6on6 ET Tournament #et.tourney

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It's a time for another 6on6 cup with usual map pool without any surprising maps. This cup has been created to force some activity among the teams that want to fight in the upcoming tournaments.

There is no limit of sign-ups. I will create groups with 4 teams each. I'm gonna try to divide teams into groups according to "skill" as honest as I can. There will be few leagues, 2 groups will be a part of each league.

Teams are going to play with each other once, that gives us 3 matches per group. The best 2 teams advance to the playoffs stage. Simple example: Group A & Group B are 1st Division groups, winner of Group A gonna play vs 2nd place of Group B in Semi-Final, and A2 vs B1 in 2nd Semi-Final. Then winner vs winner in Grand Final and loser vs loser in Bronze Final.


  • Signups Opened: NOW
  • Signups Closed: 10 March (Saturday)
  • Groups Created: 10/11 March (Saturday/Sunday)
  • 1st Group Round: 11 - 18 March | supply & adlernest | (Sunday-Sunday)
  • 2nd Group Round: 19 - 23 March | radar & bremen_b3 | (Monday-Friday)
  • 3rd Group Round: 25 - 27 March | sw_goldrush & missile_b4 | (Sunday-Tuesday)
  • Playoffs: 28 - 29 March | free choice | (Wednesday-Thursday)


  • supply
  • sw_goldrush_te
  • radar
  • adlernest
  • bremen_b3
  • missile_b3 / missile_b4

  • I need feedback, leave comments under this news which version would you like to see missile_b3 or missile_b4

Some simple rules:

  • TZAC forced for all participants.
  • TZAC bans & CB bans not allowed.
  • It's forbidden to play in this cup with more than one team!
  • Admin may refuse a player if there is a suspicion about his account or the past.
  • Groups + Playoffs.
  • Matches are BO3. (Decider = Coin toss etc - CB Rules)
  • All matches will be on ETTV.

All teams must add to tourney.cc clan account (description): full lineup + possible backups (please note who is the captain). You can write these information to me in private message via CF as well! Also you can add some additional infos like CB accounts or TZAC ids. It will definitely help me with rating you.

Important info!

You schedule your games on your own. After you arrange a match with your opponent, the game must be requested on Gamestv. This will be the only proof that the match has been played.

At least one member must idle #et.tourney irc channel. Team captains will be granted with +v. Captains/members please idle this channel, this will help you with communication when it comes to scheduling your game!

I encourage all teams who want to present their shape & attitude (yes, it would be nice if you manage to play all your games without forfeits) before upcoming EC/OC season to take part in this tournament!
CB Spring season is behind a corner and you think that you deserve a spot in next EC? Prove it!

6on6 ET Tournament Site

6on6 ET Tournament Sign-Up

we might taking part in this if good teams will play!
so sign-up now! other good teams will see that a good team has signed-up so they gonna do this as well!
so you like losing, eh?
obviously b3!
Really nice, good luck!
fanatic aiming for CF Moderator
Yeah indeed, everyone who is mod/admin does it for power or show off.
well you just admitted you did/do in your interview..
Can't be botherd with the powers, honestly. Prehaps you don't know but I have restricted rights, I can't delete news/post/journals/whatever for example. The things I can do, atleast that I found out for so far, are edit everyone's news and post a poll. I can make other news sticky and forum topics a side from that nothing. Perhaps the attention? mm yeah I will be honest I like some attention but if I only did this to get e-fame it wouldn't be worth the hours, trust me.

I can't speak for the fanatic ofcourse. I don't know if he's 'power hungry' or a big 'attention whore' but I can say he's always been a nice guy to me and I guess I respect him for that.

My post was generaly made because I think making good contributions like this shouldn't get flamed. Find it rather weird that people do so, and could perhaps even say that people who do are killing ET or atleast contributing to fuck up the community even more.

