Another comeback

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With the announcement of the Eurocup and the next Crossfire Lan edition a lot of players decided to come back to Enemy territory for those events. Also, the multi gaming organizations are picking up ET teams again. One of them is Vicious and Evil. The team consist of former VAE member, who already played at the major ET events under the VAE flag, but without further ado i would like to present you the new ET-Lineup:

Vicious and Evil.ET
  • Finland Jussi 'twidi' Tiipiö
  • Finland Leo 'lettu' Haasanen
  • Finland Mikko 'mikza' Suppula
  • Finland Taneli 'Squall' Härkönen
  • Finland Harri 'Iron' Lehtoaho
  • Finland Tino 'chmpp' Valle
  • Finland Tero 'cadein' Pölläniemi

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Quote by twidiEveryone except chmpp from this team have played for VAE in the past and we've all really enjoyed our time being part of the organization. After we just had formed our new team for CDC5, VAE offered their support for us once again and the decision to join them was easy to make. We've now been actively practicing for some time already and hopefully we'll get to play more games against better opponents now as both EC and CDC5 are announced. CDC5 is our main goal, but EC will be great preparation for it and we'll surely do our best to succeed in it aswell.

Quote by swineAfter the CDC #5 and EC announcement we thought it's time to give ET a chance again. We had a look at the teams, who came back to ET for those tournaments. Then we saw our the finns in the list and after a two minutes talk everything was clear. Welcome back mates.
Good luck, have fun!
good luck :)
needs lepari
Good luck
BTW CDC5 = CC5. nice reading some weird finnish at 10 in the morning, its better than coffee HAAOOPEOOEEAAAEEE
nice nice, whos next!
really nice lu , gl squall :D
nice line up good luck :-)
rock and roll
where's torspo?
replaced by the rising talent
l0l, who?!
u see it @ lan
:O) gl
cu @ small final
GL everyone :)
Who are these guys?
vittu and evil

good luck twidi :)
2 weeks max
et is back
again just for ec not more...
and they said ET is dead.
and how is it alive lol.
because it is
once ec is over this will be nothing but history :K
where have I read this before? oh yeah, on every occasion after a season...
no, i mean all these teams, will be nothing but history :P
flag faker.
et is dead if these noobs @ ec
gL boys :DDDddd
Im getting a deja vu from the last EC season, where so many top teams came back yet the season flopped & failed. Prove us wrong this time. GL
EC should end before CC shouldn't be a problem this time :D
looks alot better this time because teams actually prac!
+ it are old teams comming back and not totaly new mixes like FattyBomba and KKK
Let's hope so! Looks promising tbh
Nice! But i doubt they will come far :(
some british and german team missing and then you have your every-day-ec
twidi lettu Iron goodluck
gl iron :)
Jokers of last EC :\
missing lepari and mystic
skilled group of guys. top 5 contenders 4 sure
to be honest, every VAE.ET reached top 5 at the CDC events (always 4th), maybe we can break the chain this time :)
i wish you team gl , hope they can break your chain and win some price money :D
you do realise that finishing lower is breaking the chain as well? :P
get torspo
get torspo :p

gl cadein :)
gl lettu, Squall, Iron
gl Jussi Tiipiö

gl Leo Haasanen

gl Mikko Suppula

gl Taneli Härkönen

gl Harri Lehtoaho

gl Tino Valle

Tero 'cadein' Pölläniemi
wondering why vae likes to take expensive finnish teams in so much :P
old school et team is back :D

GL fins
Aren't you one of the teams that didn't even bother to show up to EC playoffs last time? And your reason for it was something along the lines of "sorry, we don't care enough about ET to play". If not then I'll delete this comment, but if so you can gtfo.
no need to worry now since im part of the team (yet 25 EC games with 0 noshows!)
yes, they didn't show up, but they were not alone last season ;)
your comeback pownage is here 0-------|-10
yes but u only need 1-2 unmotivated guys to ruin the whole thing + we would have played if we knew we could get 6 guys
this time ec is before cc5 so theres no fear of teams that are attending lan dropping out of ec for fun
I hope so. :)
psycho dave strikes again.
it seems someone would kill to play EC this season !
Re-play get a direct invite due to winning OC premier, so not really.
I didn't know that sry :o
you tell him Dave.
good luck :) Maybe cu on lan again Iron :p
lets play omaha!
gl ladies
boring without mystic
I think i have to say..

No Lepari,
sorry, no win :(
gl guys :)
good luck guys
et is alive :] gl !
Good luck :D
with all comebacks et is more alive than it used to be 1 year ago
on your mark ready set let's go
dance floor pro I know you know
I go psycho when my new joint hit
just can't sit
gotta get jiggy wit it
ohh that's it now honey honey come ride
DKNY all up in my eye
you gotta Prada bag with a lot a stuff in it
give it to your friend let's spin
everybody lookin' at me
glancin' the kid
wish you nig was dancin' the jig
here with this handsome kid
ciga-cigar right from Cuba-Cuba
I just bite it
it's for the look I don't light it
illway the amay on the anceday orflay*
give it up jiggy make it feel like foreplay
yo my carido is infinite
ha ha
big willie style's all in it


na na na na na na na nana
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repeat 3x

what you wanna ball with the kid
watch your step you might fall
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DJ play another
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bought my hits and watch 'em go off a go off
ah yes yes yall ya don't stop
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I makes it hot
gettin jiggy wit 'em


eight-fifty I.S. if you need a lift
who's the kid in the drop
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since I moved up like George and Wheezey
cream to the maximum I be askin' 'em
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never see Will attackin' 'em
I rather play ball with Shaq and 'em
flatten 'em
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crib for my mom on the outskirts of Philly
you trying to flex on me
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getting juggy wit it

gl Finland lettu, Anonymous chmpp & Anonymous Israel mikza
nice! gl
hf chapz :XD
goold luck guys =)
where is modu:Dd?
cu at cc5 twidi !!!!
like u are coming... online only ..
busted :(
he stole my line:<
gl non-emos
As long as you play better (and more) then last EC, gl!
you like going with the taxi, don't you?
nice telling us about the last train like 10 minutes before it was leaving :D

even bullvox's mad driving skills weren't enough to make it to catch the train!
mis decem
no mystic, spirea or lepari = no win! gl tho
No decem, no win.
gl non-emos ! sEEMS like a pretty owNage lIneUp
Gl Lettu, Twidi and all others.
gl guys, cu@lan ;D
is the prizepot for this season 10000 euros or what? atleast nice to see! =)
needs lepari + torspo!

gl though :D
gl chmpp + lettu + mikza!
GoodLuck lettuhq3pwnat0r twidibird skvall Ironmagicrifle mikzatic :ChMp:P cad3!n
gl finland
kick chmpp pls..
why the hate!
just want to say smth :(
gl guys :}
gl lettu twidi squall
f u potter
gl ol' junkies <3
i didn't think chmmp was actually any good ^_^

gl hehehe
no Lepari - no win!
Gl lettu and chmpp ;)
cadein vittu omistamaa sinne et noi apinat näkee vähä mikken ja caden paita&perse yheistyötä! : ) ) tj115
GL lettu & chmpp =)
gl lettu, my favorite player to watch on ettv!
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