Library_b2 The Final

image: VrlNA

Update 2:
The Final is after EuropeSleeperz got rolled over by NorwayTeam Vj. EuropeTeam Clown/Hello won from SpainDelinquentes. So this brings us to the final EuropeHello versus NorwayTeam Vj, starting soon tune in now at GTV. Featuring Great players like EstoniaNight,NetherlandsJoshuaIcelandphyzic,FinlandOlbaa and FinlandMatiasimage: game31230

Update: The first semi-final is about to start. Check and save your IP for the Europe Sleeperz vs. Norway Vj game with known players like Polandfanatic, NetherlandssaKen, Icelandphyzic and EstoniaSinnu!image: game31229

The Library_b2 cup is underway and with 10 teams participating we do have our tournament rolling. Currently the Round 2 games are starting and the semi finals with ETTv should start within the next 30 minutes!

Last week brought us two great ETTv showmatches played on a new map called " Library " and Austria BlAcky is currently working on a second beta with some bug fixing and smaller adjustments especially for the second- and last stage. This new version will be released within the next 48 hours and used for the upcoming Library_b2 tournament taking place this Thursday, 16th February right at 20.00 CET. In case you dont know the map feel free to download it and take a walk-through.

But keep in mind the cup will be played on the new version. Concerning the tournament details I can give you the following information:
image: s_head

image: s_news
  • 6v6 #Library.cup
  • Thursday, 16th February
  • Sign-up
  • Check-in starts at 19.30 CET!
  • Maps:
    1st Round: Library& Library
    2nd Round: Library & sw_Grush_te
    3rd Round: Library & Missile
    Final: Library and loser choice
image: s_border_short

image: tank_small
image: s_foot

As you can see we forced two times Library in the first round and the idea behind this is simple. We want to reward all teams doing tactics for the new map because if the first round would be on Library and another normal map some might think they just can lose Library and take the normal and decider map to proceed to the next round. So better be prepared for the Library fight!
  • 6v6 Library_b2 cup
  • Thursday, 16th February @ 20.00 CET
  • Sign-up
  • Check-in starts at 19.30 CET!
  • Atleast each captain has to join #Library.cup for better communication&match arranging
  • Maps:
    20:00 CET - 1st Round: Library& Library
    21.00 CET 2nd Round: Library & sw_Grush_te
    21.30 CET 3rd Round: Library & Missile
    22.15 CET Final: Library and loser choice
  • Mappool: Library_b2, radar, supply, sw_goldrush_te, adlernest, missile_b3
  • Decider map for all rounds: Library (in case you`ll need a decider for the first round matches you have to play Adlernest)
  • Admins: Austria BlAcky, Germany ScaTmaN, Germany SPU9
  • Feel free to help us - just pm SPU9 @ #Library.cup
  • Every player has to record demos.
  • If a player is caught cheating, the team will be disqualified.
  • If a team doesn't show up for 10 minutes, they will be disqualified.
  • Thus means you need 6 players on the server and ready to fight not later than 10 minutes after the proposed starttime.
  • Every player must use TZAC, Linux/MAC users not allowed
  • Every team is supposed to check TZAC id's before the game and report any problems (banned players) to admin BEFORE the game starts.
  • Add your ESL or CB teamaccount to your tourney page in case you dont have all members registered there!
  • Check the tournament page for all rules!
big library cup
Which books are available?
cant sign up somehow
Nice one, good luck!
Sign-Ups Open :-)
why is this map so popular all of a sudden? so good?
good marketing, "big" players pushing it :D
Well It's a beta and alot of people are willing to give a new map a chances to succeed for competive purposes. It's still a beta and as you can see there will be a new version, the tournament is ofcourse for fun but also for feedback:Is b2 the final version? does it still need some changes? Everyone with constructive feedback is more than welcome in #library @ Quakenet.
yes, the map owns!
its a cool map :) + the mapmaker is active so you dont have to wait 6 months on changes
nice cup! signed up with tMoe.

