WCG2010 USA Online Qualifiers - Day 2

We're on to Day 2 of the WCG2010 USA Online Qualifiers. Last night, we saw some close games and some ragequits, the latter coming from United States of America Team HOT who returned to the game after leaving it around 2 years ago, United States of America Team FATE spoiled HOT's "never been defeated by an American team" claim to fame by more or less destroying them and forcing "America's greatest" to teamkill each other in the spawn out of frustration, needless to say, HOT won't be returning to this tournament.

Another "top team" seen leaving was United States of America Team Decimated, again crumbling to a solid FATE squad, however, they showed more sportsmanship during their match by actually playing the whole game. We also saw some nice teamplay from United States of America The Art of Warfare as they gave FATE a scare on Quarry, which some may have expected given TAW's experience as "pub players" on such a "pub map", props to them.

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Round 4- Tonight @ 21:00 EST (03:00 CET)
Starting tonight's coverage is the match that probably most of us are anticipating; United States of America AmeriMIX vs. United States of America Team FATE on Salvage, an infantry based map. These are the 2 stronger teams in the tournament, but FATE carry more experience as a team than AmeriMIX, however, don't let that fool you, they have good players who could take the win in what will surely be an epic match.

Round 5 - Tonight @ 21:50 EST (03:00 CET)
The final round (assuming there are no teams drawing on points after it) will be United States of America AmeriMIX vs. United States of America The Art of Warfare on Sewer, a map which requires a lot of determination and teamwork from the attacking side, and flawless communication from the defending side. Although AmeriMIX enter this one as the favourites, don't rule out TAW.

Enjoy the games tonight, to check up on last night's matches, read yesterday's news post.

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lol undefeated. GJ Fate!
wow i know ras from these lineups!
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