Introducing the Crossfire Council

One thing Crossfire has been knocked for in the past is making decisions without due consultation of the community. Whilst we always try to make sure our admin team represents a variety of skillsets (or in my case, no skill) it's gotten to the point where it would be logical to have others make key game based decisions.

So for the Crossfire Battle for Berlin the key game based decisions, such as picking the top 16 teams from our signups, seeding them and picking the config etc has been delegated to a select group of people who should have their finger on the pulse of the gamers demands. Heading up that group is Germany urtier and he had the following to say:

Quote by urtierYet another council for ET decisions? Yes and no. The current council is smaller, more experienced and well aware of the current ET scene and move going on. With Battle for Berlin there is the next major tournament just about to start and there are great debates about possible config changes, map pools and general ET life.
Our goals are not to change the game yet again but rather provide a base for everyone out there playing this great game and helping to improve it even further.
The teams that are going to be fighting in the great Battle of Berlin will be announced tomorrow evening together with the map pool. Seeds, brackets and the config will be posted tuesday latest.
Do not panic, there is nothing to worry about. We will not re-invent ET and most will stay the same as it currently runs. However we will make small adjustments to certain things that hopefully balance the game out even more.

The council currently consists of Ross, Night, twidi, Clown and myself. If you have any questions, feedback or general ideas for further improvements or implementations, feel free to contact me. We will make sure that it will be considered.

So as you can see the Crossfire Council for BFB (and beyond) will be Germany Urtier, United Kingdom R0SS, Latvia Clown, Estonia Night and Finland twidi - Thanks Guys!
first in epic news

also nice idea!

where u at
Maybe include someone who is lower skilled so you got a broad opinion from the community, say artstar or merlin.
I thought that's why R0SS was there? :PPP (sorry!)
ohhw snap

stay classy
nah ross is there for the med skillers
tought same
or maybe include someone who is low skilled, say fumble or fumble.

":D" <3
or maybe include someone who is low skilled, say fumble or ohurcool.

artstar for an ET council? Are you serious?
I never really played et, by the looks of things its more people who have and / or do play et :)

also the decisions that they would be making would only really effect high level competitions I would guess.
Looks good a council that consists of only oldschoolers/known members and from my experience non of them retarded so this should be good and we shouldn't see retarded clownbase like decisions in the upcomming bfb tournament
In before 5on5 and 5-6 lans per year.

how that can help? 5-6 lans each year, not everyone can attend to that lans cause who should pay everytime for them?
lets go for 5on5 and have 5-6 lans per year

Nice to meet you all.

Apart from Ross.
506 lans per year, fuck yea 8))
what United Kingdomfumble said.
As usual no new talents or new ideas. Just a bunch of guys that have been hanging around since eternity. Doubt this will do any use.

Do Urtier, Twidi and Clown actually still play this game more than 1 offi every sunday?
they don't need to play this game currently to make dicisions for ET
They need to play this game currently to make the RIGHT decisions for ET. What worked 3 years ago will not automatically work now.
And with questioning their activity towards ET i also question their dedication towards this "council".
Clown and me are both playing actively for Queens and TAG and been on ET the last couple of months already again. As I have tried to explain, we are not planning to make too many decisions towards gameplay or other changes. Infact most will stay the same and we we are well aware of the changes within 6on6 from 2008 to 2011. We just want to provide a global base for ET that comes from an 'official' source rather than the current situations where multiple configs and rulesets about MG etc, are in use.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for the RIGHT decisions, feel free to contact me on irc or crossfire and we will check it out.
There is no multiple configs or rulesets. The only big competition going on is hosted by CB and they decided to release their new config with mg back, what's the deal here? If CF/ESL host a big cup, maybe talk with CB and update the global configs again, otherwise you can't blame them.
The current config is made by pds and others rather than CB itself. Apart from that there are still servers running with older global CFGs. Then there's a debate wether MG is allowed on missile or not, or at all even (even tough it's in the cfg obviously).
The cfg was created by pds for CB, they decided to use it, not pds. Also if some servers are using the old cfg, you can refuse to play there at CB officials, because the cb rules are clear about that.

If CB decided to take mg back, then it's used everywhere.
This is not soley about CB competition, not at all actually. Currently it stands for the Crossfire BfB cup and future competitions hosted by CF.

If you have played in some of the one-day cups lately or even pracs on maps like missile, there are great debates if the MG should be used or not. Some admins allow it, some don't. Some teams insist on playing missile pracs without MG, some with it etc. We have to make sure that there are no confusions about such things during the BfB competition. We will surely keep CB's current ruleset in mind doing the decisions for BfB as we surely don't want or need 2 cups with 2 totally different rulesets and mappools.
Exactly, i was just pointing out that if there is some confusion is just because people want to. The cfg speaks for itself, allowing or blocking what it was meant to.

But tbh apart from MG discussion, nothing else needs to be changed right now.
Did you talk with Clownbase about this? Did they agree on following your minor changes?

I mean if you just want to do some "minor adjustments" to the game then i dont see the use of this council tbh. It has been tried before and always started with big bang that was followed by a long silence.

