LoL S3 World Championship

The Season 3 World Championship in an upcoming tournament to crown the League of Legends Season 3 world champions. The playoffs are being held in North America with the Grand final being held in the Staples Center on the 4th of October 2013. The winning team will, apart from being crowned the Season 3 world champion, walk off with the Summoner’s Cup and $1 million. 14 teams from North America, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and one of the emerging League of Legends territories will be measuring up at the World Playoffs after having qualified through their regional competitions.

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$1.000.000 - €754,488
$250.000 - €188,622
3rd - 4th $150.000 - €113,173
5th - 8th $75.000 - €56,587

Quarterfinal Teams

Gamania Bears
image: 123px-Gama_Bears
Taiwan Steak
Taiwan Winds
Taiwan Maple
Taiwan NL
Taiwan Swordart

Najin Black Sword
image: 123px-Najin_Black_Sword_logo
Korea, Republic of Expression
Korea, Republic of watch
Korea, Republic of SSONG
Korea, Republic of PraY
Korea, Republic of Cain

Royal Club Huang Zu
image: 123px-Royal_HZ_logo_150
China GoDlike
China lucky
Hong Kong Wh1t3zZ
China Uzi
Hong Kong Tabe

Cloud 9
image: 123px-Cloud9_150
United States of America Balls
United States of America Meteos
United States of America Hai
United States of America Sneaky
United States of America LemonNation

Groupstage Teams

image: 123px-Mineski_logo_150
Philippines Snoy
Philippines Kaigu
Philippines Yume
Philippines Exo
Philippines Tgee

Team Solomid
image: 123px-Tsmlogo_134px
United States of America Dyrus
Canada TheOddOne
United States of America Reginald
Canada WildTurtle
United States of America Xpecial

Team Vulcun
image: 123px-Vulcunlogo
United States of America Sycho Sid
United States of America Xmithie
United States of America mancloud
United States of America Zuna
Bulgaria BloodWater
image: 123px-GGeu_logo_150
Lithuania Nbs
Lithuania Alunir
Lithuania Mazzerin
Lithuania Deadlybrother
Lithuania Inspirro

Samsung Galaxy Ozone
image: 123px-Samsung_logo_150
Korea, Republic of Homme
Korea, Republic of DanDy
Korea, Republic of dade
Korea, Republic of Imp
Korea, Republic of Mata

SK Telecom T1
image: 123px-SKT1_logo150
Korea, Republic of Impact
Korea, Republic of bengi
Korea, Republic of Faker
Korea, Republic of Piglet
Korea, Republic of PoohManDu

image: 123px-Fnaticlogo
France sOAZ
Finland Cyanide
Spain xPeke
Estonia puszu
France YellOwStaR

Lemon Dogs
image: 123px-LD_logo_150
Denmark Zorozero
Germany dexter1
Norway Nukeduck
Netherlands Tabzz
Spain Mithy

Gambit Gaming
image: 123px-Gambit150
Russia Darien
Russia Diamondprox
Russia Alex Ich
Russia Genja
Estonia Voidle

image: 123px-OMG_logo_150
China Gogoing
China LoveLin
China Cool
China san
China bigpomelo

All these matches will be streamed live on

On you can watch every match that will be played to see who can crown themselves LoL Season 3 Champion and win $1.000.000!

Who do you think will be the Champion?
nice coverage. better than riot does lol
thanks mate, appreciated a lot!
damn it, now that u can live from gaming 24/7 i am too old for that shit :D
Same prizepool as Adroits ET
uh there was a prizepool at adroits ?!? :DDDD
Not anymore, prizepool was spent at the MacDonalds
thats sad, many better ways to waste your money
inb4 SK-T1 gonna win worlds
i like mvp ozone & gambit but with current meta i guess skt1 will take this
EU/NA dont even have a chance :)
Maybe Gambit/cloud9 , but rlly dont think so :(
cloud9 lol, not gonna win any match.
Just named them because they dominated the NA scene
Cloud9 will have had the best chance to prepare against the koreans since they stomped the NA LCS and could focus a bit more on worlds.
honestly though I think from the NA/EU scene, gambit will progess the furthest because they REALLY go ham during worlds/major lan events and come up with some new crazy shit, if not they're mediocore/EG level
Let's go comrades.
Nice coverage Timbolina.

God, I hope I get lvl 30 soon.
Now I keep getting put in random naab teams.
Frustrating, I wanna play ranked games, and 4 lvl's away from doing that.
Ranked is probably gonna be your worst nightmare.
That's what some ET and Real life friends told me.
But one buddy is silver, and he only plays ranked, because according to him it's more fun.
I hope some EU/NA team wins just to dazzle everyone but prolly Faker's team will win.
Money on Cloud 9 :D
Very nice coverage timbolina, i'm impressed
I didn't know the majority of this forum is fucking 12 years old.
Damn, so high rewards for so shit game ;/
OMG are not Canadian though :)
And Cloud9's jungler is Meteos.
Accidently put the ca flag instead of cn flag with OMG.

Cloud9's jungler is indeed Mateos, but this was already there.
- Top
- Jungle
- Mid
- Sup
best mate os
Mateos != Meteos
Faker gonna rape face
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