Edit: for the people that didn't notice it was sarcasm in the first comment.
Perhaps some day you'll come to terms with the fact some part of this community is a bunch of pathetic angry nerds sitting behind their computer being mad at the world. I didn't mean you are a powerhungry attention whore or anything, even if you are I can't say I care all that much. I also think mental's comment shouldn't be taken all that serious, and neither should mine, seems like we're in a sarcasmception right here.
Perhaps just was kinda pissed that people are flaming actual good contributions.
show me good contribution :D
not just some, majority
found perfect date for #EuroCupski
doubt teams can be arsed to add all that shit to tourney.cc account, also I think this schedule conflicts with the community draft thing?
write +- 10 nicks, open your cb clan acc, copy few links - takes like 1-2minutes.
not everyone will play in draft

anyway you might be true - people are lazy so i changed it a bit and limited to just lineup without links.
they still won't be arsed with it
well if you want good teams to participate I guess you should change the dates, I think a couple of players from most "top" teams are doing the community draft thing. (R0SS, sqzz, SQuid, kiwi, kevji, I'm sure there are more signed up by now)
well I can change it a bit , like add extra days to each round but I can't start whole cup after crossfire draft because of OC/EC date.
Other than missile beeing played, sounds good!
no library no good mappool ;)
Good luck, nice job

Maybe add Erden to the mappool? Still think its a map with alot of potential
keep up the good work fanatic!
Nice Banner :D
nice, gl all teams!

that banner is nice but oh my exorcist hand wtf! :p
Bad schedule tbh

Should of worked around the Crossfire Community Draft Cup

gl nevertheless!
yeah unfortunately there is a draft tournament in some days from 1st and 2nd matchweek, but I added some extra days to these weeks so I hope that teams will make it! :)
ALso I can't do this cup later/earlier because of upcoming CB OC/EC season. Then there would be no point in this tournament, if I want to take this as a test before EC.
Library is missing ;/
avi for this, /q if u need a rifle
Nice, will try and get Anexis to sign up.
no Library_b3 :(
yea... cause its shit
missile_b4 and library_b3, think both will fit into this cup and if there are too many issues with them just cut them out after the first round.
yep good test to see how it works on official tournament
will you Germany stop with the library stuff? this is cup for normal mappool
missile_b3 > b4
take missile_b4
never played missile_b4
but great stuff, maybe I can try that mkidA gona sign up for this
mikdA has signed up afaik.. but the lineup is pretty huge so dunno who will play ther;D
saw that too =DD
still 5 guys are missing :x
Get Library in there and I would really enjoy casting / playing in the cup! Had a run around the other week with Scatman on the map and it looks really really great... Way more scope for new tacs, not the same shit we see day in day out on supply or goldrush where you only get a class game on either map once every year like we saw in the CDT Final! And naturally Missile_b4 should be on there just because RAMOZ above me made it bold in his comment! :P
Thanks mister, give new maps a chance and try to give ET a new face !
Would be great if you could cast most interesting group games + playoff games from top league! I will think about Library and make a decision soon, but then I have to delete one of these maps and I would go for bremen/adler most likely.
yeah, remove a working map or two so u can force a map that doesnt work or that ppl dont want to play

what do u think is the reason ppl dont play library atm?

what is the reason ppl play supply and goldrush?

there u go pretty much.
I will be able to do way way way more shoutcasting now! I have internet back in my house so I don't have to rely on my grandparents having my computer and that around their house! If you want me to do the shoutcasting for this cup I'll be more than happy to do so :)
Awesome news! Cup starts in next week so follow the news and when you see a nice game that you would like to shoutcast and you have some free time to do it - would be cool. I will pm you about your availability when there will be some top-games as well. Your shoutcasts always bring more interest and more fun for spectators.
Cheers just give me the heads up and I'll be game as long as it's not on Wednesday because I've got college then :)
Agree. I am a really big supply/gr lover, same applies to other "default" maps like radar and stuff. But some people are way too good at this maps, they are overplayed etc. Imo cup admins should force new maps. I would enjoy watching or perhaps playing a cup with a similar map pool:


