World of Warcraft patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight

image: l9xehimage: oszjarBlizzard's MMO World of Warcraft may no longer be able to boast that they are the most popular game in the world but the most recent figures still puts them at 10.3 million subscribers. That's a lot of players and I can bet there are many here on The latest update is Patch 4.3: Hour of Twilight and it's now live on all servers. The update will finally give players the chance to defeat the dragon Deathwing in the new raid 'Dragon Soul'. Three 5-man dungeons lead up to the Deathwing raid encounter, sending players on a quest to retrieve the Dragon Soul weapon, the greatest weapon ever forged.

Other new features include Transmogrification which gives players the long awaited ability to customise the appearance of weapons and armour. As long as you own the item which you want to take the looks of, a quick visit to the Transmogrifier will allow you to change your entire look and once again players will be able to take on new content while wearing their T2 sets. A new Raid Finder, which works much like the current Dungeon Finder, allows players to find pick-up-groups to tackle the new raid content and there is a new inventory system in place known as 'Void Storage'. On top of this, Blizzard has implemented a huge number of balance changes and added tonnes of shiny new loot.

World of Warcraft subscriptions may be tanking but Blizzard would tell you that it's normal for this time of an expansion life-cycle and they're damn sure trying their best to entice old players back for one more go.

The official trailer for patch 4.3 can be seen here.
The official Blizzard blog post can be found here.

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wow turned shit the day wotlk came out

and this argument is valid since i started with vanilla back in the days
Agreed, unti ICC.
trial of the (grand) crusader was the biggest shit.
Agreed. I guess the only good thing about Wrath was Ulduar and 1-2 months of ICC. Cata was a disaster.
sure if you like to play most unbalanced shit ever.

wotlk best expansion so far.

You have no idea about vanilla then, it was 100x times enjoyable then what wow was after its expansions.
Quote by Ati_RIP World PvP & doing 40 man raids in pvp gear ;_;
No idea whats enjoyable in vanilla.

really fucking unbalanced pvp.
40man raids wich are full of shit.

world pvp? Even bigger joke.

and yeah, I was playing pretty much pvp only when I still played wow
gimmeeeeeeeeee vanillaaaaaaaaaa wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
I'd play vanilla WoW, and vanilla Guild Wars. :(
I tried playing vanilla on a private, but it's just not the same :( I guess Blizzard won't be hosting vanilla realms either since there isn't much profit for them :/ RIP World PvP & doing 40 man raids in pvp gear ;_;
swtor > wow
dualinity gave me access to his account and i must say i really love what i am seeing. but its unlikely there will ever be a game as large and with as much content as wow. i mean they are working on it for many years now
I have to agree, the time wow is successfull running speaks for itself and the userbase is still the biggest out there. But on the other hand, ppl sayin they are loosing quality so a new and fresh mmo like swtor is maybe more dangerous than ever before for the king wow.

Btw, is it true that blizzard is going to release an update for wow with pandas? :D
unfortunately yes. every1 whining but thell be back to play anyway
awesome <3
not the most popular game?
you talking about mw/cod series? or is there actually a MMO with more subscribers?

e: i guess ill click on my "come back and get 7 days for free" email now
just gtfo. the mere sight of ur name makes me feel sick.
form a clan with animeUK or something
seems I was right
can you not grasp that i am abslutely not interested in you?
just stop talking, there is nothing you could contribute that cares me in any way.
I cant be the first person in your life to tell you that you are annoying beyong measure.
just shut up for god sake
I just find it funny how everyone on this website absolutely hates you, yet you keep acting as if you were the smartest and the coolest person on here.
opposite to you i could not care less what people on here think about me.
and i do believe myself to be smarter than some users but more to the point in a completely different league than you are.

try not to reply to my posts cause i am really giving it my best to not respond to anything you write anymore. and believe me thats hard enough
WoW still is my no. 1 game, although the vast number of expansions really make it hard to pick up every now and then. Restarted playing on two occassions, only to quit again when faced with the decision of buying a new expansion or forever being stuck on sub-level gear / instances etc. Really a shame, because it is the most fun I have ever had gamingwise.
+1 on everything you said
Gonna raid new content tonight =)
Normal bosses are 20 times more fun than Firelands and engaging (really FUCK gimmick shit fights like Baleroc or Majordomo heroic), and heroic modes from what I hear are a blast and resemble Ulduar hardmodes alot, like first boss copies himself and you have to fight 2 of them at the same time, last boss is like 0 light yogg etc.

So far I'm very happy with the new raid content, and LFR is also very good for alts and even mains since it doesn't share raidlockout or loot-lock.
How was it?
Was ok, best fights since ulduar imo :P
On that note, how do you compare Ulduar to ICC? I missed the second half of Ulduar and never really got into the first half all that much.
Never raided ICC, stopped with WoW in 2009, came back like 3 months ago :P
Ah fair enough. I sometimes think about playing again. But never consider it for more than 30 seconds.. :D
Well the new raids + instances are really nice! The trash before each boss is minimal to none ;)
It's more about the 'WoW loop':

Do dungeons - Get gear to do raids
Do raids - Get gear to do more raids, repeat


I can't be bothered spending much time playing so I wouldn't be able to join a guild and therefore wouldn't see much PvE unless the new grouping system is actually good for raids?
Thats true :D
Gimme balance in pvp :F
Baggiez, you are doing hell of a good job in contributing to this site. Thank you for your efforts.
sounds like icc :D
skyrim dragon soul
new raids are focking easy,
Pvp is petahtic its like instant glad if you play a fmage.
and new exepansion is even worse

gg Blizzard :)
link death's demise then if everything is for noobs and easy.
go check my hunter; Nelinia
game for real nerds, enjoy ur weeeekend
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