Wolfenstein No.2, but for how long?

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Just released in the States, Wolfenstein has taken a comfortable position as the best selling video games on both PC and console. A remarkable performance when one considers this latter market is usually dominated by Nintendo, with Wii Sports Resort at the number one spot and Wii Fit and Mario Kart Wii at third and fourth position respectivly. A mere 2000 units seperate big N and Activision at this time, but one should keep in mind Wii Sports Resort is only sold on one console, wheras Wolfenstein is available on PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Nevertheless when we only look at one gaming system at a time, Wolfenstein is the best sold game on all of them, the best sold game on every platform it supports.

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This succes was somewhat expected if you look at the fame of other iD software games. Still, it remains a question if Wolfenstein can remain in the top charts for several weeks. Actually, there is a lot of doubt. A couple of days before the official 18th of August release date, a leaked beta appeared on crossfire.nu The members of the site, most of them concerned with competetive aspects of esports, waited for years for the sequal to RTCW. A couple of days after the leak, Peter Sokal, aka Mr. Wolfenstein, expressed his malcontent and threatened people who spreaded the beta. He also added that the beta, critisized by a lot of fans, did not look like the final release at all.

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The disillusion was big during my first hours of play. Considered to be a fast paced game, based on the Quake 3 engine, Enemy Territory charmed because of its speedy action and its gameplay mixing long duels with obligatory objectives. However Wolfenstein, which adopted the id Tech4 engine, is much slower. Worse, one cannot shoot and sprint at the same time. Also Ironsight was added, which really wasnt to the taste of die hard purists, who quickly named the game CoDenstein. One could point out all the differences between ET and Wolf, but the one thing to keep in mind is that the overall gamefeeling which attracted thousands of players is completely different in the new Wolfenstein.

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In the meantime accusations are showing up on numerous community sites, blaming Id Software for not taking into account the errors and flaws of their previous title, ET:QW. The game, in spite of its decent playerbase, was never at the epicenter of the First Person Shooter genre. With the latest Wolfenstein franchise game the series has taken a commercial turn. Numerous features and gameplay elements have been copied off other popular games. With COD:MW2 coming out soon, it seemed like they made a CoD copy, to not frustrate the huge playercommunity it represents. However, if somebody wants to play a game resembling CoD, he will wait for its sixth generation spinoff, rather than spending money on Wolfenstein which needs a very powerful PC to run smoothy.

Nevertheless, this new game should not be burried too quickly. No game was ever perfect out of the box or adapted to the needs of competition. It allways takes some time for mods to develop, games to reach their full potential. Already a mod is in the making by some influential ET modders (hannes, chris and syd), trying to correct some of the basic flaws in the game, making the game more professional (WolfPro). The matches are played 5 against 5 and some teams already have a lot of experience in playing the game, as in the case of Mamut.si, which is the SK gaming of Enemy Territory. They recently joined Wolfenstein under a new but all to familiar tag: Dignitas. They hope to continue their domination over the Wolfenstein series.

In short, despite all the bugs and defects the game can be blamed for, it might appeal to casual gamers with its great single player campaign, but also to hardcore gamers if a good mod is developed. Only time will tell ...

This article was originally posted in french on the Against All Authority website. This original post was written by France KDL. I tried to stay as close to the original translation as possible but a couple of nuances might have slipped in while translating and rewriting.
americans dont have taste for games that why it got sold
first time i agree with you not that i dont even know you but care
It's currently second in the UK market...
The elspa (UK) lists it as #1 on all 3 platforms http://www.elspa.com/?c=/charts/uk.jsp&ct=36
That excludes Wii Sports? Either way, not just the yanks that're retarded, was the point :p
tbh its forgotten how many people buy these games solely for SP

I received mine today, and have to say the SP is quite fun - its not a RTCW sequel by any stretch in terms of gameplay which is saddening but the SP is polished and I actually want to play it.

So its a good game imo, MP on the other hand ... :D I dunno, like has been said it takes time to get a competitive mod there - ET for instance took over a year to get anything resembling a good competitive mod and the real 'high-skilled' players came quite a bit later aswell.

It could stay up in the charts just for the SP which will probably get good reviews- most review sites dont take MP into account.
don't hate because we like to try things for ourselves rather than buy into a whole bunch of whine
nah they just like to kill germans :X
whats the point in the screenshots of wolfpro everywhere? they have nothing to do with what you've written until the 2nd to last paragraph

also more of a column/article than a newspost id say
i find it kinda unbiased, showing both sides of the medal. pics are taken from the original newspost.
ads always did their job
Nice post, but think the OP might mean UK rather than States market - with the "2000 units separation" coming from this article.

