Oldschool Cup

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Already eight years have passed since Wolfenstein Enemy Territory was released and new games can not become more popular, for example BRINK. But who remember the old clans, maps, and gamers. That was the main reason why we decided to create a Polish tournament called "Oldschool Cup". 16 Polish oldschool clans, the system play 3on3 and old maps such as oasis or Sewall battery. After a few days we managed to find contacts for players who stopped playing ET and we have completed list of clans which will take part in tournament..

1st Poland nucleus
2ndPoland SoH
3rd Poland [Rain]
4th Poland JSG
5th Poland FBI
6th Poland v3
7th Poland Kurde
8th Poland Dark Company
9th Poland fault
10th Poland Savak
11th Poland dark forces
12th Poland Storks
13th Poland Slayers team
14th Poland Crow
15th Poland cs3r
16th Poland everto

Our tournament will start on September 15, teams will be divided into four groups of four teams. Mappoll will be set by users on forum in survey: Click

More information on:

admin: Poland Bart & Poland grAm
website: [url]www.enemyteritory.eu[/url]
IRC: # enemyterritory.eu
So muchos polaks QUE?
Quotewe decided to create a Polish tournament called "Oldschool Cup"
Quote So muchos polaks QUE?
aaaawww my eyes

too much polaks flag

+ polish tournament, gtfo
yes not rly serious
maybe call it polish oldschool but for an oldschool cup u need teams like dsky or this finteam paranoia how ever it was called.
parodia :D
paranoia :D
what are you doing atm?:P
playing League of Legends, you?
im bored but dont wanna sleep :( shall i nerd et?:P
no you should play league of legends!
[parodia] omg
paranoia :DDDDDDDD
3on3 tournament including battery and so on? and where do you want to get those "oldschoolers" from? :D
Sewall battery
Storks \o/
7th Ich bin Kurrde du weisst!
Azzlacks sind am Mic hahaha

but this is going to be a fail :P
3on3 oldskool

we need a oldskool 6on6 cup Maps: fueldump,railgun etc...

e. and gtfo with 5o5
Railgun roxx......
so lineups-?

edit: ur website should be .pl and not .eu , imo
what a shit cup when its just polaks only i mean just FF was and impressive polish team ...
gl anyways-.-
Storks, poison, c4, diversus, sE, Iron Cross,.. There were some other really good Polish teams :-)
u forgot the best pl team eva, netrunners :)
well, that's kinda diversus isn't it? Polewka (|:P|) -> diversus/delta/netrunners
I guess you are right, when I started playing ET they were already playing under name of Netrunners so I always remember them as netr :)
and 1364 Skawina :)
discrimination only polaks
savak, slayers team, everto Oo?
no FF(+those which urtier called). no oldsql pl cup + r the lineups full of oldsql ppl?!
Thought the same, most of the oldschool players are not active anymore so how the fuck want you to make it happend?
had same in my mind!
nice 3on3 maps are always welcome
FF, Logitech :-(?
FF-PalemkiATI :(
palemkey player ?
corw with lee in lineup ??? so np for crow
Slayers team, you mean the team full with cheaters?
yea, most obv team ever.
image: sthpwlgg

it was fun to roll guys lyk ya back in days. however in my opinion we were playing more fabulous as FBI, with incredible Anonymous Pacman & .co!

pretty weird eh? you find one team obv, and second one skilled (comment beneath) while it was all about the same - 'pure skill'. XD
We played FBI in 6on6 2006 and won, but didn´t think anything about them
We played FBI in 3on3 2006 and lost, it was good game.

FBI same players like sT?
image: 5537225_1 http://clanbase.ggl.com/news_league.php?nid=212701&lid=2504
When i played them. So my comment is valid.

And i never think you where obvious, because that was obvious. You didn´t play before that for them. Ive played before against you, not in sT but never thought you where anything but obvious, so i am sorry if you think i accused you.

And about sT, who do you think is right? Me and Domi or you? I don't think a ex player from sT can be taken seriously.
i didn't say its about the same players. i said that for you: fbi was skilled and st full of cheaters, while there were cheaters in both clans. thats why i typed 'pure skill' instead of pure skill.

misunderstandin' and btw it's called teasing, no point to reply. och and btw say hi to your brother, he's great <3
yea, i am nostalgic
Good old times

image: lol

And one of my favorites matches ever 4-2 win against FF on warleagues alpha 2005

image: ff1

I still got demos from 2004-2006 :)
If you want too watch demos
Slayers team with XxX was obvious as hell.
you mean lolxx perhaps? i can't remember any other guy with nick related to xxx XD
ye that one.

