Hyperion returns to Wolfenstein

image: hpcb1

The Benelux team Hyperion returns after being away for 2 years.
We played ET between 2004-2007. Now we are back to have some fun in Wolfenstein. Our lineup is mainly ex kapoks.etqw that ended 3rd in the last etqw opencup. We are preparing for the opencup and CC7.

Line up:

Belgium Bangor 27 ( ex Belgium etqw, ex kapoks etqw)
Netherlands Rezta 24 ( ex system6 et )
Belgium Seppe 27 ( ex SNA.RTCW, ex atoon etqw, ex kapoks.etqw )
Belgium Thomas 17 (ex explanation etqw, ex Belgium etqw, ex kapoks etqw )
Netherlands zenix 21 (ex The Netherlands etqw, ex kapoks etqw )

Netherlands cattledecapitation/coalesce 29 (ex The Netherlands etqw, ex kapoks etqw )

We hope to enjoy our time in wolfenstein. If you want to play us or support us
idle #hyperion-gaming.
gl guys!
Good team and friendly players! Best of luck to you guys!
good luck
Good luck bro's ;)
gl guys !
<3 Seppe - take me take me im leet on wolf
Nice guys, gl.
gl ex kapoks pwners!

The team to match Mamut imo
goodluck boys especially rezta <3
GL lovers!
Maybe i'll get wolf too soon :P
good luck rezta and zenix <3 :)

hyperion ftw :)
should be a nice team, gl !
nice guys.. gl in wolf
still looks more like will smith then the B.ig O.
and a special GL to kapoks members!
omg!!! gl =d
gl Rezta
gl Rezta <3
SNA.RTCW <3 GL! :)
xD i was thinking the same, good old times !

gl seppe!
gl Thomas.
Gl, nice team!
thx everyone <3
love to HP
GL guys, especially my dear Zenix <3 :)
easy for the brothers
gl rezta!
OLD news

but still a <3
I remember hyperion etsquad:)
hf :)
gl Seppe :)
gl zenix & rezzie
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