$10k Corsair CoD4 tournament

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Some may say that Call of Duty 4 has been lacking a large cash injection for over a year, the last being the Antwerp eSports Festival at the tail-end of July 2010. With no AEF announcement for this year, the community seemed to lose hope and faith in their game. Sure, there has been numerous small to mid-scale events throughout the year and they've been great, but it's the big money people are really interested in.

At least momentarily, it seems the wait is over. One of the current market's largest high-performance PC components manufacturers, Corsair, have generously shelled out $10,000 for an online tournament in Call of Duty 4. The tournament goes by the name of Vengeance Cup and is the largest online tournament for the game in terms of prize pot and is certainly a soothing thought given the past year for the game.

The tournament will take place via the Corsair website but uses the familiar eSports Heaven layout and also is interlinked with its database, this means if you can log in using your ESH account if you have one. If you don't have one, you can still register!
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Prizepot breakdown:

Signups open: Now
Tournament start date: Monday 17th October
Format: Group stage then playoffs
Anti-cheat: TZAC

The signups have opened today so if you're interested in signing up, then you can do so by heading over to the tournament homepage.
They have monthly ESH tournaments and such anyway. Always with 250/500/1000€ cash or hardware prizes. That event is nothing special. As some CoD4 guys already said, this money put into a big LAN event would be much better for the game...
Why would that be any better? I wasn't aware there were still plenty of sponsored CoD4 teams around.
At least the CoD4 scene expected something like a big LAN event. And ofc is a LAN event cooler/better etc. Guess how many cheaters will try to be part of that cup.

There are still enough MGC's in CoD4 btw. Also, why would that matter? ET also had "bigger" LAN events without half of the teams being paid.
Just sounds like sour grapes as opposed to any valid arguments. We'll have to ask Corsair to host a tournament for another game instead where people aren't being picky about a 10K prize purse.
Not sure if serious.

When did you last see an online cup do over €7,000 prizepot?
or over 500, QL Zotac cups are the bigger online tournaments that I can remember and they are only 100 + hardware - I agree though that some support of a LAN event would be nicer but I doubt anyone in CoD4 will be complaining too loudly ;)
you'd be surprised how many idiots will start a hate campaign cos they MIGHT lose to cheaters this way
will be interesting to see how they will handle cheaters, TZAC being used will probably pick a bit more up than usual - although nothing is perfect, chaplja input on his plans for this would be good as I doubt stealth detection will be good for the cup.
From personal experience in working with khaplja I can only say that working with him is the best thing they can do. Although I believe he can do much more if the admins get him involved personally, which I'm not sure if thats the case yet.
I was only talking about CoD4, though.
Ofc I know the prize makes it special. Still online tournaments are not what CoD4 lacks...

Also, I didn't mention online cups with ~€7.000 but €250/€500/€1.000.
You said it's nothing special, but now you're saying it is special :D
Don't you get my point?! ;p Ofc a high cash prize is special but not the cup itself. A LAN would be better. Only stating my and some CoDers opinion on that. Tbh I do not care that much about it as I dont even play the game nor did in the past.
I agree with you on that part, but before you edited your comment (:D), you said it's not that special.
Didn't edit anything tho ^^
dota has quite some of them but thats a totally different game
I was only talking about CoD4, though.
lol .. :di have cod but never played any wars DD LOL
where can i see the signed up teams?
Time to get razz to cod4 :}
pansy will stomp noobs
OK got this.
brb buying hax, cu there
Congrats to chaplja and gl to Anexis!
GL anexis :P

Is TZAC as effective in cod4 as it is in ET?
It's still pretty new. If you mean, has it stopped certain people playing like it did with ET, then no. There are so many different cups and leagues in CoD4, and not all of them are using TZAC. At least not yet.

It seems to be effective against hacks and is getting daily updates.
Here comes g5. The return.
You fuckin' know ati.

Want in?
image: mvp

g5 Bench reporting in
cod4.wars max
nice to see tzac in use
avi high scope , smg
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