GAME/Gamestation won't stock ME3

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...and any other EA title after March.

GAME is one of the biggest game sellers in the UK.

QuoteWe currently have a supply issue with regards to Mass Effect 3, which means that GAME and gamestation will not be able to fulfil orders for Mass Effect 3 at this time. We want to give customers as much notice about this as possible and provide them with a range of options ahead of launch.

"We appreciate that this is disappointing for our customers, and we apologise sincerely for the inconvenience that this will cause. We value the loyalty of our customers very highly and as a gesture of goodwill we are providing the following:
Customers who have pre-ordered in store, will have the opportunity to add £5 worth of Reward points to their card if they visit us from today through to 16 March 2012.
Customers who have placed a deposit for the title will receive refund as well as the £5 worth of Reward points between 1 and 16 March 2012.
Customers who have pre-ordered online, will be provided with an online voucher to the value of £5 to be spent on any purchase on our sites.

Eurogamer was told by GAME staff that customers will receive their refunds in store credit, not cash.
They're BROKE!
wouldnt surprise me - I use to order from them all the time and they went from pre orders coming a day or two before release to 3-4 days afterwards as they changed delivery service to a much cheaper one - you may well now have to pay for delivey too which you didnt have to before.
hope not :( only place where i can get pc games on the high street....
5 pounds...
can u get a coffe with that ?
i wonder how much is a coffee in britain ...
i mean the average price
to get £5 worth of points (I think 2000) would mean you have to buy 10 titles worth £30+ and they are giving that out for free just for people having to buy elsewhere. Shame I didnt pre order :D

coffee ranges from £0.70 - £2.50 - really depends where you go tbh
£4.50 a cup here, and it's a small fucking cup :(. Was nice, but too cool to drink, fucking expensive coffee shops around here :(...
Isnt there a EU rule that says that a customer should get his money back if he wants and not some stupid reward points? Atleast in NL shops got to pay back in money and not gift cards.
They get their money back, the giftcard is just an extra ;p
They also didn't stock any Ubisoft VITA titles and this week will not be stocking Mario Party 9 on the Wii. SSX will be the last EA new release that they will be given.

Good riddens in my view. For a long time they have overpriced their stock, maybe a threat of closure might make them see sense. I've just used the £12 in reward points I had left on a PSN card.

Oh, and they have to refund any pre-order deposit in the means it was paid for, i.e cash or card as per there terms and conditions and UK law. If anyone has a problem, make sure you know your rights!
rofl, good call - Ive got £50 in reward points - time to use :D

edit: you have 27617 Reward Points worth £69.04.

ok bit more :D
Jesus! Yeah make sure you spend it all, plus you can now use the points you gain from buying whatever product you choose!
fuck I didnt use those :D £3.12 back in the account now - will have to get something else. lol
My friend seems to think if Game go into administration or worse liquidation he will still have his game points...

I think they won't honour it, am I right?
lol, in that case once they pay the first of their corporate contracts there will be nothing left to give him :))
Some of the worst customer service i've ever had has come in Game stores. Unhelpful, disrepectful and serious body odour issues!

There's plenty of other choices still even on the highstreet - they wont be missed.
I did apply for a job one time in the shop, I had the interview, presented myself well etc... they even asked me what I could give to the shop.

I explained to him about my technical knowledge, my indepth view on different genre's, console capabilities, current prices and offers. I even mentioned my ET history, how I could aim at the competitive market and offer a lot of experience in all the items they sell, and share that experience with the customers. I have manors, not rude and ALWAYS arrive on time.

3 weeks later... letter at house, SORRY YOU DO NOT MEET THE SKILLS REQUIRED.

I enter the shop 1-2 months later and there's this ugly ass bitch who's got short hair working in there. She has a deeper voice than me, and she used to live in the street next to me when I was growing up. She was one of those mean bitches with attitude, always a cunt.

I went in Game about 2 weeks ago now, and was approached by someone working there, they asked what I was looking for... I explained something with a decent competitive market, maybe a decent leaderboard play... the guy knew fuck all and I just ended up walking out as none of them were of any help. I had to go home and do my research, and ended up pre-ordering elsewhere.

How can they say I do not posses the skills when they hire moody bitches with no gaming experience or technical knowledge WHATSOEVER.
.... and relax :P
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