Sunday NationsCup day - Share your predictions!

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One thing is sure, this Sunday you have enough to watch. We got 6 NationsCup games coming up. We are in the first round of the Playoffs. On Thursday 2 matches already got played. Turned out to be PolandPoland 4-0 Czech RepublicCzech Republic and NorwayNorway 2-4 FranceFrance. I'm going to give you a short review on the latest matches of the playing teams. Aswell a look up to their upcoming opponents. I got a bunch of predicitions for you aswell gathered by GermanySPU9.
With the help of the community we will probably do an other live update!
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Belgium Jere
Belgium chry
Belgium mAus
Belgium fostrum
Belgium d4v1d
Belgium worm
Belgium player

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Croatia danL
Croatia frozz
Croatia rimi
Croatia ekjuret
Croatia nocTis
Croatia parskOo

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Date: 26-02-12
Time: 21.00 CET
Maps: sw_goldrush_te,adlernest
League: image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game31313
image: s_foot

BelgiumBelgium as one of the favorites of this NationsCup did what they where expected: They ended first in their group. They won from SwedenSweden with 4-0 and rolled over ChileChile. CroatiaCroatia lost versus the strong line up from United KingdomThe United Kingdom and let 1 map go versus AustraliaAustralia. They also had to play against RussiaRussia and won that without losing a map.

As you can imagine the odds are in favour of Belgium and by comparing both lineups that`s not a rum start.The winner of this game will either meet EstoniaEstonia or HungaryHungary.

Player to watch: BelgiumJere for awesome rifling or BelgiummAus if you like the sub machine gun more. CroatiadanL or Croatiafrozz
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Canada bN
Canada rossko
Canada rockstAr
Canada monkey
Canada sHAUN
Canada punkk

image: s_news

NetherlandsThe Netherlands

Netherlands xPERiA
Netherlands joshua
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands L4mpje
Netherlands zak
Netherlands SQuid

image: s_border_short

Date: 26-02-12
Time: 21.00 CET
Maps: To be announced
League: image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game31321
image: s_foot

This match was played last year aswell, back then it was in the second round of the Lower Bracket. It ended up with CanadaCanada 2-4 NetherlandsThe Netherlands. Hopefully this game will be as exciting as last years. This match is going to be streamed by YJZZ

The Group Stage's: CanadaCanada had a good groupstage. They almost won everything. 4-0 SpainSpain and won with 4 points for them versus RomaniaRomania. They had a close match versus FranceFrance that ended up 4-2 in favor of FranceFrance. NetherlandsThe Netherlands rolled through the groupstage with NetherlandsxPERiA's 'new&active' line up. They were able to establish an amazing teamplay which rewarded them with clear 4-0 results against NorwayNorway, United States of AmericaUSA and SwitzerlandSwitzerland.

Player to watch: CanadabN, NetherlandsSQuid.

The winner of this match has to play versus PolandPoland who recently won verus Czech RepublicCzech Republic and Czech RepublicThe Czechs will ofcourse be the opponent of the loser.
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United KingdomUnited Kingdom

United Kingdom Baggiez
United Kingdom griim
United Kingdom koop
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom rAzZ
United Kingdom sqZz

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Sweden tornis
Sweden slajdan
Sweden sAvage
Sweden newbje
Sweden jonas
Sweden Nuggan

image: s_border_short

Date: 26-02-12
Time: 21.00 CET
Maps: To be announced
League: image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game31330
image: s_foot

Arguable the best match of this Sunday with Allstars like United KingdomsqZz and I don't think that I have to introduce SwedenNuggaN to one of you either. The gamesTV odds are in favor of United KingdomUnited Kingdom - perhaps deserverd, perhaps SwedenSweden is underrated.
United KingdomThe United Kingdom that shoud make it atleast into the top 5 of this NC showed what they are worth so far, without a struggle they won from CroatiaCroatia,AustraliaAustralia and RussiaRusland. SwedenSweden had some struggles though, They lost versus BelgiumBelgium as said before and had to give away one map versus TurkeyTurkey. They take over both maps from ChileChile.

