Signups for CB EC/OC Spring 2012 extended!

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Due to server maintenance and problems ClanBase had for the last few days, we have decided to extend sign up period for Spring 2012 Cups by a week - signups will close on Sunday, 1st of April.

New Spring 2012 schedule:
  • Sunday 11th of March - Open signups
  • Sunday 1st of April - Close signups [/u]
  • Sunday 8th of April - Announcement on ClanBase Radio
  • Monday 9th of April - Start of EuroCup qualifier week
  • Wednesday 18th of April - End of EuroCup qualifiers
  • Monday 16th of April - Start of the first matchweek (OC)
  • Monday 23th of April - Start of the first matchweek (EC)
  • Monday 30th of April - Matchweek 3 (OC)
  • Monday 14th of May - Matchweek 5 (OC)
  • Monday 2nd of July- All matches should be played

Signup Information

Signups are opened and will close on Sunday the 1st of April. You will be able to signup via the cup pages and the Signup page found in your admin link. To signup as a team to ClanBase cups you will need to be part of a clan, for 1vs1 cups you will need to set up a 1on1 personality. For more information please read our FAQ.

Apply as admin

Every season we ask for dedicated admins to help out the supervisors with uploading screenshots and making matchreports. This season is no different so here we go, we are looking for people who can:
  • Speak and have decent written English
  • Write interesting matchreports, interviews or predictions
  • Make well thought out and impartial decisions
Feel like you're up for the task, don't hesitate to sign up. Of course, you can also simply sign up to upload the screenshots of your own match, so you can make the cuppage a bit more interesting for all to see.

EuroCup XXV Cup admin signup
OpenCup 6v6 Cup admin signup
OpenCup 3v3 Cup admin signup
OpenCup 2v2 Cup admin signup


Questions? Or in case you need any help, feel free to leave a comment, visit us in or contact us via Email\CB PM.

EuroCup XXV Main Page
OpenCup 6v6 Main Page
OpenCup 3v3 Main Page
OpenCup 2v2 Main Page
Source: Signups for Spring 2012 Cups extended
thank fuck for that! :D the last schedule was really gonna fuck with some plans and my team would have to use a merc or something :(
good job :)
Monday 2nd of July- All matches should be played

I think with lan in the way and typical delays this isn't a mistake? :D
could be, i'm only playing untill 20 may tho
back to army or epic summer?
avi OoO
inb4 april fools
Quotesignups will close on Sunday, 1st of April.

Quote1st of April.

Mappool is allready decided?
god damn -.- fuck the whiner really...
besides library cups I haven't seen library played in any officials even though it's added to cb mappool in ladders.
becoz nobody likes new things...+ i saw the map in some 3on3 matches allready..
this map still needs some improvement / feedback / cups,officials on it - before introducing it in EC mappool. also as you said "nobody likes new things" so I can't see this map in EC Mappool if people don't like it, especially when mappool only consists of 6 maps. There is missile_b4 already I think + 5 well known and popular maps so there is no space for library yet. but it's just my opinion. I'm not CB admin :)
Playing every season 5 maps + 1 "new" is wrong thinkin ... of course nobody play new maps coz its not needed , no new maps into new competetion the people play on sd2 & swgrush only... if CB would say like ADD Library ( or other new map ofc ) at groupstage and take out SD2 in groupstage but add it in playoffs again ... so people need to play the map... CB is atm the highest league we got so if the community want add new maps into the competetion the leagues need to go first coz people are scared or lazy by doing it alone ..
why force EC teams to play maps they don't want to play?
my post below us :)
don't see the answer to my question there :(
im lazy to type now sry mate :D
so far I'm not sure if community really wants library in EC mappool tbh.. by looking at comments I only see you and your friends, that have worked with this map, wanting library in mappool, no offense. maybe we need a crossfire poll about it and we will see what people really think about it (votes and comments)

e: taking out supply or goldrush and add library instead is silly idea. as you said, people would play it only because they would have to, not because they would like to.
We had a lot of test games with people from low till highskilled .. the first 2 weeks ALL people liked it and we start testmatches+cups ... worked with the feedback good as possible... to bad u wasnt a part of the testplayers...

A crossfire poll will accept your meaning of course coz ppl didnt played it really... if you played it once that doesnt count really... all the first meanings were like " its to big , to close , to much ways " after 3 times playing it at least people changed his minds fast...

As i said ET is 9? yrs old and the people mostly whine about new things in ET but are to lazy to do something ... " Why should i try a new map if i know all the maps and tacs nstuff " .. that sure that the most people think like that ... coz they are succesfull the maps they know.. :(

Its not really about friends only but im sure a lot more people would like the map if they would play right it .. but as i said .. no interrests...
Actually I've played it , not only once but few times. Enjoyed it but that's it, few cups, only few games and people have already forgotten about it. You think that making 2 or 3 one day cups with new map suddenly make it jump into major competition mappool? Maybe it would be different if you (or someone else who loves library) made some cups e.g. each week or two, only with library. So people would have had a chance to play it more often and maybe like it.

Anyway, If I had to choose a map to delete from the mappool so library may jump in, I wouldn't delete any. I might agree on library but only if mappool is bigger.
then make map pool bigger because playing the same shit over and over again is boring
ET Ufo
ET beach

There are a lot of nice maps, but i think that library is not one of those.
Too many ppl only wants to do callvote map supply.
Library we need it - its a nice map
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