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Today is the day you all've waited for. The newly formed team around GermanyDaniel "humM3L" M. is already praccing hard to challenge the top Clans. With their good results which they've already achieved the past few days they are totally motivated for upcoming events. Their goal is is to play and reach the next CB:OC Premier playoffs. Also attending lans is in their mind. At the moment they are playing actively in the Clanbase 5on5 Ladder.

I'm glad to present you GermanyTeam Legendary

GermanyArthur "murDa" R. (c)
GermanyDaniel "humM3L" M.
GermanyAlex "keRn" K.
GermanyTobias "atroX" T.
GermanyAnton "freezer" F.
GermanyKuraigu "kuraigu" B.

A few words of the Oldy Germanykuraigu
QuoteYeah, this team is actually interesting. all except kern, which nevertheless is a good player aswell, have been mates of mine back in the rtcw days. freezer, which is unknown for most of you, has been one of the strong players back then. murda from the legendary team helix, atrox & humm3l from, ye you know. all in all a small team with old mates trying to have fun in et with a little serious touch, competing/attending anything which comes in our way.

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kuraigu, hummel! gl m8s:)
good luck guys :)
Nice to see murDa again =) hf
4 weeks but still +1
freezer ! murDa ! Good luck to all of you :)
nice - promising team (in case you can keep the motivation)!
gl daniel and kurai :)
good luck! cu on the battle field ;)
nope - think he said you guys are too low ? :(
to low*

<}humM3L> to low sry
<bliNdieRi`> KRP could play 23.15 if you want?
My bad. Im sorry.
to low or not to low

thats the questirion
Hey, you want some beef?

lots of <3 to Daniel and Kuraigu!
good luck humm3l m8 <3
gl murda :]
freut mich voll krass für dich, danimaus
these teams simply wont work...
you meant this team right ?
no, teams with hummel and ger guys
we had mPG !!
but agree with the other part of the sentence
still the strongest german team there ever was.
dunno if any team will get as good as mpg was.
I meant mpg as a good(my favourite) team, and meant 'I agree with the other part...' to humm3l :P
every lineup with mpg/beta/zp/pro5 etc was awesome :P too bad they didn't stick around til now.
There was another pretty strong German team *cough* :-P
Some time before mPG though
i haven't forgotten 141 or what the team was where you, your brother and so came from.
but i think mpg was a tad better than your team back then. no?
Ye, the original 141 wasn't that strong. Still pretty decent and somehow we managed to reach the 3rd place in the EC after we even had to qualify vs poison first.
I meant the junk52/gods.inc/spaces team that qualified for Quakecon 2006 (actually 2005!) with senji, mike, anubis, pk, evil and myself. We split up after gods.inc didn't manage to sponsor us to the US though.
ah yes. that team with pk and senji. yes, also a very decent team! true that.
too bad it broke apart so fast :( .. pk <3
qcon 2005 imo :P
haha wie es dich noch gibt :D
well, epsilon had 3 germans and 1 german speaking player when they won cdc5 :p mPG also didn't have a completely german roster ^^
h2k, which came out of mpg, wasn't fully german.
or was it the other way around? .. can't remember :D
epsilon+h2k both had dialer abort and gifty iirc.
ye.. but what about mpg ?
mpg 2007: keran drago butchji acozz snoop weak + some mercs/backups
mpg 2008: butchji clown hazer weak razz maus potter drago hatred + some mercs/backups

but yeah butchji weak potter and snoop played in epsilon/h2k ;d (potter and weak were playing in the lineup later on iirc). but all these are the same, gifty butchji potter hatred etc are playing in clans together for like 4 years or so :$
yea.. but i remember ..

hatred, butchji, weak, drago/keran, hazer, snoop .. no?
not there yet, they need abit.
dat was ironic tbh
mpg wasnt with humml :D
I meant mpg as a good(my favourite) team, and meant 'I agree with the other part...' to humm3l :P
I didn't know you guys know it or no, but 5on5 > 6on6
gl anyway
this a a one-man-show.. give it up!
freezer zeh pwn! :)
murDa best captain ever!

too bad you guys wont stay together for too long^^
Idd.. better than you!
cant wait to rape humm3l
I raped him 1st :)
You cant rape him! KRP too low, no match for hummel.
arthur du zigeuner, geh endlich mal inaktiv!
what's the secret of staying "motivated hard" ?
Tho "Legendär mit finanzieller Unterstützung des Roten Bulles" sounds more syriuz!111!!!
gl freezer and murda!
gl atrox, freezer und Q
good joke 8D
gl murda, hummel ,qraigu :) ( and annoying pub panzer ;D + his reviver) ;)
wow legendary!
I'm not amused, LoL
stray im dissapointed ..

2-6 weeks max

but since pumM3L is highly motivated they can prove me wrong
true dat!

Phase 1: be highly motivated
Phase 2: ...
Phase 3: Profit
Sounds good,

for 2 weeks

keRn? Back active? Must hv been years...
Whos that guy?
He played with Jago, Sp!n(?) etc, at dQ/disQ in 2006(?)
Okay thanks, I still don't know him though ;)
still funny, since me and mout founded dQ once afair :D
u will all get inside the hummer and come to lan
gl freezer :)
great! gl ladies ;)
lost vs trivium , losers :)
gl atrox und kuraigu
gl :) hope to see you at a LAN or two =)
gl jungs :)
low+ atm
good luck daniel, kuraigu, freezer and atrox ;)
gr FreEze

legendary comeback
Freezer will deliver <3333333333333333333333333333333
Today is the day you all've waited for. <-- no, i didn't <.< but nice lineup, i am really intrested how they will end up playing :)
This team is going to disband before any big upcoming events or is going to fail miserably while playing them.

