Finspastic 5 replace vae

image: cbecxxiAfter yesterday's match of the week, Finlandvae decided to call it a day after getting trashed out by EnglandImpact. This brought about lots of mixed feelings from the community considering that VAE was a directly invited clan to EuroCup, this did not make the community happy about the quick decision right after the game. The members explained the reasons for the drop both FinlandIron and Finlandtwidi both had the following to say:

Quote by IronWhen nothing works, nothing works. Pretty much no can do. Noone said it out loud, but everyone pretty much knew that if we gonna lose, it'll unfortunately be the end of this Lineup.

Quote by twidiWe've been amazingly shit from the start and didn't improve at all dispite trying to improve tactics and practice more.. it's true that we should've had a lot of potential, but if we had any it certainly didn't look like we were going to come even close to it.

Both Finlandkapaaa and Finlandchmpp were quick to react to this and after both discussed the possibilities we have:
image: s_head

FinlandFinspastic 5

image: s_border_shortimage: 1109kbl

image: s_foot
In order to gives us the lineup, both ex-Finlandvae members Finlandkapaaa and Finlandchmpp snatched Finlandrepje from Estoniaeesti-veri, Finlandvokki from PortugalPhantoms and FinlandmiNd from EuropeEU.

Quote by kapaaaI would like to say that me and chmpp are nice guys and we are sorry that we had to steal players :)

Quote by miNdall your players are belong to us

Will FinlandFinspastic 5 live up to its name, will they pass their group? Will they solve what Finlandvae couldn't? Only time will tell!
nice name -,,-

Awesome name though.
n1 :* gl!
seems like KRP-drunken mix to me :P
No they wont...
why does vokki leave the phantoms lineup?
gl mind kapaa repje ;P
krp taking over ec one clan at a time
gl vokki kapaa repje ::pPPppPPpPPPppPPpPPpPPpP
gl chmpp
i cant see the med+ part when i watch that LU.. high enough when theres ppl like kamz @EC
xDDDDD n1 destroying 3 teams to save one.
how you worked that one out is beyond me
e: oh 3 then it's not beyond me
clanbase always delivers!
how clanbase is related to this ;o
surely you shouldnt be able to change 3 players for a 5 man lineup after one game, especially if those players are also competing for other teams in the comp.

I'm not bothered by it, its just stupid :P
ah, i see. but its better to change some rules than just replace them
They have 2 players from vae, kapaaa and chmpp, vae are allowed to field 3 players during the groupstage = repje, vokki and miNd. repje didn't play a match, miNd neither and vokki won't be allowed until 3rd matchweek. twidi or somebody else from vae will replace him until that time, so everything is according to cb rules, instead of using vae tag they are going to use finspastic, that's all.
just think its a bad rule, not that they can't do it :P
just outdated
all the players (afaik) already competed in either a groupstage game, or a qualifier, so shouldn't be allowed
you have awesome sources x-D
afaik u idiotic cunt.
dont get angry deef-gay (:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD DEEF GAY :DDDDDDDDDDDDD AWESOME :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD), just said you were well-informed :PPPP (sarcastic)
well they could have said no...
LOL 3 backstab ! EC hunger
Mother of all backstabs. :D GL!
gl boys :)
why dont you join them, so EC gets back some skill!
who's rifle?

gl nice team

E: link the group like this, so u get instantly to the groups:
so they forfeit next game since these people already played matches? :_D
for how much weeks was it again? hmm 3 matchweeks right?
Quote by miNd
Only vokki. ( wont be allowed to play in next game ( twidi most likely will replace him as far i know, on next one Vokki should be allowed to play )
they have to wait one full week before every player that already played for some other clan can play again
vokki has to wait 3 full weeks
:_D, just want rules to be enforced ofcourse.
3 weeks? :o
he played for Phantoms (they are a winning qualifier clan) so he can't play for 3 weeks, 1 week will pass this week.
gl hf mind
should have just saved the bother and gave someone like infused the spot, or one of the teams that lost their ec qualifiers.
dont reply to me please, if i wanted a useless biased finnish response i would have asked for one.
isnt that sad feeling when u can do nothing to stop them cumming to ur face? =)
i have no idea what u just said or what u actually tried to say but ok.
stupid nerd is stupid np.
i think u should take a look at what you are saying. If im the nerd then u must be doofy from scary movie - before he turns clever !
huge amount of "smart" insults cumming and you just said how u dont give a fuck about sum random comments :P ur shit is sinking like titanic atm :/
are u blind or mentally challenged? I never said anything about random comments, u tried to act smart so i said i didnt want a biased response - seeing as ur bum buddies with half of the finnish players. The fact you then try insulting me and call me a nerd makes u look like a bigger tool than u already are. Please dont reply to me anymore, i cba trying to understand what u are typing.
unlike you, i have no need to "act" smart :) im already smart, i just have no need to bring it here, fucking crossfire to be a cool guy :( trying to be smart @ gaming_community = failed @ real_life :( and plz dont reply to me if u have so hard times to understand everything :/ there are sum places where ppl will teach u how to understand humans ! =) gl mr. smartass ;)
keep on flaming everybody xD
"got better things to do"
Yeah we see...
funny how these ppl say "i dont care" but still they get so nicely trolled ;) this is best way to use sum boring hours <3
with the same reasoning we would have to replace PolandBerza too. Both clans recruited 3 new players, and that is not against the rules.
who did berza add?
nope, we are not going to add more players.
what is the lineup then
good to see you're all back :p

