Big Sunday Clash!

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As every Sunday the schedule is full of fast-paced Enemy Territory action and with 22 games to be played this evening I am more than sure that everybody will find his very own favorite game to watch. I will write a short summary about some of the more interesting games concerning the CB NationsCup rankings and you can find all necessary information plus some player predictions below this text. The first game I want to talk about is the fight between Croatia Team Croatia and Russia Team Russia in the 3rd Matchweek of the current CB NationsCup XV. Both teams are playing in Group D and both have already played against Australia and UK just with a fine difference - Croatia was able to beat the Aussie`s with 4:2 and thus they are still able to proceed to the playoff brackets. So in case Croatia is able to win their match against Russia and Team UK wins against Australia later tonight Croatia will go through but I am sure that old Pistols veteran slaw and his teammates will prevent danL and frozz from having an easy walk in the park.

Next is the meet up between United Kingdom Team UK and Australia Team Australia. As you have just heared this match is very important for the outcome of Group D. Although it seems far more predictable on paper it can turn into an exciting match if shaggy and his comrade in arms are performing at their best and with a bit of luck on Missile they can bring it to a decider.

Sweden Team Sweden have to gain their reputation after their previous defeat in the Library_b1 showmatch back and the game against Chile Team Chile is not just about their reputation but also about deciding who will come 2nd in Group C and continue to the highly ambitious playoff stage. Tune in tonight and see if tornis, slajdan and his fellow countryman can cope with the pressure.

The last match I want to talk about is the match between Netherlands Team Netherlands and United States of America USA. Again you can say this will be a very one sided game but I want to keep an eye on it due to the fact that the result is a preliminary decision for Group G. The guys across the ocean can just succeed by wining this match and hoping for a great performance of Team Swiss against Team Norway. Thus all USA supporters have to cross their fingers twice - not just today but also on the Swiss against Norway match day.

Update: There was a late addition to the GTV Schedule. As mentioned above and to make it an even more thrilling night the Swiss vs. Norway match will be played at 21.00 CET tonight. Now it is upon you which match to follow!
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Croatia Croatia

Croatia danL
Croatia ekjuret
Croatia frozz
Croatia rimi
Croatia nocTis
Croatia praskOo

image: s_news

Russia Russia

Russia arcadia
Russia slaw
Russia fubor
Russia leotiran
Russia damaskus
Russia rizzin

image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 20:00 CET
Maps: Missile, Radar
League: image: et6v6 NationsCupimage: game31130
image: s_foot

image: s_head

image: s_news

United Kingdom United Kingdom

United Kingdom Baggiez
United Kingdom razz
United Kingdom sqZz
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom griim
United Kingdom koop

image: s_news

Australia Australia

Australia MiDAs
Australia Meadow
Australia dongo
Australia shaggy
Australia pedro
Australia Im_Constructing

image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: Missile, Radar
League: image: et6v6 NationsCupimage: game31109
image: s_foot

image: s_head

image: s_news

Sweden Team Sweden

Sweden tornis
Sweden slajdan
Sweden sAvage
Sweden newbje
Sweden jonas
Sweden ansikte

image: s_news

Chile Team Chile

Chile M@x
Chile nozz
Chile mercE
Chile wfd
Chile SinosukE
Chile MgZa

image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 21:00 CET
Maps: Missile, Radar
League: image: et6v6 NationsCupimage: game31050
image: s_foot

image: s_head

image: s_news

Netherlands Netherlands

Netherlands xPERiA
Netherlands joshua
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands L4mpje
Netherlands JALLAAAAA
Netherlands SQuid

image: s_news

United States of America USA

United States of America Bape
United States of America Godfather
United States of America Hayzay
United States of America kardon
United States of America Joker
United States of America Larky

image: s_border_short

Date: Tonight
Time: 22:00 CET
Maps: Missile, Radar
League: image: et6v6 NationsCupimage: game31102
image: s_foot

And again: to round this newspost off I gathered some predictions from known gamers -
QuoteBoth Croatia and Sweden need a win over their opponents tonight to advance to playoffs. I think that Croatia is in better position and they should win their game easy 4-0, Russia's lineup looks pretty weak tbh. And as for the the SWE vs CL match, I expect a 3 map game with Swedes victory. (4-0 if nuggan plays :) UK is very strong and I would say that they shouldn't have any problems to beat Aussies. Although I can see that this match is going to be played on US server, so AUS may surprised us tonight actually. Netherlands vs Americans will be a one-sided game, with 4-0 victory for NL. - Poland fanatic

