Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year fellow Crossfire folk! 2011 was an excellent year and may 2012 be an even better one for you all. You've lots to look forward in 2012 from Crossfire, big plans are afoot and they start with the ever illusive Crossfire 4 which will be hitting your screens in ooo I dunno...a few days? a few weeks? Soon, soon is all I can say! We'll be following that up with some more big news in February'ish timeframe and a number of other big improvements to your experience throughout the year.

So a big thank you from me for being a part of our community, I look forward to 2012 with you all!
Happy New Year from Polandchickita, PolandsamAel, PolandRobaciek and PolandMsh100
Wait, what?
drink the damn beer already
Yeh we so low ski :(
No u.

Happy new year!
Happy New Year Sir!
Anything towards crossfire LAN? :(
Happy new year everyone! Looking forward to CF4... 2012 will be a year of changes for me (graduating / work n stuff), so yeah , hoping for a good year!
im fucking sick, cant even play et for ny

what goes around comes around :/
you'll try to win RAM on facebook but not here? :P
Happy New Year Officer
Happy new year to all, have fun partying when im home ill with 39 degree fever and very soar throat...
happy new year my favorite bitches
happy new year !
Happy new year! :)
Happy new year!
Happy new year nerds :D
Happy new year and +50 to skill
happy new year guys and giirls ! have a good year , and partyhard all !:)
happy happy new year all!
happy new year !
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year !
Happy new year!
Greetz to u all and take care of u in 2012
I smell LAN
***sniff sniff*** i dont smell anything ;(
CF4 will rock'J
Happy New Year :P !
Happy new year :)
Happy new year to everyone :)
Happy new year :)
Happy new yeaar! :)
Happy new year :)!
Happy new year:)
Happy New Year
Happy new year nubies :)
Happy new year :)
HNY drunk bitches!
Happy birthday !
Cool stuff, happy new year everyone!
happy new year beachezzz! :)
Happy New Year Crossfire!

NBS Management
Happy new year:)
Happy new year everyone, looking forward to Crossfire 4.
Happy new year, best of wishes
Happy New Year cf ! All the best for the new year!
Happy new year!!
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