A trip down memory lane by Feuersturm

Well, Wolfenstein Lane I guess.

QuoteThis is not a comprehensive look into the past of Return To Castle Wolfenstein or Enemy Territory, but merely a tiny peek behind the scenes, gathered from bits of personal scrap materials that have somehow survived from the early days of both games on backup CDs, old hard disks and FTP servers without any purpose of actual documentation. I would like the visitor to understand that the pictures are references to memories, so the captions are littered with trivia. This gallery is mostly meant to be read. It helps if you were there or have a fascination for that sort of thing.

- Feuersturm, January 2017

So hop in, http://users.kymp.net/~feuer/wolfensteinlane/

If you happen to have some older stuff or memories saved, feel free to share them now before they disappear!
someone should have saved all fucking rtcw / et results of cb. the whole history of those games gone with it
all results, lineups, cups, team names...
such a shame
Nice to get a glimpse into what the scene was in the very early days. The target audience for something like this has to be small by now but it was a fascinating read regardless. Kudos to Feuersturm

Wouldn't have been surprised if Swanidius had been fragged somewhere in that gallery.
You get fragged everywhere
true :-) During those times I was young boy in the troops of SVV
Thats young jake gyylenhaal and not Ferus
if Feuersturm would ever read this, i uploaded some matches of those players from broken etc:
to cf: old rtcw matches sometimes with shoutcast included. 260 matches uploaded so far, more to come over time... Been uploading stuff since march 2015

also uploaded most of the stuff from warwitch's comeback to rtcw 2012-2014, just check my playlists
respect sir, keep-teh-heat
Always interesting looking back on some of the history, thanks for posting this.
checked all the pics. conclusion; alot of nerds and i would hit xpaz' sister
Nice one!

Tried to find my old clan Teuva Total Dominating website from 2005 to 2008 but obviously it was removed :( There were awesum match reports written by meh.
Fake quote, no Feukka-hymiö.
This isn't news...
but it has more quality content than most of the news and journals
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