QuoteFirst match is Cro vs Russia, since I don't know any of the russian players i predict an easy 4:0 win for Cro. 2nd Match is UK vs Australia, going to be pretty one-sided game 4:0 for Uk. Sweden vs Chile should be a way closer. I don't really know how sweden performs this season so Chile might suprise. Last but not least is Ned vs. Usa, from what i saw Ned should take this match with an easy 4:0 win. - Germany Kevji

QuoteCro vs. Russia can be a very interesting game if the Russian can play like they drink they will have an easy win. Uk vs Australia is a tricky one, but with the ping difference sqzz & co wont be able to stop the Australian Rage. The swedes on the other hand, I believe they will man up after the spanking they got vs Belgium & win their game with a decider. Last but not least Great America will hopefully slam down our neighbours from the north with a smashing 4-0 victory. Long live the Underdogs & Raging Bull. - Belgium Gifted

QuoteCro vs Russia : 4-0. I do not know the current skill of both teams but with the 3 pillars frozz, danL & rimi, there are no doubts - should be easy for Croatia. UK vs Aus : 4-0 Team UK's line-up is, in my opinion, way too strong for the walabis even if the server is not european. Swe vs Chile : 4-0 Swedishes aimers should not have to struggle too hard for victory, Chile may surprise tho ! Nl - USA : 4-0 The NL guys have been playing together & on a top level for a long time now, they may bring home the statue of liberty without problems. - France StrAf

QuoteAll these matches dont need any long explanation CRO 4:0, UK 4:0, SWE 4:0 and NED 4:0 , all these teams are more experienced, easy bash for them :) Nevertheless player to watch is max :D - Czech Republic milhAus

QuoteCro, UK, Sweden, NED all easy 4-0. Croatia has some semi-hard gamers and Russia is really soft, UK is amazing and for once they don't seem to have internal drama yet so they're pretty powerful, Sweden outaims and outpings Chile hard, NED should have no trouble beating inactive Americans. - Finland Vanhaomena

QuoteI have not played those teams for quite a while but I'd say: 4 - 2 for Croatia, 4 - 0 for UK, 4 - 0 for Sweden, 4 - 0 for Netherlands. Predictions are based upon LU's from gamestv, I think all the games being played on a ping neutral server could end up with a decider map, although unlikely. - Sweden slajdan

nice dump banner
Sweden vs Chile will be played 1st round on EU server for Radar and 2nd round on NON EU server for missile_b3 - decisive match for 2nd playoffs spot
Good news, but missing the best games and players tonight

image: game31100

image: game31119

image: game31041
well those 3 games are more one sided then the one i mentioned afaik
Netherlands vs Usa is not onesided? :D
we gonna roll Estonia
all games today are one-sided
cro rus was not that one sided on missile.. just a bit unlucky and 4 secs on missile...
We got forfeit win :|
lol serieus?
Can rimi carry enough for croatia to win over russia?!
great post. Missile and Radar. That should be one awesome match!
Thrilling games
action packed games, because we all want to see 1 sided matches like butchji and co vs colombia
and USA vs Netherlands isn't 1 sided?
That is also, but I was giving example but yea it's more than one sided it's just rape
Chile gonna win !
sweden has been disappointment =( hopefully they improve in playoffs
gl crotards :)
4-0 all.
NOR vs SUI? :o

e: gl koop, squid, sweden
chile needs casek to beat sweden
nice paint banner
No Team Latvia ?? This shocks me to my very core!
next time get someone professional to make your banners, I mean, blue trees.. wtf?
wtf blue trees? is your screen broken?
not at all, but cant you see that these trees on the left-hand side are blue?
well its fueldump and it is cold outside..seems like they are frozen...atleast a bit...
tell the guy who makes the banner that he shouldnt only CC the blue color curve :)
its an old banner and the guy was not online like 4 months ...
changed banner - found an older one ;D

except that it has been used already very often, its a good one..
changed banner - found an older one ;D

just to let you know, norway won over swizz and is therefor through to playoffs! \o/

first time in ages Norway came this far
was mighty close, ggs uk.
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