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As I'm sure a lot of you are aware after reading United Kingdom MerlinatoR's journal, our favourite Welshlad Wales Owzo has entered a competition called "So you think you can shoutcast?" where he is in with the chance of winning an fully-paid trip to the World Cyber Games in United States of America Los Angeles, California to be featured as the commentator for the WCG TV at this year's event finals.

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To win the competition, Owzo, real name Owain Howard, had to submit a video with him shoutcasting the match as if it was happening live. The choice was between Tekken or Counter Strike. An easy choice for Owzo then considering he mentioned last night how Tekken wasn't a game that tickled his fancy and that he had played Counter Strike a few times back in the day. So he downloaded the clip, shoutcasted over it in true Owzo style by "steamin' in" and then uploaded the video to YouTube as per the competition guidelines. This is where you guys come in...

Owzo has, time and time again, provided the community with top-notch shoutcasts to make watching your favourite teams as enjoyable as possible. And this was before he voluntarily shoutcasted at the Antwerp eSports Festival this year. On top of all that, he's a decent guy and a valuable asset to your community. So please, take a few minutes out your time to head on over to Owzo's entry for "So you think you can shoutcast" on YouTube and click the "like" button. If you don't have a YouTube or Google account (why not?!), then take a few more minutes to create one and give this guy the support he deserves.

So let's steam in and send Owzo to LA!

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The man, the legend, the Owzo.

YouTube video:
More on WCG 2010:
Gl mate :)
definately the best of all entries so far!

gl mate :)
i think i already liked his video. not sure if i can do it 2 times
gl owzo
great news lately
Gl owzo, deserves to win because hes the fucking man. And hes actually the best caster out of them.
Cheers fella, Mayni just told me about the post! <3

Thanks for your support all!
Sean delivers as always! <3
I try my best : )
hey mate, how many takes did you make + have you watched the video a few times before shoutcasting it? or did you have to cast it "live" ?
I tried it like 4 times because my dad kept coming in and ruining it :D

apart from that its pretty much live :)
gl dude, nice casting skills, should do that in ET too :)
How are they going to decide who wins?
a lot to do with votes from the public but also a bit to do with the WCG liking the guy or not obviously so the more votes the better :)
i did cos im nice guy
fu! you got paid
stfu. koska stadii kupille tai ehkä jos kunto kestää parille?
jaa-a.. lähen huomen treelle serkkujen kans ottaa :)
nii kyl nyt siä treel asutaan ku en oo siä enää :D
jaaa perkele vittu homo sataanna homo
Made a second account just to vote twice! This guy deserves it!
you are the man!
dank je wel jonge! :D
Haha! Legend
Already done, will allso vote with my room mates accounts. Good luck owzo :)
owzo>tosslol cuz toss sounds now days like he got some banaan stuck in hes ass all the time :/
i stick banaan in ur ass all the time
Meh -

that is one of the best shoutcasts ever done mainly due to the sheer emotion.
yes back in days when only 1finger was able to go in hes ass :S now he needs those dam banaans :/ must be cuz of the ass kissing :D
i think what hes trying to say is that he used to b better...
1 dag sedan

got to love the&#65279; reaction from the shoutcaster, who is it? owzo?
thats fucking sick :D


vor 1 Jahr 7

Who the fuck cares. Do 500 on those crappy public servers of yours and I'll begin to care a bit.

This is done against the Destination Skyline, where every player was 666 times better than your whole team is ever going to&#65279; be.
Owzo all the way baby <3
Good luck owzo mate!
sounds like Mashed rofl
The man, the legend, the Homo.
heard 20sec, sounds like tosspot...

"making his way through" etc etc..
cant blame him for learning from the bests
fuck this nerd im voting for breaky
ehehehe I did as well :DDDD
Breaky is so full of win
Owzo is also good tho ^^
henry >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> breakycpk
i voted!

image: backcoversep2
good luck fella

nice cast!

Liked breakycpk's entry though..
voted on mine and my gf's account !
Voted! :)
must admit - Owzo is really good caster :-) GL
Omg Aguila Amstel ftw
la sucks....

better go to las vegas
good luck ozwo m8 :)) <3
whos ozwo eyyyy!! ;D thanks!
oops sorry ;D <3
I suppose I could let you off this time =)
SO generous <3 :D thank you OWZO
Nice banner, fake lan.
Gl owzo m8 <333333333333333333333333
Voted ;D
gl owzom8
For once im proud about being part of this community. Go Vote. Vote Now!!!!
voted :))) gl
i voted on my main account, then voted on my sock puppet. it's a real, real shame you can't shoutcast more often, because it genuinely makes watching important games a lot more immersive.

good luck :}
Spent the time to vote with my account, brothers, mothers and girlfriends!

Needs more views + votes go!
what a surprise to see a caster voluntarily casting! what a moronic statement.... casters are not prisoners lool
waste of time
owzo 1010 - breakycpk 1450

we can win this :p
Well, if that's what you think then fair enough, but concidering he put his video up at least 3 weeks earlier than me I can't see that being too bad ;)
and you have to realize the HoN community is at least ten times if not hundred times bigger. Last night I checked gamescanner and there were about 200-300 ETpro players online. In HoN theres at least 10K ppl online at all times.

Breakycpk also runs a site which gets shitloads of visitors every day. So yeah, we got a good chance :)
we got double the "Likes" already, so hits shouldn't be a problem soon either, we'll pass him in 1/2 days if we keep this up.
I demand this post to be stickied!
I gave you my vote<3 but you better not quit casting for ET ;)!
Well I can cast again now because my pc is working again :P
sounds like mashed a bit, but sill liked it ;)
Voted, gl
voted, best of luck to you
gl fella
voted gl m8 ;)
good job big man!
hehehe boyo :)

couldnt stop laughing haha

liked yours so i voted for you owzo
ok i'm gonna vote tomorrow with my whole family their name just because i like the music u play before the match its starting sometimes :D
Really nice cast, you've got my vote mate. Only advice I could give ya is to maybe throw in a bit more tactical analysis, otherwise the rest is awesome. Good luck!
cheers :)
Yeah, I thought about the absence of tactical stuff when I watched it, but actually that's normally the kind of thing you talk about between rounds, or after you've seen a number of rounds. You can't really comment about that stuff when you're just casting on a single 2-minute clip. It makes it feel a bit less real, but I don't see how you could compensate, given the format of the competition.
The difference between CS and ET is that there's always action in ET, while CS can be somewhat slow occasionally. This particular clip used for the competition is pretty eventful for the most part, so I suppose you're correct in saying that analysis should be left to breaks here. That said, obviously the caster can't just be sitting mute in his chair if the round were to come to, for example, a save.
I know the difference between the games - I watch a fair bit of CS (and CoD), even if I don't play them.
owzo ftw
voted, gl :)
gl :D
sticky'd this post and put it to the side so it will last longer. keep those votes coming :)
best of luck owzo
thanks for the sticky pal =)
now you should remove it since it's over
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ej and bob best shoutcasters ever<3
gl owzo
need more views on owzo's video, get clicking and sharing!!
MOAR TOWERS!!!!! Then you get my vote
ive got so many towers on the go you have no idea, can i has a vote now? :)
Please tell me that this is the text version of the "Shouting van men" sketch from the School of Comedy?!
did you win ?
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