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Do you remember sunday, May 21st 2017? If not, let me tell you, it was a day to remember, it was the day, that EuropeElysium beat EuropeThe Money Team in a more than worthy Grand Final of the Krefeld Battleground LAN event.

But over the course of the whole weekend there have been multiple awesome matches. To recap some of the highlights of the event, Germanymental sat down and created “The Krefeld Battleground - Aftermovie”.

It took several months of production, but be assured, it was worth the wait.
We as the admin team of the LAN would like to thank Germanymental for the work he put into making this movie, United States of Americaipod for keeping him motivated and everybody else that helped out with providing frags, ideas and so on.

Youtube Video
Crossfire Video

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Really nice movie:)
omg omg!
Good job!

EDIT: no mental moment in this mental movie? :P
Thanks (also at the rest!) :)

No, because there was no frag worth showing, maybe because some gamestv replays are bugged :P but no problem
Good job mental!
tnx for the effort, it's brilliant :)
nice work mental
Great movie great drag, thanks stRay :)
good job :)
Amazing work! well done mental!
Nice amazing video!
no swanidius 1/10
Well done, was tempted not to watch it because I heard about the start - but apart from that was nice to see someone but the dedication in to something like this, it's been missing for the past few lans.

You left one or two of my kills out of th radar clip - where I also secure the docs back - was probably more important than all the kills / headshots!
What did u hear about the start?
Did u submit that to him?
Just the decider / doc run- brings back bad memories.

Nah the full clip is in the comments of the GTV game that someone uploaded.
Nearly a year and I'm still reading it "KGB" in my mind...
Good work guys, hope everyone is well!
nice one mental
KBG 2 incomming ?
good job ladies
nice work =)
Nice movie, good job!
Amazing video mental!

The start of the video gives me goosebumps. Hands down one of the most intense moments in my entire life. I regret not finishing the post I wrote how I experienced this match as a player. The way you have edit this clip in the movie is brilliant.

Also I love the way you have put the rifle of Jere in the clip. I remember myself being on the top of the black box sniping, together with iNsAne on the other box. Ready to kill chry, but as Tosspot kinda mentioned, Jere was there to write his own script.

A big big thank you to United States of America ipod for being the donater and source to this movie. He certainly deserves to get a special mention. A life time experience I will never forget.

ET, you are Amazing!
good job ag0n. Nice video :) and the others ofcourse.
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