and there is some other maps, but i can't remember if they are good for competition. I enjoyed pirates map for example and a very old map called RAW_TE (it was really fun playing it at ESL back at 2006) http://ned.theoldergamers.com/index.php?entry=entry111015-171721
dubrovnik also awesome map :X alot of teamplay needed and gamesence... not stupid rushing shit + selfkill and again ... like on supply or grush... the next competitions should be different as the last 3-4 yrs... imo only grush and more random maps like you said and in Playoffs add supply to it.. like that.. but hey we are not the people who decide that... players like mind & co are not open for such new things ... and this players are like the directors...
i cba what the so called highskillers or "et commite" thinks, they were wrong before and having a narrowed mind doesn't help either. Maybe what i said could be a drastic changed, but a mix of new and old wouldn't hurt. But as i said, i prefer old maps myself because it's easier to play since i know all the tactics and positions etc, but some fresh air is always welcome.
Quoteplayers like mind & co are not open for such new things

quit talking bullshit, im more than open for new maps if they are good.

library is just fucking shit, stop trying, move on it wont make it anywhere.
which of the new and/or unplayed maps would you like to see in the pool? Or would you just keep it as it is
keep it as it is since there isnt any new good maps out there

the map-pool is pretty healthy as it is now, dont see any reason to add these filler maps that noone wants to play / being played only cause of being forced
Library is a brilliant map, I haven't played it yet but just from jumping around on it and actually seeing the map there are so many options available it's class.... As a spec, commentator and a player I would much prefer to be playing and shoutcasting this map where you don't already know the outcome of the map before you have started playing
QuoteLibrary is a brilliant map

QuoteI haven't played it yet but just from jumping around on it and actually seeing the map there are so many options available it's class....


QuoteAs a spec, commentator and a player I would much prefer to be playing and shoutcasting this map where you don't already know the outcome of the map before you have started playing

This comment has no purpose
Not sure if u mean mine or yours, cause mine actually makes sense and yours none
No, yours makes no sense what so ever you simply quoted me obviously trying to say I'm stupid but actually if you bothered reading it you would realise it does
yeah would love to have a complete different mappool also. All current maps out, and new or non-played maps in. It's a big change but why not. Don't really understand why some people want to keep goldrush, supply and all those other maps all the time. I like them but it would be really refreshing to just play something new, make tactics on them etc. etc. !
Also the teams who really work with the maps and have maybe better tactics can win against better oppos who think they can win with aim only !
how is that any different from what it is at the moment?
supply/grush/radar && knows everybody in every detail. So every mix with nice aimers can play + win against a team.

with new maps, everyteam have to work like scatman said with the maps to get nice tax for their teams. maybe so a mix of "highskillers" for ec only cant win so easy like nowadays :/
Quotesupply/grush/radar && knows everybody in every detail. So every mix with nice aimers can play + win against a team

Not sure if serious or just fucking stupid?

How does that change when the same mix will play that NEW map aswell just like a team does?

Why should be lower teams be given a free pass into randomness on the game so they could have better chance at winning?

Quote with new maps, everyteam have to work like scatman said with the maps to get nice tax for their teams. maybe so a mix of "highskillers" for ec only cant win so easy like nowadays :/

Didnt missile prove u alredy pretty much wrong? Queens&anexis were the ones still winning on it when it mattered. "work" on something like that is just hilarious, play a little - win like u always do

I find it hilarious that only med/+ guys are basicly the ones who want to bring new maps in ET so they could have some chance to win, is that even a proper arguiment for brining in new maps?

"we are not as good as these guys but we have played this map more and know it little better so we have better chance" yeahhhh...

Ps. that library cup final was played by two mixes, where were all the good proper clans?
Agree, new maps are also more fun to spec imo.

Would be nice if you could shoutcast it :D
i guess atoon gonna play this :)
Skeletons's Army need players for the cup - infos pm me
That's one badass picture!
Nbs will sign up also for this gl fana nice try for community
rifle avi!
missile and libary in :D
nice stealing my screenshit^^^^
avi for this cup! skilled
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