Its just not working anymore
kuraiguofwin!! <3
hf murda!
"Their goal is is to play and reach the next CB:OC Premier playoffs."

why not EC ?: O
fake Murdaa
GL guys, hope to see u all at the upcoming lans x
QuoteToday is the day you all've waited for

Oh please... Search another entrance rate noob newsposter.
The German community is alive :)
Germany Teamoxid
Germany Team-AoW
Germany Lost Soldiers
Germany reVeal
Germany Legendary
Germany 9th dimension

all decent teams :) gl Daniel
9th - please :x
i see we get underrated :))))
heavily overrated i'd say.
*snuff* we will see :'(
yeah im totally crying right now because i stepped on to your toes and making you totally nerdrage "ZOMG MY TEAM IS TOTALLY UNDERRATED IM SO COOL EHEHEHHEHE" while you arent.
well, i actually don't feel cool at all.

I am:

a) proud, because we made big progresses
b) confident that we will be able to compete vs. legendary, lost & aow when we keep improving like we currently do...
thank you for the laugh.
np, my pleasure!
u made me laugh too :D
np, my pleasure! <--- with this comment Oo

odd humour, tbh
I totally disagree with you. We had such a strong pracc against AoW, if you wont believe, i have demos. And, additionaly I guess youre just so prejudiced due one random war we once played against you in our beginning period with the team. As far as I can remember, we played against some players from smashed in the German Community Challenge and it was too easy for us against them. So, maybe you should not try to judge us without even having decently played against us, thank you.
blabla u mad because you cant take that a person is thinking that your team isnt as good as other and you want to make it? its my oppinion and yeah its based on one pracc and the look at your lineup so simply "deal with it" otherwise im gonna go and search your whine during this one particular pracc.
haha kacknoobs xd
oh nice still so many good teams ???
i guess next EC will be german only... omg @ all other noobclans, if u look at the german top teams...
add nobrain pls..

those two no doubt to name them

Lost Soldiers

those four are clear, too, each has nice skills

9th dimension

BUT i looked like WTFFTW? when i saw us here :D
3rd Best German Team


Germany s1LENT & gr0ss sei dank :)
s1lent spielt eh bei uns und ohne gr0ss sind wir immer noch besser als einige andere ;D
xDDD träum weiter!
hahahahahahahahahaha :DDDDDDDDDDD
not funny at all
gl to all except freezer da homofürst!
gl hummel, anton und crack :D
not worth main news. Only murda is decent there and he has been away so long so he prolly sucks too.
you're bored lately?
I noticed that already! Hows you sir!
Quite fine. Very fond of trolling lately and pissing people off. So here I am, doing that :)
other news okej, but main news. seriously?

Come on admins :/
trolled hard
Fail incoming
the admin who put this mainnews, desrves a ...
... a tasty choko cookie with methylfluorphosphonsäureisopropylester ?
bullet in the head...
jacker playin, eaz
Limbonic my honey! How are you doing! :DDDD
lulz twinnzym8! currently exam time @ university, so i'm wasting a lot of time with ET because it would be too easy otherwise. how are you? back in buiz?
Are you on irc, i'll talk to you over there. To many eyes here! :DDD
yup, #velerion
U guys just don't get it, huMM3L makes this shit news worthy!
tbh its not newsworthy..
i accept a newpost, but not mainnews >.<
So humm3l found a new team and its mainnews? journal worthy, max.

the team will most likely be dead before next OC even starts.
GL murda!
50euro per person
No fireball? zLoL!
QuoteToday is the day you all've waited for

Nope, not really.
WHY IS EVERYONE COMPLAINING ABOUT THE MAIN NEWS? its an oldschool team of oldschool players who have dedicately played this game for years. I know they most likely wont reach top8 in next EC but I see a lot of potential with the main line-up + they're played together so many times their team play will knock you of your chairs.
Quote by humM3Lnp with murda its an easy win, wasnt main lineup ! rematch when hes back :)
gl murda and daniel
mainnews :XDd
haha #5
lol main news :DDDDDDDDD
What, new highbot? lol ... I think they will be departed in 2 months. GL & HF
gl odin!
i just see a bunch of random,this team will fail,end off \o/
amazing how admins major this kind of bullshit everytime humm3l comes up with a 2-week-team

good work, keep it coming

gl kuraigu :P
why the fuck is this main news?
Why this OC 2nd league team has got a news @ main page?
Definitely this isn't news worthy, not only because of the past hummel teams, but also they aren't that good.

Apart from this, Good luck, nice team to play agaisnt, they don't whine and they keep improving everyday. I enjoy playing against you.

I'm still wondering where did Kern come from, never heard/ seen him before and he is kinda good.

Good luck specially for freezer and hummel.

gl kuraigu!
Today is the day i have been waiting for so long.
gl kura und hummel!
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