The slayers team from the time of CC3 or so, they did the qualifers won them but never attended the LAN itself.
well it wouldn't be a problem to attend for most of them if they rly wanted to. nothing wrong with winning qualifiers tho!

but i know what do you mean, because i can remember couple of obvious moments :"D
Noticed some "obvious moments" aswell when i played that qualifer against them :P
it wasnt like that, they actually won the qualifiers from us ( MAZZ ) but afterwards they got kicked out of it for using wh in the qualifiers. Then we actually got that spot and participated. They were never welcome on CDC3. Still got epic quotes from the IRC fight after they got kicked out xD

(01:13:42) (+Splitfire) u r acting like little boy which want to have a candy

(+Splitfire) fucking shit noskill nobrain piece of shit

<+Splitfire> but u r still crying
<+Splitfire> pls st is using hax
<+Splitfire> we r cheating
<+Splitfire> so go masturbate with your hand
<+Splitfire> and kiss your father in da ass
<+SkyLine> get life

(01:23:02) (+SkyLine) sorrow for me through the game and never well won't be playing people which have a complex cya lan
Hmm, I played them in a qualifer aswell, with DTM or something =O
i think u can still watch that quali on gamestv.org, just for the lulz :p
Couldn't find it =(
Nee ;D Die ervoor ofzo :P
naja dat dacht ik ook maar ik weet iig zeker dat ze in die cdc4 quali aan het hacken waren, cdc3 waren we er ook maar ik kan me niets van qualifiers daarvoor herinneren. Misschien dat we toen mochten komen door dropouts ofzo :p too long ago for a stoner :P
you hack at diablo, cant whine at et hackers!
btw want to believe even 10% of people will ever show up for dat cup
I remember playing FBI, everto, FF in 2005-2006.

gl with the cup.
v3 one of my favorite clans.
nightkiller :*

where's bodzio?
the system play 3on3 and old maps such as oasis or Sewall battery
merc avi for this if needed
Y NO 6o6???
Oldschool means ETpro 3.0.0
no, oldschool means the etpro beta
what about Polandinactive.et?! PolandMorph/runner & Polandintense
We cannot invite all polish inactive clans. We tryied to select well known teams. Some of them refused our invitation but we are still open for cooperation with them. We can change allowed teams to 24.
Oldschool means etmain!
seriously, fuck off already with your spammy shit which is always for polaks only
cant see ironcross or poison there
We are waiting for answer from them;)
ironcross needs clarification that mortar is allowed
:D mortar was epic too use in that time on tc_base/battery/oasis etc
good idea :)
btw maybe in future odlschool CUP EU ? :)
kolo, zobacz kto sie za to bierze. typy co znaja tamte czasy z opowiesci swojego starego XD
W ET gram od 2004 roku:)
Czemu zdziwienie? Nekris i Michalek mowili, ze zagracie.
Oni akurat maja najwiecej do powiedzenia 8D
tak w sumie, to co za roznica? zainstaluj et i graj :P
mowilem moze, nie powiedzialem, ze zagramy. Michalem zapewnial takze spierdalaj ;p
pierwsze slysze... xDDDD
Shit load of polaks
Polish only "oldschool" cup?
Now i have seen everything...
Time for an EU oldschool i guess.
oldschool 3v3 cup? need Polandkichus; , fo sho
WoW, uAznia, NETR, h3-tech, ss, polewka,
brakuje mi tu Iron Cross / C4 / AoD / Hunters / 17th / Poison ... to bardziej wyglada na mid time school tourney :D [Zeby nie bylo gralem w 3 z tych klanow w et a w rtcw z IC wlasciwie od jego releasu - ja pierdole to bedzie prawie 10 lat temu juz lol] ktos na #wolfpl moze miec stare adresy irc wiem ze na C4 jesio ze 2 lata temu bylo pare osob ze starego skladu ale prawie all sa po 30 a wiekszosc po 35 wiec watpie zeby chcieli grac.
siema, ja kiedys gralem w klanie Hunter, moze mi sie uda zalatwic ekipe, bedzie kolejna druzyna!
no to organizujcie sie
by enemyterritory.eu and only polaks ":D"
wtf nucleus plz
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