CPC Map Contest Live

The life of a map maker is a hard one at best. Much time invested, little credit rewarded! Think of the thousands of maps that come and go without an eyebrow raised within the competitive community, here at Crossfire we hope to change that.

With the upcoming Crossfire Lan 2 scheduled for April 13/14/15, we decided to host a map competition for both ET & CoD2, with the winning maps included in the 6 map pool at the lan finals and the winning map designers taking home over 100 euros worth of SteelSeries products.

The deadline passed last Sunday March 11 and we got a phenomenal response. In total Crossfire received 6 maps for Enemy Territory and 1 for Call of Duty. Please remember these maps are still in the early stages of development due to the short timescale available - all feedback is appreciated.

They are:

Enemy Territoy

Bremen_b1 - Map Overview
Odenthal_b2 - Map Overview (Note - the tank will have a purpose past the wall in _b3)
Wolken1_cpc - Map Overview
Vio_grail_b3 - Map Overview

All of the maps are now being looped on the Crossfire server -

Call of Duty

Due to only one entry there's no contest. Changes are currently being made after feedback from private testing. More information will be released shortly.

All this week intensive play testing will begin, with exhibitional matches running during the week and competing teams needing to test the maps. Each clan leader will vote for the winning map which will be announced next week on Wednesday 21 March.

Update - Viograil is also in the competition, TosspoT foolishly forgot to forward it. Really sorry to Violator for this
Feel free to remake my overview too lol.
yours has good potential :)

Only thing i would suggest, give axis the chance to disarm main entrance. Perhaps a large balcony on the left wall if you face the maingate from allies pov.

And for 6on6, haven't played yet, so i might be jumping the gun, the final stage might have its objectives very close.

However, great layout of the maps and distances between eachother (except for truck - axis spawn - place for keys). First stage can be pretty cool i think.
gl ders
Field_hq_b2 out : http://etdoa.com/decoy/field_hq_b2.rar

and i guess b3 is coming soon ;)
It should be called Field_hq_final_b3 then, more catchy!
Pfffff, callvote map Field_hq_final_b3 nothx :D
Probably wasn't out when the competition closed.
Why not? It's even in the list. :D
Toss forwarded me the wrong email >.<
wtf? I don't know one of those maps :(
because they are new dumbass
=D had niet gelezen :(
Gl everyone, will be fun to test the maps later, sure there are some good ones!

Good new maps>*
wolken looks promising

bremen is a bit long tbh
times are around 8 mins...
wolken looks nice :>
wolken is nice,but fps isn't the best on it.
Hey thanks for the comments on Wolken i didn't have much time to prepare it for the competition so I'am glad it's turned out OK ( it's only an alpha version), FroZzeN, during the testing I wasn't made aware of bad fps but if you tell me where abouts you were getting low fps I can then take a look at it and see about correcting this.
For example,under or in front of main gate,and some things like that, where u can see a lot of textures.
its the pvs not the textures that affect fps drasticly... one of the worst problems with custom maps is that map makers dont make small pvs so they make maps look ugly instead (cause they think thats what gives fps boost)
I'm talking general here, dont know if it has anything to do with any of those maps since i havent seen any yet.

Big minus for movies is that not many custom maps have that wolfenstein feeling like radar, beach, frosbite or ice do...
easy for bremen
Wolken is fantastic, very nice there is bein made a competitive version of it \o/ !!

Edit: Lol at sub_base being 22 mb :o
n1ce if only almost one will be next supply or braundorf
Imo Bremen will win easily. I like it the most. But also odenthal and field_hq seem to be nice. The second one is for me a bit similar to frostbite, because of a long run with docs :)
mapoverview odenthal

nice maps in there :) i hadn't the time to make my beta bugfree... when the days get rainy again there will be a beta3 ;o Odenthal public if anybody is interested :D
Odenthal will win hopefully, but Bremen & Subbase are nice, too.
Odenthal looks nice checking the others now :)
odenthal is to big, even bigger then radar
don't think so... maybe the middle stage is more open then radar but radar is definately bigger :)
Zelda ftw!
I thought I would just let my mind speak:

Bremen_b1: One of the best of the three, maybe there should be a more obvious goal in the map since it didn't seem to find it myself. Less small/huge parts. Just make it normal :D

Field_hq_b2: Could 'trickjump' easily to the keycard. Thereby both plants from the start are way too easy, axis has no way to defuse. Too long walks with objective, too many spawns and a very annoying securing place, needing to get inside.