Edit: re-read, just ambiguous, not incorrect :p
Some frog give a translation of:
"À peine sorti aux États-Unis, le voilà qui se place en deuxième position du classement des meilleures ventes de jeux vidéo sur consoles et PC. "

i think le voilà refers to the states, anyway, some frog help us out.
Heh if you read carefully there's no inaccuracy, just doesn't read right - guess the meaning was lost in translation! Jeez wish I could remember my English language courses to give reasoning that doesn't sound like it's come from an autistic child, but "Just released in the States" sets the scene for the paragraph as the states! Who gives a fuck really D:

foonr where are you?!:(
Le voila refers to the game. The sentence just says that right after coming out in the states, the game ranks 2 on consoles and PC.
QuoteJust released in the States, Wolfenstein has taken a comfortable position as the best selling video games on both PC and console.

Once again confirms in what awful state gaming is.
Nah, just shows the power of advertisement - placement in the shop / promotion instore / announcements / packaging - then Timmy gets a new game.
I saw inglorious bastards last night and the first thing i wanted to do is shoot some nazi ass. I've even been wondering if wolf was rushed so it could be released along with Tarantino's latest blockbuster.
I saw in a french video magazine a small add for inglorious basterds on the two full pages promoting wolf.
shit games sell
developers realize theres no point in making quality product/or are just imbeciles (see SD/Endrant/Raven)
the level of quality keeps dropping while sales are rising due to advertising

what the fuck?
Or more people are being exposed to computer games? Do we know how many new units have been sold, increasing the proportion of gamers out there? If Wolfenstein is your first FPS ever - would it be a bad game? Would you notice the myriad of problems?

That's the issue - just wait on the mass market to catch up and things will begin to improve.
Quotemass market to catch up and things will begin to improve.

like MTV, right?
did you play the single player? games can be singleplayer aswell (and its worth every peny of it for the SP alone) if you dont bother playing it why do you ruin people's experience? i already see a few people here who tryed SP after complaining how shit the game is and they enjoyed it
What's the point of this news?
game makes rly fun after some hours and promod is rly nice!
so dont flame about all the things the developers put out of etqw which the communtiy was whining about (6on6, vehicles) and play it and leave et :>
I just ignored you in case you post again.
Clan Awards in COD4:

Clan Awards in COD5:

Clan Awards in ETQW:

Clan Awards in BF2:

says enough
i wonder how you gonna flame when you grow up first kid :D
that's a fact, not a flame

the game needs major changes and its 'rushed'
ok youre right.
but unfortunately this game is the only alternative to cod4 because et is pretty dead :<
cod 6 !!!!!!!!! you need to be patient :D
not everyones a "free game" pussy like thee ya retarD!!!
For your information, there's no such thing called "promod" in Wolfenstein, and if you meant "wolfpro", it isn't released yet.
It makes me wonder just how much you actually played of this game and if you even knew what game you were playing.
one can see you dont use irc tbh.
A beta has been released there?
welcome to last week
Even non-competitive ET players think the MP is shit, it's a general objective observation.
The selling rates are due to the hype and the name, not due to the "quality" of the game.
+ about half of the copies sold in the UK get shipped to Germany :>
What hype? Apart from some low quality SP videos there have been shit all hype for the game.
Then the only reason is the name for the high salerates imho.
Thank you very much for posting the news here, it was totally unexpected !
All aboard the fail boat - Were going back to ET
the sp is great tbh
Actually the sp is quite nice. If most people would give it a shot, they might even enjoy it.
I havent bought my copy yet!!
Don't bother!
It has only sold so well because it's being shipped from here to europe due to the dreadful state of the pound xD
I ordered my copy in the UK mainly because you cant get an uncut version in germany ( x_x )... but the fact that the game+shipping is still 20+ euros cheaper than only the game itself over at amazon.de is quite funny, too :P
QuoteNews: XF

News: Call of Return to Wolfencastlestein *

fuck off
nice read
Lets play ET for next 40 years. no need to buy new stuff than ... ;)

Id suck at making games, just look at QW and now look at this its popular for 1/3 months then its dead...
QuoteId suck at making games

this is a one big pile of cow's shit
nice read, though doesnt this better go into columns or articles?

not even 300 people are playing wolfenstein atm, enough said

btw this isn't news, its a column and actually a very bad one. No logic whatsoever.
Based on the engine of this game and the way it has been designed, there is only so much you can change to make it feel 'familiar' to the type of style we're looking for - and I dont think it will be enough for many of this community to ever be satisfied.

