Return to Krefeld Battleground

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It has been one year, since we made the announcement to host the ET LAN event in Krefeld and boy what a journey that was: A lot of passionate people getting together, drinking way too much and enjoying the one and only game with matches and a final in the 6on6 tournament, that made the event really special: It was seconds to decide that Netherlands Elysium gain the title.

Today we are proud to announce the sequel of our LAN event: The Return to Krefeld Battleground.

Event details

  • Where? Take TV Venue in Krefeld
  • When? From Friday, May 18th 10.00 CEST to Sunday, May 20st 20.00 CEST
  • What? 6on6 tournament with 10 teams and 3on3 tournament with 12 teams
  • Prizes? 2,300.00 Euro
  • Who? Tournament staff: Germany chosen, Germany stRay, Sweden Ekto
  • More information about the event

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Sign up

We've built a website to guide you through the registration and payment process. You will receive a token to track the payment status and share payment details within your team.

6on6 tournament
  • 65.00 Euro Early Bird
  • After 28th of February: +15.00 Euro
  • PayPal fee: +5.00 Euro per Transaction (no fee for bank transfer)
►► Sign up

3on3 tournament
  • 35.00 Euro Early Bird
  • After 28th of February: +15.00 Euro
  • PayPal fee: +5.00 Euro per Transaction (no fee for bank transfer)
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Please contact an admin as soon as possible if you have any issues to pay until Feb 28th.

The event
Pack your things, because the Venue is booked and the date is confirmed. There is enough space to have up to 16 teams in each tournament. Of course more teams will result in more prize money and vice versa for teams less than the amount of teams we did mention. In any case we guarantee each and every single participant at least 5 matches in the 6on6 tournament and at least 4 matches in the 3on3 tournament.

You can donate money using PayPal or Bank and you can donate your CSGO, DOTA2 or other Steam items so that we can sell and add the money to our donations. Every cent of your donation will be added to the prize pool.

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only 2300eur prizepool? i cant even buy an apartpment in london with that sum
you will dodge
hahah made my day :D
:D its a given, 2 weeks before ha
Nice to make comeback at lan!
Make sure it's not BYOC. Would be pretty embarrassing to go there and then be unable to get ET to work. :D
Merry Christmas
avi top3 team
Avi to play with a top 4 team
- only available with jinosta included
Great job =) see ya all there!
So did the winners already get their money from previous lan? LUL
This should be higher up lol

Wasnt the last lan alredy like half year ago or something similar?
This aint Reddit dumbass
avi for the winnermans team
What u are thinking applying for the team like this. There is no way you can fill the gap left behind by trmp.
Also, the team is non-nerd only ;-)
cu there =)

merry xmas!
fingers crossed I'll see you there <3
Merry xmas :)
think its too short notice wasn't the last one told well before?
5 months should be enough to make your own scheduling work out :P
You can't be serious?
I am, last time was hard to get the teams and think it was arrange 8 months in advance
stand corrected then but a lot of us knew well before was coming. hope turn out good as last year
Nope you didn't, trust me..
There's no abnormal amount of notice here, really. It's well into 2018.

I'm sure you can figure things out
wont be there this time ,but great to see one more :) gj !
Looking foward to be there
i hope everyone will break even
hoo nice! gl
Going when I recieve my money, dont be like seanza
I approve this post $$$$$
Tell them you're going and that they can reduce your entrance fee from your prize money. :D
Parent 10 years anniversary here we come
Europe TSB on way
Poland Abj
Poland BloOdje
Poland dialer
Finland lEku
Finland toNy
Poland WuT

Easy win
- Poland BloOdje and u might have a chance
bloodje low if h2o plays for bloodje

gg TSB win h2o carried uguys other lan in frostbite
wódka tony?
Anyone want to donate a little bit more to the prizepool so Ross and Co can make it to the LAN?
Damn, hope to see many comebacks for the 6on6 format, last LAN was very fun to watch even if the level of play was a lot worse than on previous LANs.
Hotel booked. See you there :)
Better start attending the gym cunt
I still have evidences from last lan
1v1 me irl
Just because you train down the Pokemon gym doesn't make you a big man. I've practiced smashing frogs in the long outside and they out up zero fight.... which is more than I expect you to put up pussy French cuntfuck
did i missed the LeFrancis movie? WHERE IS IT?!
Still in the studio Freund. Soon tm.
I praccd MMA 6 years, boxing in parallel 7 years
Also bodybuilding for 4 years, 1m87 for 86kg

My reflexes and fist velocity are as insane as I am. I just have to wait that you run at me, I dodge, hit you with mawashigeri in the head and do an armlock. Only one mistake and you're down.
There will always be virgins in here saying it's impossible. 1) Nothing is impossible my computer friends and number 2) this is not with your slack bodies that you can do shit.

In fact, anybody with a minimal training can beat you with a baguette. Bare handed isn't any harder, you just need more technical background.
I have pracced stamping on frogs since I was 6. I might not be as quick or have the reactions I once had but I'm sure you couldn't hop your way away from a stomp. I'll bring the vaseline as going in dry would fuck you up.
see one for another time amigo :)
Yes lad!!!!
:D please refrain yourself from letting rip on people's ears this time LMFAO
Can forget the pictures in my head when u were dancing together with potty on that dancingmachine
they made the whole place bounce ;)
Hope you have gav are planning on making an appearance!
very nice :O)
Bring that krp officer whom I forgot his name. We will discuss like real mans with kahru olut.
cool :)!
Good luck!
Could be persuaded, especially by the Belgians. Definitely not playing engi this time though...
If you're coming bring more vodka for "Drinking on Germany's streets with Scarzy Volume 2"

It is my birthday again around the same time so it's possible... :)
I'm on 17th, wanna hang out (o,o)
Don't think i have time for that, too busy with overwatch now
high5 coming, cu there
confirmed, winq already called me after drinking 5 beers and said he'll try to drink 1 beer less each day in order to save money for a LAN trip
nice to see that there is still some life in ET left
yes, tho for one weekend only
This is going to be too fucking ez HEH
ET LAN in 2018 LUL nerds xD
Wenn Du auch kommst, dann darfst Du bei mir im Auto rauchen!

Maybe talk to your captain? ;) (great attitude tho)
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