The winner of this match will probably play versus GermanyGermany and that leaves the loser with IcelandIceland but the match GermanyGermany versus IcelandIceland still has to be played.

Player to watch: United KingdomsqZz, SwedenNuggaN
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Iceland rNz
Iceland phyZiC
Iceland deztr0
Iceland PEARL
Iceland jEzt0rr
Iceland YuKi
Iceland tw1N

image: s_news


Germany Bl4d3
Germany butchji
Germany FLoPJEHZ
Germany KRESTi
Germany s1LENT
Germany sNoOp

image: s_border_short

Date: 26-02-12
Time: 21.30 CET
Maps: radar,bremen_b3
League: image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game31322
image: s_foot

This match should be fairly easly GermanyGermany. According to the recent poll here on crossfire the favorites of this NationsCup are GermanyGermany. Yet this could be a more than enjoyable to spectate with allstars like almost the whole GermanyGerman line up and the headshot hunter from IcelandIceland himself, I'm talking about IcelandPhyzics ofcourse! This match is going to be streamed by YJZZ

What will come next won't be a surprise: HungaryHungary, SloveniaSlovenia and ColumbiaColombia all lost to the Favorites GermanyGermany. As you are expecting aswell IcelandIceland had a harder groupstage, taking over PortugalPortugal with 4-2 and losing from EstoniaEstonia with the same score but obvious in the favor EstoniaEstonia. They toke 4 points of IndiaIndia though.

Although I wish IcelandIceland the best of luck, I'm going to say that GermanyGermany will continue in the Upperbracket. They will face either United KingdomThe United Kingdom or SwedenSweden. IcelandIceland will face one of them either depening on who loses.

Player to watch: IcelandphyZiC, Like I said for GermanyGermany you are pretty much fine with anyone.
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image: s_news


Estonia frEeze
Estonia mant
Estonia Night
Estonia rAUL
Estonia Sinnu
Estonia Subbi

image: s_news


Hungary Nonix
Hungary Ocelot
Hungary Wolfplayer
Hungary sebi
Hungary varadi
Hungary powi

image: s_border_short

Date: 26-02-12
Time: 21.30 CET
Maps: To be announced
League:image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game31331
image: s_foot

EstoniaEstonia won their group stage with only losing a single map to IcelandIceland. They rolled over both IndiaIndia and PortugalPortugal. Hungary Had a harder group, one including GermanyGermany. They had to give away the match to GermanyGermany as you might expect but won from SloveniaSolvenia with 4-0 and lost 1 map versus ColumbiaColombia make it 4-2 for HungaryHungary

The winner of this match will probably face it of to BelgiumBelgium in the next round of the upper bracket and the loser will go to the lower bracket where we are expecting CroatiaCroatia for them.

Player to watch: EstoniaNight, HungaryNonix
image: s_head

image: s_news


Finland twidi
Finland Jewe
Finland squalli
Finland vanhaomena
Finland Stuka
Finland Sample

image: s_news


Austria bl1zzardx
Austria v1ech
Austria jaN
Austria scorch
Austria limbonic
Austria kALLI
Austria Bruzl4h

image: s_border_short

Date: 26-02-12
Time: 22.00 CET
Maps: To be announced
League: image: etCB ET NationsCup XVimage: game31312
image: s_foot

FinlandThe Finns being the close second in the crossfire poll for the title of favorites are probably going to take this home. The GamesTV odds tell us the same story. This match is going to be streamed by YJZZ

FinlandFinland rolled over their opponents leaving not a single map for their opponents:Czech RepublicCzech Republic,IsraelIsrael,BrazilBrazil. AustriaAustria was in a group with 1 disqualifed country:UkraineUkraine so they only had to play PolandPoland which they lost from with 0-4. Also they played versus ItalyItaly, they lost 1 map here and thus managed to take it home with 4-2.
In all likely look hood FinlandFinland will play versus FranceFrance in next round and AustriaAustria will player versus NorwayNorway