Single player rox btw.
That's what I thought when I read it was going to be the Doom 3 engine... Why didn't they make an updated version of the IW engine like CoD4 has? :/
Yeah, its pretty simple though, they sat down and talked about what kind of games make the most money (like CoD, Counter Strike etc) and designed it in a way to appeal to 'main stream' to make dolla, ignoring the smaller community like us. sux dont it :)
It would be great to see how people - who bought wolfenstein - actually rate the game. Every shitgame can sell a lot by advertising etc..., same with movies, but it doesn't mean it's a good game.
You're not aAa, you can't understand.
Now that's one fucking long finger nail.
seems woman nail, normal in them
ur a bad game
Obviously they focused sooo much on SP, obviously because SP = $$$
They have the fame, they had the userbase, so all they focused on was the money & income.
With SP they targeted the XBOX360 and PS3, although i liked playing the SP, but still it doesn't match the intense feeling or story when you play CoD4 Single Player. Also the engine used in Single Player is so much better, 50 and 60FPS on SinglePlayer is much more smoother than 200FPS on the MultiPlayer which is shocking, also the MP graphics are bad.

Now, let's look at the Multiplayer, did they listen to the RTCW fans? Not really, did they really care that much about MP? If you look at how many features,maps,guns,animations,veil,story mode SP had, my first reaction was "wow, they actually spent time on the SP" and you can see they spent time on the SP because i only found 1 typo in the subtitles and 1 texture bug from the whole SP.

Some proof they didn't give MP importance:
- They used the ETQW engine
- There are the ETQW Maps and Strogg/GDF loading in the console
- MP info came in the last week
- MP Videos never came
- They lied about the BETA not being the final version
- They just copy pasted the Axis & Resistance models and the game was finished
- Did they even have BETA testers? I mean how the hell can you not notice the grenade bug?
- Wolfenstein was just an attention grabbing title, many users will buy it cos RTCW was THE game and so any average gamer will buy the sequel just because of its name
Ofcourse ppl will say "Wolfenstein is a new game, its not RTCW or ET", well i don't have anything against that, but why did they name if Wolfenstein or RTCW2 or "WOLFMP2.exe" when it isn't RTCW/ET? Why did Sokal or id say "We are listening to the fans on wolfenstein.com, don't worry we won't let you down, we know what was successful in RTCW and we will keep them" What did they do? They removed everything that made RTCW what it was and left us with a CoD & ETQW copy:
- smart button - "cos you might misspress a button while chosing pliers" srsly...
- no instant revives
- slow gameplay
- slow movement
- no strafe jumping
- choppy/laggy 30fps animations
- bad netcode
- Added Ironsights (although this is not as bad as removing the others, and i don't mind if ironsights were changed to fov changers like in ETQW)

They released the MP in an unreleasable state, cos SP was there priority, they kept on delaying the game, the MP was not finished, they couldn't play it @ Quakecon cos it wasn't playable/ready, only the modders can improve the game, id will play the "Pontius Pilate washing his hands" game and hopefully will release the SDK very soon, before it dies very quickly, the userbase isn't big, which is a bad sign, lack of players.

Seems like all games nowadays have an awesome Singleplayer and are targeted for XBOX and PS3 players, cos they are their main income.
While this may be true, I still find the MP fun!
singleplayer blowed me away, didnt enjoy such SP in a long, long time
SP was good i liked it, and i played it on UBER difficulty and the fact that i tried about 70 times to kill the last boss was a bit annoying to me, but if you played CoD4 SP you can feel that you are part of the team, and also it's a bit emotional, the way the make you feel about a death of someone, when they crash with the helicopter, he's crawling, you're near a playground with children, you can hear "daddy" shouting and then you die, also the last part ending on CoD4 is emotional aswell, almost all your teammates die, in Wolf its like all your teammates die and you don't even get to know them well, but it's a WW2 game so maybe i can't blame them, but SP was good, i liked it.
wolfenstein sp was always about been a hero rather than a team based player, which is why u think so
also wolfenstein was more into fighting the 3rd riech nazis than the environment (nothing TOO related to WW2)
1 thing i didnt like in wolfenstein is AI was stupid and even on uber it was sooo easy 5 on me and i just shoot em easly
omg nice spoiling cod4
Me I don't get it, I have 200 fps with 30 of ping but I lag. "lel"
ppl dont buy just 'wolfenstein',they buy the 'history'.
seems like its gonna fail anyway.
nice article and well translated!
MW2 is gunna kill this game off.
My opinion:
Wolfenstein 2 is Call of Duty 6, it only has the act from RTCW/ET!
To much fantasy things like the "Veil" and the campaign is silly... (most only Fantasy, and hardly any Realism)
I think it won't be played so long as RTCW/ET...
For ET players it not the "right" gameplay and for CoDlers is the "Veil" unwanted.
I was sceptic about veil also, but i actually like it. No idea in MP tho, but in SP its a great feature imo
Yeah ure right SP great idea, because the enemies don't have one and you MUST use it in some situations,
but in MP it's kinda lame because everytime you see an enemy -> Veil...
The Veil is used in to many infights when u don't need it... Hate..
I use the Veil only when i walk... Realistic infights ftw
1 thing that the game need is: good feedback from KNOWN players
Sp is nice
Mp sucks (Feels nothing like a wolfenstein game)

