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Ultraviolet mmMod RTCW 0.1 Build 32 Final

Well first I was thinking about a little moviemaker mod for RTCW that supports our all loved Camtrace.
Since the response and the feedback was so huge I decided to add some more common features. The biggest change is maybe the new Console Popup, which will from now on support 8 popups instead of 5. If you got questions, feel free to ask @ http://myhannes.info/wordpress/?p=19 in the comments or in
#ultraviolet @ quakenet.

Latest version: 09.03.2007 - 17:50 CET
Fixed the teamkill bug and removed blood completely /mm_bloodflash 0

So no more talking, here you go download the mod: http://myhannes.info/ccount11/click.php?id=8
a short sample for the popups: http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/uv-mmMod/Tests/RTCW-OwnPopUpsOnlySample.avi
a short sample for a recam: http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/uv-mmMod/Tests/RTCW-BeachRecamSample.avi
README as PDF: http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/uv-mmMod/mmMod-rtcw.pdf

This mod is final now. I wont add any features by now.
Added a short How to for that mod, see below!



* mm_demoFreecamSpeed [0;...;100]
Not yet complete implemented (was only for testing purposes)
* mm_demoCrosshair [0;1]
Draws a Crosshair while being in cg_draw2D 0 Mode
* mm_demoPopUp [0;1]
Draws PopUps while being in cg_draw2D 0 Mode
* mm_drawYourOwnFragsOnly [0;1]
Shows only PopUps from Players you are currently viewing.
* mm_drawTeamkills [0;1]
Show Teamkills?
* mm_vapYourselfe [0;1]
Show vaporise messages or not.
* mm_bloodflash [0;1]
Draw Bloodflash or maybe not?
* mm_shadowedPopUps [0;1]
Draw a shadow behind PopUps?



* /freecam
Not yet complete implemented (was only for testing purposes)
* /freecamUP
Moves the cam up by mm_demoFreecamSpeed.VALUE
* /freecamDOWN
Moves the cam down by mm_demoFreecamSpeed.VALUE
* /freecamLEFT
Moves the cam left by mm_demoFreecamSpeed.VALUE
* /freecamRIGHT
Moves the cam right by mm_demoFreecamSpeed.VALUE
* /exec_at_time
Allows you to exec a specific file at a specific time.
* /freecamsetpos
Camtrace 3D support: Recaming is now enabled in RTCW also


* /viewpos
<x y z> : <y p r> : FrameNumber (needed for the exec_at_time feature)


* 06.03.07
First release

* 07.03.07
Added OSP colorcodes (actually ET ones)
Fixes some cam issues

* 08.03.07
Removed crosshair pulse in demo playback
Added a demo menu to choose demos from the menu.
Removed the singleplayer menu.
Added Left Right Up Down Freecam controls.
Changed MAX popups from 5 to 8.
Cvared bloodflash.
Added some popup controls (teamkills and vap kills)

You can find an older thread of that in the forums.
1st + Nice
nice work hannes keep it up ;)
I think that hannes is the pwn. really nice job once again and the most respectful is that its for all and not only for you and ultraviolet.
everything by uv will be published!
Hopefully soon enough, so ET dont die before.. ;D
Im looking forward for the ET-version.
Nice hannes

Edit: mm_drawteamkills 1 is bugging still, showing only one white box instead of you killed -texts when fragging opponents.
like on irc: mm_drawteamkills 0 --> will draw kills correctly but wont show tks anymore.

gonna fix it asap.

thx for the bug report

Nice ;)
i've got a wolfcam version with the self popup feature but it's bugged and so i can't record tgas (perhaps it's only my prob, don't know), hope a good uvmm mod for et will be released soon :]

btw. good work uv

<3 hannes =)
hannes is allready working in one for et (with that features and much more :P i guess)

Congrats hannes.. keep improving
whats bugged in there?
you have to write cl_avidemo xx in console, not in a bind :o
i know, but it also crashed with some other binds and cvars, but nevermind, i don't have time to start my movie atm anyway. =]
i wrote a complete new SADLY cvar based keyhandler for that issue. Its dirrrty but its working.

work more on zaigon tho :)
ha ONLY 1 zaigon comment by now \o/
nicely done
n1 hanneZ =]
Useless for Moviemaking
And you know how much about rtcw moviemaking?
And you know how much about my weird sense of humor? :D
Not much apparently.
I should've added a smiley, you're right
It still wouldn't have been funny.
But I wouldn't be bothered by your comments.
Nice mindreading, I thought exactly that but didn't write it.
Quote* /freecamsetpos
Camtrace 3D support: Recaming is now enabled in RTCW also

Did you miss this part? <3
You had ~8 hours to read my above comment! <3
* /exec_at_time
Allows you to exec a specific file at a specific time.

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