Odenthal_b2: Liked this one best, since it has a standard time between 5-10 mins. Making fullholds possible, but as well ownage do-able. Maybe too many doors for the axis, was getting kinda freaked out by all the places axis could come from when taking the objective. There is no reason at all to drive the tank through all the way, maybe to get on the roof. But I would suggest a buildable stairs orso. Anyways I hope this map wins. Remove all the useless parts, anyone could get lost on those

Sub_base: Useless CP spawn, first part a bit too big in my opinion. Upstair spawn for axis and downstair spawn for allies should be switched, the subs don't have any reason? Making it a lame objective-run map. Although I liked the sub defence when the flag is capped.

Wolken1_cpc: Ugly as hell, has textures of all maps I can imagine :( Apart from that, a decent start for Allies, side defence really different for Axis. Gun planting part is a bit too awkward for me, all those Axis doors scaring me when planting :)

I greatly respect the mapmakers, although I still believe the best maps are the ones that a really clean, with not 5/6 ways to get to a certain objective. Just one or two, as like the controls in Supply, make that a map where it is important you use the whole team.
Yeah mostly agree with this.
After checking out all the maps with you I thought about commenting myself but I couldn't really be bothered to do it just now.
nice feedback ... there is a mapreview for odenthal_b2 out of the maptest by #newmaps.et from yesterday and some of your points are also mentioned there and will be optimized in the next version =)
Oops my bad on the tank part - forgot to mention it's planned to blow the cp wall in _b3.
I just read it, that would be a good improvement :)
The climbing inside the vehicle on field is like the best part.

You just know its gonna be exciting when the ally tries to climb the small stairs while axis bullets fly over his head.

perhaps its annyoing to have to climb in, but it will heighten the excitement of the docrun.
On that I agree, but I believe it is too hard :)
bremen_b1 <3, only to much camp
Karsiah_b3 out - imo a very decent and nice map (besides those maps for the contest ;)
My views on the maps:

Bremen_b1: My personal favourite, I think it has a nice multi-stage layout and some clever design features. I would need to see some proper playtesting, but I think it's probably well balanced in that random mix teams can't just walk through the objectives without it being a fullhold map. Might be a point to bear in mind that for the truck attack stage the allies can attack from their original or flag spawns through the newly opened doors, if it seems the CP route is easily defensible.

Field_hq_b2: Had a couple of silly scripting bugs (the documents can be secured at the keycard cap point, when I last played it at least. Those should be easy enough to fix though. The design seems ok (love the constructible field HQ truck), but the whole thing just feels a bit too claustrophobic and small to me. Didn't see it enough to say much more.

Odenthal_b2: In contrast to my normal problem with maps, this seems too big (or at least too confusing). The maze-like axis base (it's not that complicated, really, 2 paths on the main level then roof and underground routes, but for some reason it just felt overly confusing, taking me way longer than normal to learn). Full of bulletproof glass walls too, which is plain weird to play. Lots of dead space in the map. The initial area is a total spamfest. Neither team really gains anything from doing anything except eng-rushing (allies) or spamming (axis). Having said all that I'll throw my own whine back at myself, in that I shouldn't make a judgement about a map which I haven't fully learnt. Maybe it's better than I've found so far.

sub_base: Both the first and last stages of this seemed WAY too defensive from the relatively small amount of play I've seen. First stage allies can just sit back by the big door and the MG and camp, axis have to run for 10+ seconds to even see them, then get shredded as they try to get to the objectives. The final stage the allies spawn practically on top of the docs, and the only attack routes are either through the water, which is generally suicidal or down one of two longish straight corridors up which the defenders can fire. Even passing that, the sub area with the docs provides a large relatively open area that seems quite easy to defend from just outside the allied spawn, if the defence is pushed back that far.

Wolken1_cpc: My main problem with this map is that it's tiny. The allies and axis spawns in the first stage almost have line of sight on each other (you can easily get to a position you can see the other team before your invulnerability wears off), so I forsee this just being total chaos. The second stage is about the same, either an external defence which is basically firing at the allied spawn exit or an internal defence which, being right outside axis spawn and within quick travel from allied spawn, will again probably be chaos. I don't really see this being fixed easily, unlike the problems with most other maps, which at least have possible solutions without major redesign.
Bremen as my personal favourite aswell.
do a Budapest_1944_beta1 plz
i would like to see a map where both team have an objective....like the good old days in RTCW Depot map! Both offense and defense. Worth a try :P
there are already some of these maps... but i guess it won't get into leagues
of course not. I said this tonight actually saying I would like maps like these. However, maps where both teams have to attack and defend as both have something to do will never work in ET. The only reason for that is because ET is a stopwatch game and people aren't going to change that easily. 2 objectives = one round of 2 or 3 maps, the winner is the winner... nothing to do with stopwatch.
We have checked out 3 of those 5 maps already at #newmaps.et . We're doing field_hq some time next week as well.

Bremen was just spam like fuck, it was far to hard for allies to break through the first stage, and somewhat the CP stage. The rest was fine, not ready for compition yet though I feel. Reminds me too much of dubrovnik as well, but with a truck now.

