CF Community Awards 2015

We are happy to announce the Crossfire Community Awards 2015! Once upon a time this was an annual tradition here on CF, and now it is back after a four-year break. Keep reading for details on how to participate.

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The CCAs are a fun way for you - the Crossfire community - to vote for your favorite player, team, match, movie, and more. This year's edition will feature twelve awards split into three categories of four awards each.

Enemy Territory:
  • Player of the Year 2015
  • Team of the Year 2015
  • Match of the Year 2015
  • Most Improved Player of 2015
  • Aimer of the Year 2015
  • Medic of the Year 2015
  • Rifle of the Year 2015
  • Engi of the Year 2015
  • Movie of the Year 2015
  • Journal of the Year 2015
  • Content of the Year 2015
  • Community Member of the Year 2015

We've put together a panel of experienced players and trusted community members to help decide the award nominees. Not to worry, the rest of you will have your say as well. Take a look at this thread for instructions on how to make your own nominations. You only have until Friday the 15th to get them in, so don't wait too long!

Next Sunday, nominees will be announced and voting will start for anyone with a Crossfire account. You will vote for one of five nominees per award. Voting ends on the 28th, and winners will be announced on Sunday the 31st. Both announcements will be made live on stream by none other than United Kingdom MerlinatoR!


  • Sunday, 10th of January - Announcement / Nominating starts
  • Friday, 15th of January - Nominating ends
  • Sunday, 17th of January - Nominees announced (on stream) / Voting starts
  • Thursday, 28th of January - Voting ends
  • Sunday, 31st of January - Winners announced (on stream)
Please keep in mind that these awards are for the entire year of 2015, not just the last few months. Have fun!
Questions? Contact United Kingdom Artstar, United States of America Foreigner, or myself. Special thanks to Portugal punky for the banner!
will i get an award now? ^_^
best banner award goes to you
u should see artstar's!!
best cf ass
I vote for LORDI
lmao easy win for me
good job ohuradmin
Most Improved Player of 2015

Best public player
Already got a space on my e-shelf for the best medic award... ohoho
Best public player : yuri
Rip most hated award
Your brother Hype won the most hated player ever award last year, didn't he?
most improved: niSmO with new PC cu lan
hai there friend, missed me?
How can you improve when you're already at the top bro?
only koop can stop me now
and Queen Elizabeth
inb4 comments deleted
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