I wonder why the fuck no one listens to the people who acutally will play the game..
The more i play wolfenstein mp, the more i read stuff like this, the more i hope every single guy at endrant gets fired and for gods sake lets hope they never find a job in gaming business again.

Their PC version of the game should have never passed any quality check, there's so many bugs its hard to keep track of them, maps crash even give bluescreens, the user interface is a copy of the xbox userinterface, forcing pc users to use xbox like controls, balance nowhere to be found. Whole parts of the game were cut out of the game to appease to a community which will never play their game as they would all need to buy a new pc to get it running. And seriously, nobody could ever imagine you could rape the ETQW engine in such a way that it would runs 60 unstable on some NASA i7 with three SLI cars in a row.

ps: was it really that hard to copy a succesfull game using the ETQW 1.5 engine?
alot of people dont have the game yet, i believe
It's okey and with the WolfPro fixes it can be good. Unfortunately there is no community behind the game, so I don't (unfortunately) see any future for the game.
The game is good -.-

People need to look past the fact that the game isn't on the Q3 engine. Yeah, the movement isn't AS smooth as ET/RTCW but with new engines being made for new games you have to move on. The main good thing (and personally I care about) about Wolf2 is they have stayed true to the ET/RTCW aiming style which is all that really matters. Only drawback on Wolf2 is that there is no real 'pub weapon', i.e, rnade, panzer (a good one anyway) or artillery. This means less pub noobs and less players in general which doesnt help the community.

The gameplay is pretty good as well and problems in it are being fixed by wolfpro. Pretty sad that the game is gonna lack community support because a lot of people see a high player say "dis gaom is shoit" and then copy+paste.
rofl do you really think (most) people say it's shit because others say it? Most people tried the beta and/or the full. You don't have to be a genius to spot that the game has so many flaws that you don't even know where to start. In so many things you can see the game isn't finished at all + the game is the opposite of what everone wanted/expected and no I don't mean only competitive players but pub players too.
It's just awful in any way possible (except SP).
Quotethe game has so many flaws that you don't even know where to start

name some problems with the gameplay that can't be fixed in promod. or even better name some gameplay problems which haven't been fixed in promod already.
I only made a reply because of the last sentence you wrote. I know the promod will fix a lot of things but I doubt if it will be as good as rtcw or et. It will be better than when it came out yes but that's not that hard now is it?
what the fuck are you talking about? do you have any idea about MP whatsoever?
TBH ID Software has lost all it's fame and glamour since Quake3, probably Return to Castle Wolfenstein (+ ET afterwards). Since that, they made a lot of mistakes, beginning with Doom3 (multiplayer failed) and Quake4 (Nice Boxes to jump for items -> CS?). All their partners like Raven have shown us how to NOT publish a game. Therefore my expectations for wolfenstein are very low and i was right with that.
Do never buy the copy instead of an original!
promod will save this game maybe :x
U saw pics of it?
When the official version is like that it's going to be a big fail... (1 Reason: Veil) ^^
maybe one can vote veil otu in the forum :)
it suxx to run in this blue sphere to be faster then others ^^
sp is awesome until now. but if i think about the people whining about how much "cod-like" the new wolf is i've to laught :D because the majority of this people keeps telling us "just waiting for cod mw2" so why you don't fuck of and go play cod instead of et or the new wolf?
This game is shit even on SP then on MP, just buy it hoping then Wolfpro will reduce the shit to a normal game

And btw with Intel Core 2 Duo E8600 @ 3.33Ghz + 3.25 GB Ram, iit still impossible to get more then 60 fps on multi, even on using a rly low details cfg.
Sad but true
Is it outselling Madden?

If so I thought you were able to get your money back off ID/Activision as per their twitter post about it. Not sure there will be records of the journal on here about it due to the hardware faliure so: Link
if it outsells madden in august, thats a full month :)
Nice write BUT, this shoulnd't be posted as news but as a column.

The game like nr.1 sold, but not nr.1 played...
Everyone buys it plays it for 2 hours then w8s till the game is fixed with Patches and shit.
This game dissapointed an old veteran as me.. I truly hoped the W:MP would be as fun as RTCW mp..

How futile my hope was.
nice read
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