Team Fortress 2 is now free

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A couple of weeks ago, Valve Cooperation released several games on their Steam network, which are all free to play; you download the game, via steam, and play the game.
During this week, several announcements has been released about Team Fortress 2 and the "Uber-update". It all ended today, with the release of a brand new patch, with several new items/weapons to obtain, a brand new mini-movie in the "Meet the..." series and most of all the fact that Team Fortress 2 is now free to play, just like Enemy Territory.

For those who do not know the game, it is a class-based first person shooter with several and different types of game modes, ranging from CTF (Capture the Flag) to Payload (a sort of goldrush-type of game play)

- The Uber-update
- Meet the Medic
- Team Fortress (official website)
- Team Fortress Wiki

Very nice!
will try
already downloaded it and played against some bots. This game is awesome

if someone wanna play add me on steam - powerman1337 (only got like 3 friends :()
currently downloading 8)
currently downloading 8)
If anyone plans to go pro then go pro as a solly/scout/demoman :) .(6on6 - scout,scout,solly,solly,demoman,medic)

And you can start playing competitive just after downloading the game,TF2 has lot of shitnoobs playing it.Just go to #tf.wars or something like that and search for div6.

Badlands and granary are most played maps, check them out 1st.

(url) [] - competitive tf2 "similar to gather(low skilled)"

If you find my name familiar and you are atleast med skilled in ET you can add me,can give you a quick tour.Steam Tuiskam or :)
Im mostly online at nights btw.
#tf.wars if fucking dead, any reason?
Yep,like in any game ,its hard to find a game on friday nights.
solly = soldier?

and what about heavy? It's pretty easy to own with him!
yes,solly is soldier
Heavys are slow.Only place where heavy can be useful is last point defence(usualy scout goes heavy).Heavys are big and can be easily taken down by spam and medic can't heal heavy all the time.
There are few times when soldier goes heavy, like when attacking granary last,or on gullywush having full time heavy is ok.
Scouts usualy go heavy/sniper.

Gravelpit might be only map where you could have pyro,engineer,spy,heavy,sniper running around at the same time.
No engineers? Even at 1st stage defence? 0_o
There is no such thing as 1st defence.Only in gravelpit.
On other maps both teams are suppose to get others last point.
There are few times when its smart to go engy on last defence tho (mostly when enemy s medic is running kritz).

There's also Highlander in TF2.9vs9 all classes are represented but this isn't as popular as 6on6.
Ah lol I thought about payload but now that I think of it it's probably not played in scrims. I play it on pub a lot, hence I asked about the defence stage.
yep,there's no payload in 6on6,only in 9on9
On public heavy owns though. I guess a good demo or soldier can take him out with some support, but he isn't THAT slow imo. You can still dodge even a good player his spam and hit him hard aslong as he doesnt have alot of walls to constantly hide behind. And how about ubercharge + heavy? Things drop dead if you have some aim.
Medic dead = heavy dead.
Medic healing heavy = team is low hp all the time or dead.

Heavy has lot of stoping power but not pushing.

If you attack as a heavy you will be 5 secs late to middle,thats a long time,atleast long enough time to enemy team to set up solid defence and demoman enough time to put down stickys.Most of the time its not gonna work if you play against good players.If It suprises enemy team it might work 1 round,not 2nd.
I would think that 1 or 2 scouts distracting them would be plenty for the heavy to move into a good position? I get why the demoman is so good, but the slow reload on soldier seemed very limiting to me. Can't a heavy still push if you're good at avoiding demo hits and soldier rockets? I mean not if it's all long range ofc.
ok,having heavy isnt bad
But having 2xscout and solly + 1x medic and demo is better
i was feeling so special having TF2 on my steam account, but now i feel not so special
got css? i do. makes me feel special because it costs €19,99 at the steamstore.
yeah i got it :_D
add me to steam; jonasty93

for those who wonder, yes i did steal this account from jonasty.
wasnt wondering, but thanks
hacked account, ban
bring has 1k
dead game in a month, epic shizzle
i read it some days ago, incredible new business for me
gonna download it!

always heard great stuff about this game and i love that they have classes too and like cartoon gfx :)

gg steam
downloading it (:
ff naar mokke gaan en dan vannacht downloaden :D

we moeten samen spelen <3
=D heb het erop staan. Snap er nog niet veel van :D
lol nice1, gonna check it
meet the medic niec ;0D
ok, after one hour i have to say - strange game, quake live is better :P
Brink just died
Anyone else having any problems? Im not sure why but on source games (css, cs, hl2, tf2) I get problems with browsing for servers :O
I think its coz they updated steam somedays ago and some servers doesnt work yet?
Not sure, I just validated files and it seemed to work fine man. All servers seemed to be 100+ping which is mad as i got told its pretty popular europe game. n1 anyway.
check your filters
yeh I fixed it not long after post. I didnt think to look for a UK place. Thought would have listed all countries.
Downloading it at 4 mb/s o_O
morge spelen we
10gb ... cmon lol
nice nice!
Meet the medic is hilarious :D
Look for the other ones, epic aswell!
nice game! tutorial not working only soldier rest of the classes stay closed :(
game looks a bit for kiddies... don't like those comic graphics, although ill try it while I wait for red orchestra 2.

EDIT: After 10 gb of download and testing for a few hours I can say that this game is the worst I've played in years and I can understand it going free.

I guess is fun if you are like 12... teamplay is 0. comic style... well not even comic, just kiddies style. OFC is an arcade but well... is just shoot shoot and nothing more. I'm already bored after 1 hour playing.

The spy that gibs you from behind at 120 km/h would need an entire journal, and the snipers... another journal.

The documentation, videos etc are awesome but the game is pure shit sorry to say, really wanted to like it even with those graphics.

anyway now is free so give it a try if you like those type of games, ofc comparing it to ET is a big joke.
your comment is a joke...0 teamwork,what are you talking about?TF2 is all about teamwork.

Spys are easy to take down,and if you play abit then spys are obvious.Spys are only faster than heavys.
Snipers are usually only a problem for heavy class or you are bad at doding.

Enemy Territory's pubs are a joke - shooting only.People in TF2 actually try to do obj.
Personally I would prefer ET 6on6 over TF2 but ET is pretty much dead,atleast 6on6

but everyone has an opinion
niiice :)
nice game, but

team fortress classic > team fortress 2
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