btw fix this thing on site, because i see that I signed up as fanatic- , so did stray and razzah. It looks like you chose 1v1 format or something :)
thx spu! GL & HF all !
I wanna play this, avi! Q zaNc or zancoff at #library.cup
avi to play

pm here
/q koop`
create a team with some UKs :)
Ill pm u tonight, watch ur inbox

Gros caca
cool, avi to palypaly
plz change date to friday then i'm back at home then i would Be avi for cup ...
wegen dir würde man den cup keine minute verschieben :D
du hälst mal die fresse! ok!
QuoteIn case you dont know the map feel free to download it and take a walk-through on this server:;password library

would be a bit more useful if you had b2 there instead of b1!
b2 is not released..we are waiting for eiM to take a look at the tankscript...everything else is finished...
Last stage got any changes? Was pretty horrible to defend it with allies being able to spawn camp it and then attack through spawn. I didn't play the map with that last spawn point right next to library, but I'd think that it would be better if it was added back. Blocking allies from getting through axis spawn most likely would make it too easy to defend, but with that additional spawn point it might be a bit more balanced.
the lower spawnway got removed and the library was modified a bit - should be better now
I can confrom I had some changes, the axis way too the bridge thingy got wider and some other little changes.
Any changes to the 2D map/mini-map? Needed a lot more objective icons including the document location and transmitter.
will inform him right away
Yes. I've added the docs and the transmitter to the Command-Map ;)
Awesome, thanks!
avi for it! :) pmme
create a mix!
Nice map but could do with some tweaking
ideas to make the map better? -> #Library ;)
looks nice. Probably avi to play this
sign up with oxid! :)
don't think they are gonna play because of footballs pracc and so on
karii,flR,mant? and me need some players to mix with for this,pmme here :D
get eden ! :)
magico im' avi if you need :)
I am avi for this!
pm me! :D
Avi for the cup

sc2 boss :P
avi for the cup
play with me and Frlght - need 3 mores, ill ask tamje to play with us and miss 2

So we are :

* Goldy
* szczurek
* Frlght
* t4mje
* mikeTHEbike
* samraj
shit map too tricky
You would get more signups on a saturday/sunday
true and little up were 5 gonna miss 1 or 2
dont know the map yet but avi :)
dann wirds aber zeit...! ;)
delinQ still needs 1-2 players,pmme here if you want to play!
join channel today before cup starts mate :)
so u need me to play or not?? ^^
because otherwise i will go for a own team ^^
könnt evtl. auch noch einen brauchen^^ ;)
didnt watch your answer m8,go ahead with your own team dont worry :)
probably semi and finals
we had this first round game:

and another one coming (as simon said) with the semi-final ;)
#Vj best team
Sinnu and Shizzle beasts.
who is this phyzic dude? must be shit
made fun!
Any feedback for Missile please post here or pm me/Netherlands xeoxis as we will be working on a major updated b4 the next time!
make it harder for teams to get momentum and roll the last stage after delivering the parts - quite often it is just unlucky that a team can get a quick build on the missile components and there is nothing they can really do about it
yea we already have that on our list, thanks :)
harder? loL
missile is good already + wtf, don't listen to inactive players who played this map 2times max
the door bug is an issue at the end of stage 2 and it will be fixed. nothing wrong with that
fuu nicon :D
you have holidays, stop hiding, guru!
i don't have holidays, in uni bro!
United Kingdom Marcus said you do :|
term dates differ beteen unis, maybe he meant school holidays? they have half term afaik, but i am in 3rd eek of uni
wtf, then u still hided during holidays!
had exams before bruv, i aint hidin'
oh comon, u always had some holidays inbetween, w/e
1st and 2nd stage feel rly nice! but the last stage is just bad :x
love the last stage, such fun!
I think its pretty good but I liked the idea someone else brought up earlier:

@ last stage: instead of building this rocket thingy up and carrying the documents away, just make it that you have to plant a dynamite.. therefor it's a bit easier for the allied side and the axis actually have to move out and try to defuse it.
pretty sure that was what the b1 version was like iirc
ui alright. too bad they changed it!
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