Presenting the ETernal Damage

image: 0HQCgHB

It's been a while since our last tournament. I hope everyone of you enjoyed the summerbreak and will continue to do so. We also took a little break, but as you can see we couldn't stay away for too long from this community and game. That’s why we are here to bring you a new tournament which will hopefully get the activity back to ET once again.

ETernal Damage

I am here to announce ETernal Damage, an 6on6 Enemy Territory event which will start at the 18th of September. This means everyone who is interested in taking part, has time to register his team until the 10th of September.

To do so you need to send a private message to me with the following information:
Europe Team name, the lineup with a maximum of 8 players (a player can only play for one team)
Additional information regarding rules etc. will be announced in an upcoming news post.
The person registering the team will be the considered team captain, meaning he needs to be contactable for any questions.

The prize money

I am pretty excited, announcing that the tournament will have a prize pool of atleast 400 €. 400 € got donated by United Kingdom Moe, who loves the game as much as we all do. I am really thankful for his awesome help and appreciate it a lot. He said that he "wants to see more games" and wants to "keep the dream alive".

Current prizepot: 450 €*

The prize money will be separated like this:

  • 260 €
  • 130 €
  • 60 €

If you would like to donate to the prize money, don’t hesitate to contact me.

*Additional Donations will get listed here below:
  • 50€ Donation from Poland HaoKakao


  • Monday, 7th of August - Signups open
  • Sunday, 10th of September - Signups close
  • Sunday, 17th of September - Format and matches will be announced
  • Monday, 18th of September - First match week starts

Map list and Format

The format of the tournament will depend on the number of signups. With that said we mean the format of the tournament structure. It will get announced after the signups have closed. We will try to give every team as many games as possible. I am also up to update the map list. Therefor I would like the players and team captains to talk to me or just leave a comment below this post to inform us, which maps you would like to see.

United Kingdom MerlinatoR also informed me that he will be streaming as many matches as he can on his Twitch-Channel.

The tournament will be led by SwedenEkto and myself. If you got a question you can find us either here on crossfire or at IRC (#Teamoxid).

image: teamoxid
credits to Poland chikita for the banner!
no wonder it was girly
I knew purplish will suit stray
nice base image :p
merc avi
Lecimy z kurwami?
no z twoja matula juz polecielismy
yes avi
surely avi! pmme!
United Kingdom Moe the ET motar2k
If a team wants a proven winnerman and top ET specimen, message me at my profile. certified
I am MarseilleLeFrancis and I approve this non EU professional specimen.
available for a team
inb4 winner will get money in 2020
inb4 the cash prize is just a bait
1.4.18 is payday
Moe legend

merc avi for a decent team can play any role besides fops
avi merc to play medic, fops:D
Sick donate bro
I'm avi, if you want a shit player on your team but a good way to learn.. What time does it start as I finish work at 7pm, UK time.
You're already starting on the wrong foot here m8 this isn't child playground we're talking big, 400$ cashprize, if you want to get in, quit your job and be ready to give your soul to endlessly practice everyday on ET. With the cashprize you might be able to pay Jinosta's coaching services. (it is free, if you're giving him a quickie)
What a bellend! :DDDDD
avi for the cup
avi, havent played any ET for 7 months orso, so prolly low as fuck. PM me here :O)
Could play this...

Prefer fops/eng/rifle

pm me here
erase reporting for duty
Europe Elysium ready for ownage
Team Finland ready
szukam z owca czterech ziomeczków
malczik żyjesz?
ready for basic gaming
avi retired skill
c'est pas vrai le xAvounet baboulinet? récupère emo j'ai josé et on lance le rouleau compresseur
dur j'ai plus son num et steam/bnet il est jamais co...
I heard the Europe mAlibu Allstar team is ready for this!
avi, dont pracc just play this cup plx xx
n1 might be avi
w00t afesia
pm lightning he is also interested :P
avi , no serious business
gonna spec for sure

Low skill
How come this game still has paid lans despite the fact most of the people who've played it are probably dead or worse
Qyz and me are searching for a team
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