Player to watch: Finlandsqualli, Austriabl1zzardx
image: s_head

Quote by MerlinatoRCanada will not stand much chance against a top3 favorite in NL. The Dutch team have a bunch of talented guys and are my darkhorse for a big upset - its if they manage to bring the results. 4-0 Netherlands for this game though.
Much like Canada, Croatia are going to have a tough time against Belgium as they push to go one better then last time out. I cannot see them getting much of a chance and the result should be telling. 4-0 win for Team Belgium.
Team UK vs. Team SWE is probably one of the better games of the round and on paper most would say UK have the better chance - but Sweden, as always, boast some skilled players and if things click who knows it could possibly go for them. Although I think as long as UK stay focused during the game they should take it. I will go for a 4-2 win for UK, but only if Sweden push them will they get a map win.

Quote by stattibel vs cro: Looking at the lineup of both teams it would seem to be easy game for Belgium. I would expect Croatia to have been practicing quite often since their lineup consists of many first timers who are probably more motivated than experienced Belgian players. Despite anything it should be an easy game for Belgium. Player to watch Be Fostrum Cro Frozz
Uk vs swe: Will be an interesting game to watch. Sweden having tornis back in the team they might just get the extra kick for their team to bring on a great game. As far as I know UK has had plenty of practice though and they dont really have inactive players I would predict UK to win this one. However if Sweden can get their mood right and nuggan is on flames it could go to decider. Still I am guessing 4-2 for UK's favour. Player to watch UK Razz Swe nuggan
Ca vs nl: This one is definately going to be a thriller. Canada has some strong players on the lineup while NL team is missing some. I do not know how Nl has been performing in past games but perhaps picking active players over old inactive ones is a good idea. Canada might have small disadvantage against NL because they have two players who are not so experienced(as far as I know) playing on highlevel. Therefore I would say the outcome will be 4-2 for NL

Quote by LazioBE should take an easy 4-0 win against Croatia, the difference in individual talent between the 2 teams should be too big.
Though Sweden have some nice aimers in their LU the likes of Baggiez, sqzz, R0SS & griim should be too much for them to handle, yet again a walkover for UK. 4-0
Canada vs NL should be the most exciting game of the 3. NL are missing their regular oldschoolers this season but have still performed very well in their games. Canada with some great individual players might be able to push them to a decider. 4-2 for NL
BEL vs. CRO easy win for Bel 4:0 ,they are more skilled and experienced + Team Croatia is missing some of the cortana players, that's why it shouldn't be hard to beat them.UK vs. SWE As one of the favourites for the tourney I think UK will win, but Sweden have old 3v3 stars like sAvage,slajdan,tornis so this game could be close, although I predict a 4-0 win for UK . CAN vs. NED is going to be a nice game to watch although I predict a 4-0

Quote by urtierBel-Cro: 4:0. The Belgians are without a doubt favourites again to win the whole cup. If Cro manages to draw somehow Frozz could rely on his sth no decider rule, but still that is unlikely to happen.
UK-Swe: 4:0. Again Team UK belong the the favourites for a top 3 finish and since they are pracing their arses off (so I heard!) they should take this easily. Dispo guys could maybe pull out some 'magic' again to turn things around!
Can-NL: 2:4. While the dutch lineup looks quite impressive on paper the Canadians also got some talent on their roster. If monkey, anim or others got a good day they could surely surprise and take a map or even two.

Quote by koopKoop Belgium vs Croatia should be a fairly easy game for the belgies, however insider information has it that Belgium are not praccing hard therefore an upset may be on the horizon! but who knows! I would still have to say 4-0 to Belgium!
UK vs Sweden should be a fun game to spectate with wonderful talents on both teams! Sweden should be confident with their chances considering the lineup they're fielding, which is impressive to say the least! howwwevveerrr I think UK should still take this 4-0 without too much difficulty (Fingers crossed!).
Canada vs Netherlands seems like a close match on paper. Both lineups with incredible talents! It should be close however I still see the dutchies pulling away from this match with a 4-2 win. Who knows, if xPERiA decides to lag his way through the canadians, it could be a gg at 4-0 for Netherlands.

