteWhich mod will be used? Etpro/Etpub/jaymod/noquarter ...?

We'll be using our default mod(ETLive :)) with LUA support at first, we might be adding more support later on. However, we will implement alot of popular features from mods like ETPub/ETPro like weapon restriction, tournement features and so on, so people can also enjoy competitive matches.

QuoteHitsounds? yes or no? (Hopefully yes! or at least it should be possible to decide weather you hear hitsounds or not or just hs; b_hitsounds 0,1,2)

Personally I like hitsounds, this may just be something we will ask the community to see what they think. I'm not really familiar with the professional scene on ET, but then again we could just make this configurable by the admin aswell.

QuoteWhich Browsers are supported?

Our plugin platform should work on the following browsers;

  • Internet Explorer 6 and later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later
  • Google Chrome 2 and later
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera - Some features may not work on some versions of opera

Mac OS X
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 4 and later (3 probably works as well, just haven't tested it in awhile) both 32 and 64 bit

  • Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later
  • Google Chrome

But we might be creating features which will break compatibility. But our aim is to support as much browsers as possible.

QuoteReleasedate ? 2012,13...16?


QuoteIs it possible to use your own cfg?

Well customization is possible, but we will limit some CVARs as some default limitations are simply not strict enough .
Hitsounds are a must!
will it be the same "feeling" as in et? I mean , the way you strafe, aim, jump, etc will be the same or very similar or..?
Ehm..i mean, if I play a 3v3 in ETLive , will it be much different from an actual 3v3 in ET?
If it is the same, or rlly very similar, that one cannot tell the difference, you can succeed, if it its very different, or it feels nothing like et (strafe, jump, aim) then it will be a fail.
But i am realistic. If your project is a success, ET overall wont see any new players or more activity...I mean come is a good idea but 5 years late, if implemented right now the following would happen:
Most CF users will test it, will play some weeks on it (if it is good enough) then they will whine about the usual stuff: Maaassive fps lags, Ping, browser crash, mouse accel, or whatever they can come up to and then will go back to play ET. Now, even if players find ETLive great, like rlly good stuff, et saved!, it wont "save" et at all.... it would just split the community between those who liked ETLive and those who didnt like it. Overall i think this project is not "gonna save et" , it will preserve it. Also i dont have a clue but, isnt this "expensive"? --> server stuff and all, so my question is, if the project is ever finished , will it be here at least 5 years? -Will you guys be spending that money to keep the game "alive" for that time? ...i mean it because of what happened with tzac for starts as a good project, but 2 years later no motivation, no money and project is droped. So if you do this and then in 2 years you feel like not spending more money on it, you will drop it, leaving all those ppl with no more etlive, "killing" that part of the community too.
I think , although it sounds like a great idea , perhaps it is not, and it could do more damage than good for saving the game.
Even if there had been a lot of problems to bring the community to another game (brink, wolfenstein, etqw..) in the past i have good hopes concerning etlive.

Indeed, the quake community proved it was possible. some people were playing quake for almost ten years and they switched to ql anyway.
but isnt it totally different ? Comparing Quake and QuakeLive with ET and ETLive, since -correct me if i am wrong- QL had full support from a huge gaming company who also created Quake while ETLive has no support , permission or whatever and its a project created by a few people and not a huge organization?
It sounds cool and all but would it is a -new game- created by a few people, dunno how much future that could have tbh.
you're right, i was simply reffering to the fact that our community could still switch to etlive because it has nothing to do with those shitty games like brink or wolfenstein.

i admit that there's still a huge difference with quakelive :/
If the game does not provide proper netcode and hitboxes it will fail
will there be any ac?
wont be one i guess :D
Top secret information I uncovered leads me to believe that there will be an anti-cheat separate from TZAC built into ETLive.
Can we recording demos and open/watch with "old ET game installation"?
it probably works the same way as quake live
I don't play QL, don't know how it works x)
just a question, i know it is going to be browser game, but if you are owning server can you connect to it via et and not browser? So it would also be possible browser vs client (like it is now)?
-no etpro = different feeling
-config settings won't be the same as we are used to

Etlive demo or something because i want plaayy.

i hope the developers will integrate something like ELO sothat beginners playing the game first time will play with players same skill and dont play against people who will kill them 10 times so that they will leave game after 5 min (:

etpro will be integrated?
a info page with news for etlive would be great (:
I know! :)
DUDE! This would totally make me come back to ET. I miss the old good times on ET, this game is just the best.
Seems I'm almost 20 days too late to hear this news. can afford this? Will there be anti-lag? Will there be servers located not only in Europe but also in North America, South America, Asia and Australia?

How are you planning to advertise ETLive? Based from this article, ETLive won't be getting major supports from reliable, stable, strong and promising sponsors. If this is the case, then I strongly doubt ETLive would attract new players.

ET as a whole is definitely less famous than Quake as a whole. Judging from the disappointing outcome of Quake Live, along with Quake's legendary name, reputation and support from id software itself, ETLive isn't going to do any better. (Just an assumption)

I'm also afraid of the outcome that ETLive would "kill" ET rather than "save" it.
cool. hope it goes well. hope you stick with it if it does. always sad to see small projects die due to dev boredom.

this may be helpful:

as for mods, you could probably get away with using etpub src without too much whine. it has realhead and antiwarp straight from etpro.
Thanks, we've already found that project, it helped us with the setup of the SDL hack. However Windows is alot different in handling events than X11, so it takes a bit more time than expected.
ETPub sounds good, at the moment we're just using the ETLegacy mod which also implemented some of the ETPub features.
Any updates?
Well yeah :) We'll put out a news article soon.
Also we will start recruiting alpha testers when we've set up a form on our website.
Blackops 2 style! Well -- change the downloads of the sites where you can download w:et, so new players will have already etlive because Im sure alot of guys even dont know about it while playing 2.55 or ever heard of etpro. Get some contact to the site inventor or something and change the url to ETLive downloads.. (for example,.. whenever you type in google W:ET download.. there should come etlive..) so we'll get alot more players!
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