Odenthal was great fun. It ran really well, most bugs, and improvements that were suggested are getting put into the b3 realise.

Wolken is a fantastic little map. The first stage is very hectic due to where both teams spawn. Allies spawn will be put firther away by the next realise. It would be really quite hard to set up an external defence on this map although it looks easy, it's not. Once allies have broke through, thats it, it's really fucking hard to get control again.

I can't say I have a faviourt really but the two that I feel need a little more work and they will be more than ready for compition is wolken and odenthal. Bremen I would need to see a reworked first and maybe 2nd stage before I would bring that into contention. Although it is still a great map tbh.

What happend to the other maps? Someone mentioned vio_grail_b3 isn't there and Colosseum isn't there either...EDIT: I see vio_grail has been added
re: bremen - quite the opposite in a showmatch between the 2 best japan teams. first stage was very hard to hold, cp was an average hold (similar time to getting radar cp really) and last stage was average time aswell. I think the times set were ~7 and ~8 minutes, which is perfect for a sw map.
Do u have demos? :)
lol subbase 22 Mo xD
Bremen is good as is, but to make it even better I think there should be an axis door near the truck to give defenders three ways out of spawn towards the objective. I don't think it will make it that much easier for fullholds, but I can see good teams being able to camp those two alleys really well with the cp so close. Just an idea anyway :D
Its very nice to see new maps. Though some maps has a problems with useless space or something like that.

I dont know how to make maps and I have no idea how to make a good map.

But I think radar is very good example of a good map. There is huge shooting and everybody is in that shooting. At the time when allies are killed axis have only few seconds, or 0 seconds to reload and heal or selfkill and get possidions and firefight starts again.

Supply is another good example there is no useless space you move and you see enemy, but spawns are still very far away from each other.

Dont do maps where you have lots of spece where to go and you even have chance to get lost in the map, or huge distances from spawn to action.
Agree mostly... The one big thing that new maps need is more open space, less CS-type close quarters maps.
Good example is Fueldumb its great map and would be playable if make few changes... I remember somebody did new fueldumb but community didint like it :(
fueldump* do not call anyone dumb - its not kind :)
i played bremen and odenthal for a few mintues... i like bremen a bit more, because odenthal is quite big and i dont really like those huge roof places.
bremen is not too big and not too small. one thing to improve: imo its quite hard for allies to get the objetive and the truck..
What about the CoD 2 map, is it available anywhere? :)
I freecammed them all and my opinion is this:

bremen is by far my favorite. Great atmosphere, nice crossfire possibilities, just like in Braundorf.

odenthal is shit imo. I think the designer slipped when drawing the open places. It's fucking HUGE with enormous useless areas. And also really big buildings which are only concrete, no way to enter or whatever.

vio_grail is cool, but just for fun. I don't see this map being played in competition.

sub_base is hard to judge without seeing it in combat. I think the showcups will make this clear.

wolken is a great map with a lot of cool features and areas, but the colors and styles are just a big mess. Although I respect the guts of the designer to try something new and refreshing.

field_hq is a bit strange in design. Many routes and many places which can be accessed at same time. Should be a nice challenge for teams to find good stable and working tactics for this one.

Next to odenthal all these maps are nice and well thought of.
I hope Bremen wins!
downloaded and familiarized myself with maps.

odenthal is little too big imo, btu when i saw uC vs Inc yesterday... the last part is awsome, intense battle in docs, really great idea. just rest of map should be smaller. also, for example i dont get why eim placed this small river out there. imo cut this part of map off as it is useless.

field_hq_b2 is very great. map is not too small, not too big, perfect. and it has something that i like in frostbite - i dont know, maybe its because of colouristic aspects, weather is maybe cold on both maps (frost - definitely :P) but colours are cool and i just like to "be" on this map. dunno if you know what im talking about. climate in polish... dont rly know what they fixed in _b3 version, it was kinda no probs.

wolken - crazy map. simple. may be nice, not sure.

bremen - i liked less, well its still nice map... want to see 6on6 on it.

didnt like vio_grail is also small map, didnt like it personally but some ideas on the map are great, like that bridge. also, bad fps in some parts of the map, at least for me.

sub_base - dont like it at all, way too big, dont like the idea and what more - fps...

but there is one more, which isnt included in map contest: karsiah_b3, that one is very nice and i want to see matches on it. too bad it isnt talking part in competition.

from those 6 maps (not counting karsiah) i would choose field_hq as best (marking here that i havent seen 6on6 on all maps so i am nto sure. though, best layout and design is imo on field_hq
Field HQ b4 is released... and available...

not much changed.. mostly bug fixes and a few redesigned hallways.

no winner announced yet? :(
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