Quote by slajdanI think belgium will win pretty easy versus croatia, it will probably be a pretty one sided game. I'd say UK is the #1 contender for the NC gold this season but I know that if Swe plays really good they CAN make it clutch, otherwise it wont be very clutch. Canada vs netherlands will probably end in a 4-2, I wish most of luck to canada which will probably lose.

Quote by tornisThe match vs UK will for sure be the hardest match yet in this tournament and we will use the best lineup possible that is jonas NuggaN slajdan sAvage newbje tornis. If we have a good day I think we can suprise them but then we need to get everything right and no misstakes. About cro vs bel I think it will be a onesided story, Belgium certainly have the advantage. And about nl vs canada I think it will be a oneside story if NL play at their best, otherwhise Canada might suprise with anim and monkeyy playing at top.

Quote by fumbleAs Belgium are on of the favourites in the entire competition I predict that they will take this game, Croatia also looks strong on paper, but I doubt they stand a chance vs Belgium. UK vs Sweden is sure to be one of the best games in the competition so far, both teams boast allstars, likewise both have been praccing regularly, however I predict UK to win 4-0 or 4-2. Canada vs Netherlands will also be a very close game. Netherlands look stronger on paper and have been praccing hard, Canada also have strong aimers and imense teamplay, I predict a 4-2 win for Netherlands.

Quote by snubleUK vs Swe: Now here we have a real bite of excitement, or atleast it should be. If sweden provides a lineup with nuggan and joonas, they can really make a good fight, but I am afraid the UK aim and teamplay is still better. 4:0 to Uk, but maybe sweden can manage to snatch one map and make it 4:2
Canada vs Nederland: Canada has a strong team, but compared to NL it will be to hard. Xperia will lag around the entire maps as allways, unable to get hit, but still handling the lag perfectly himself. 0:4, a lagging victory to NL.

CB Playoffs tree

19.02.2012 - 26.02.2012 W1 - Upper Bracket 1
26.02.2012 - 04.03.2012 W2 - Upper Bracket 2 and Loser Bracket 1
04.03.2012 - 11.03.2012 W3 - Loser Bracket 2 and Upper Bracket Round 3
11.03.2012 - 18.03.2012 W4 - Loser Bracket 3
18.03.2012 - 25.03.2012 W5 - Loser Bracket 4 and Upper Bracket Final
25.03.2012 - 01.04.2012 W6 - Loser Bracket 5
01.04.2012 - 08.04.2012 W7 - Loser Bracket Final
08.04.2012 - 15.04.2012 W8 - Grand Final
Playoffs matches - Part of rules
  • A playoff match is played at least on 2 maps. Both clans select a map from the map list before the start of the match and inform the cup admin at least 30 minutes before the match is set to start. The admin will not announce maps until both teams have confirmed their choices with him/her. In case both teams have chosen the same map, the second map will be selected with the conventional method of map elimination, preceded by a cointoss. The admin will choose which map is played first.

  • One SW round will be played on each map.

  • The admin will choose which map is played first.

  • Each team will decide on which side to start on the map chosen by their opponent.

  • Round wins are added to determine the score: the team that wins a SW round receives 2 points; if both teams fail to set a time in a SW round, both teams will get 1 point. So possible scores after the two first maps are: 4-0 3-1 2-2.

  • In case the game is tied, an extra SW round is played on one of the remaining maps from the maplist. Teams take turns eliminating maps. The winner of the coinflip eliminates the first map, followed by the other team until one map is left to be played. When a map is selected, the team which didn't have final pick chooses who attacks first.

  • Clans are forbidden to chose the same map, previously selected in their two most recent playoff games.

CupSupervisor: Belgium GoldoraK
Co-Sup: Czech Republic t4MjEE
NationsCup XV - Enemy Territory
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United Kingdom4:2Sweden
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