Im really hoping you can prove me wrong!
I don't think that current CB admins have got any position / strong opinion about some important issues @ ET. They rather follow than lead.
I know but it doesnt hurt to contact them and get their approval. And i know CB needs a new head admin for ET(yes im looking at you :P)
People @ crossfire always had a horrible communication skills and lacked a wide analysis, I don't expect them to learn :p
With this council i definately agree with you :P
yeah, that MG shit is kinda my fault :D
Every member of the council is currently playing ET actively. Like urtier stated, he is playing with TAG/Queens along with Clown and I'm playing with codelust.

In my opinion all the members of the council have proved their dedication towards the game more than enough along all the years we've been playing and keeping this game alive.
Didnt know you all were actively back to ET. Havent really been following the et scene that much. Still missing some new blood imo.
perfect mix !!
Altough clown has always been a retard I think overall this is a good pick of council members. Other cups & leagues (CB) should take advantage of such a council as well.
I'm a retard because I didn't want to play a mix with TAG?

17:21:08 (beAsty) Clown` come paly i´m super nice
17:21:12 (beAsty) on vent
17:21:22 (Clown`) dont tell
17:21:23 (Clown`) but
17:21:26 (Clown`) i hate aphesia!
17:21:34 (Clown`) thats why i dont play!
17:21:49 (beAsty) we had a good laugh at vent now :D
17:22:11 (beAsty) tag vent gogo we got a game
Session Close: Wed Sep 29 17:22:16 2010
If I remember right you didn't want to play because I was playing in that mix (oh noes!). I think even aphesia said smth on vent to me like "I'm sure he won't play with us because of u" before he asked you on IRC.. was rather referring to all the random flame and pointless comments in the past. So much hate in this world
I still <3 u!
great, crossfire has a council now but too bad crossfire has nothing to do with any competition related to et
true, battle for berlin is not a competition at all
still need to prove that aint a huge fail:=)
4on4 search & destroy??

good pick.

now we need hitsounds for arty / airstrike / flamer / nades back!!!!!
+1 but u forgot the morta :D
mortar is nice, but too imba imo. maybe weaken it as you just said in irc. weaken mortar, strengthen panzer ;)
don't forget prone, thought its still usefull. 8D
this is absolutely useless
Well atleast they can all meet up in Finland Twidi's office.
loooooooool :D
let's play et 2.55 and with etmain <3
et is having its worst state since I started playing, so gl with it.
Quotesuch as picking the top 16 teams from our signups

what? you had more than 16 signups? :D
not this shit again
nice job , glad you didnt include randoms from that "et commitee"
nice :)
Good mix of people on that councel. I would personally add one guy whos 'newer' to the scene. Like phyzic or some of those other new guys. I think everyone on that list pretty much played ET since the start. Wouldnt hurt to have one new talent in that council.
If theres going to be a council to make decisions for whole community then be useful and push for an updated MOD , ETpro is sooo old like it says on top this is 2011 it's not the same as back urtier said "help improve the game even further" well this is your chance council man.


I expect great changes not just a mere config edit, no point in council for that.
As much as I'm sure they'd love to have such an influence, they don't have the resource to build new mods.
why not try asking a jaymod coder if they are willing to work on this project? i'm positive they are capable more than anyone on here posting how any mod besides etpro is nooby...
and what exactly do you want to change @ etpro?
hitboxes ie.
i'm sure 06 mod needs updating
and what exactly do you want to change @ etpro?
why are you a coder?
no but the mod seems fine to me, so i was wondering why you are so eager to change anything at all...
you've only played ETpro? no latest jaymod, ETpub , NQ? those mods are soo advanced compared to ETpro.
you still didnt answer my question.
do you even know the purpose of etpro? Its for competition. And none of those fancy public mods you listed are made for competition. etpro works fine for several years now, and the fact that you aint got any idea what you want to change about it, just proves my point.

and no i did never ever play any other mod. etpro only. thats because i dont play public. so either you tell me exactly what you want to change about etpro, or you dont know what you are talking about. because jaymod or etpub surely wont replace etpro even if they have "soo advanced" features or whatsoever.
I'm sure if the source code was available there would be updates to ETpro...

That's your problem like other close minded people, never try anything new.
You can't do any changes so why type them?
I know those other mods won't replace ETpro they are for fun that's why they have more players in their servers, ETpro is dead not ET .
anorexis.R0SS already said that they should bring a snack for the meetings.
I think Estoniawalle would fit perfectly in this council :)
do a good job thx :)
take robaciek

-> less spamming and whining about rules at journalsection
like this would ever happen ":D"
Seems like it's always the same people making the decisions.
i want frostbite at battle for berlin, so many epic moments on frostbite <3
matias cvop
dragos panzer
sqzz docrun
I have to agree.
needs more Baggiez / Perfop
Why twidi? :O
Ain't it office?
how do you have the motivation to play this game for so long o.o
bad players, no newschool owners
b_simpleitems 1
b_wolfrof 1

and ex-cheaters get lanbanned for life.

thank you.
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