damn now my dream of playing ec with nubmeric are gone :(
lold everything happened so fast.

this is when you dont refresh crossfire 24/7 !
but gl guys
good luck guys =]
rename to backstabbers-united
miNd comment > *
all my respect to chmpp on the not give up <3
gl , nice team =)
Need a team /q

edit: Really stupid decision to give them the free spot , seriously u are doing the same mistakes over and over again . ( doesnt mean that they aint skilled or dont have potential )
But other teams who excist longer deserve it even more
their was no free spot, it was their spot, seriously what is wrong with crossfire's IQ?
Their spot? the only thing what is left is their clanname.... anyways , i dont care
No offense to old lineup but I think these guys deserve the spot more than them so therefore it's "less wasted" and even you should be happy. :)
ofcourse it was their spot, kapaa chmpp (and twidi who will be backup/replacement) are vae members.

Berza just lost wiesiek, wrobel and templar, and are left with zmk + numeric, they will recruit 3 new players, does that look like a free spot? defo not, they will just recruit 3 new players (like vae/fspastic) and continue to play

if neither chmpp or kapaaa wanted to continue the spot would have gone to somebody else, but the clan is not dead as chmpp & kapaa have continued it under a new clan name.
how about let them play another qualification match againt one team who lost their one?
past is past. We're in groupstages now. + that would mean we would have to make a qualifier for berza too...
well, wouldnt be the first time that clanbase force something . Let them play a quali match in the next 3 days and you are still in the match week. If they are as good as the lineup looks like they have nothing to loose :)


if you change more than the half of a current team, its for me a complete new one. So if you go like that, berza have to play a qualification match too, yes :)
they are much stronger than nkNn i don't see the point for a qualifier, kapaa and mind are both X2 ec winners + chmpp is decent and the rest are not bad, both vokki and repjee play for tA.
there are more teams than nkNn who they could fight imo.

So, you would give this team a direct invite too if they applied for EC with this lineup?
i wouldn't have given vae an invite either
leave us alone ;( ;( ;( ;(
So after all they get something they dont deserve... hell yeah!
they played good in the evu cup & won it, after that it just went downward.
after playing caen they forgot the basics :D
everything would be according to rules if you actually kept vae's account, but you didn't :p
what would the difference be?
i find it different, might be subjective though
impressive backstab, just disgusting.
cu @ lan
gl 4 revives in 4 maps repje <3
why dont you friggin OC-skilled tards stop complaining about them guys keeping vae's EC-spot?

I dont really see teams such as infused, highbot, iR, eeV or any other being better than these guys. (no offense)

team-kamz also changed 3 players according to their newspost and I dont see them flying outta EC :(
time to edit this comment :)
gl m8s + Marko

I'm so happy I'm not active anymore & that I don't make teams anymore, all this backstabbing is just ignorant & irritating.
What happened to loyalty?
You tell me busted cheater.
totally to the point.
hahahahaha :D
fuck off? if you are going to change teams every 2 secs, dont put it in news. thx
bullshit news
wow nice bashing fellow news writers while making own shit news

typical belgian stereotype, go be arrogant somewhere else
how come? they're far better than the old vae-mummies and Im certain people are interested about what happened to vae and who are gna replace them :/

they're rollin already : )
e: deleted rollage-stats
this is far from compared to yours
ty m8 :) :p
ye m8 thouse polaks are bad ass in real life, i suggest u stay at home because theres some serious stuff going on lans.. :(

gj on playing good! win em' all Marko m8 :)) Finland power house :)
4-0 vs 1stcav
4-0 vs iR
4-0 vs TAG
4-0 vs tMoe

next ec-final: f5 vs fs5
OOOOOOOOOOOOO you won iR :D HIGHSKILLERS! why did you really mention that one? they arent so good! :(
miNd :(( Good luck !:) U fully deserve to play in 1st roster :)
Fintastic 5 vs Finspastic 5 in finals tbh
Twidi fail!
3 stabs for the price of 1
gl guys
" Quote: miNd all your players are belong to us "

O_o, its ironic that you're called "MIND" since you've got none
rly nice line up, gl guys
whats that
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