Battle for Berlin 2 Launches

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Battle for Berlin 2 Launches

It gives Crossfire great pleasure in announcing the second edition of ET’s premium 6on6 Tournament; Battle for Berlin 2 sponsored by Razer™.

The inaugural Battle for Berlin Tournament delivered, as promised, a highly competitive and successful competition that took coverage for an online tournament to new heights and set the bar for future instalments. Battle for Berlin 2 will exceed the standards set by the previous edition, progressing and ensuring to deliver the pinnacle of online tournament coverage with the addition and aid of a very special team of tournament supervisors.

Crossfire has teamed up with the Premium Manufacturer of Professional Gaming Hardware – Razer™ to deliver awesome hardware prizes for the winners of Battle for Berlin 2. The winners will take home 6 x Razer Megalodons, 6 x Razer DeathAdders and 6 x Razer Mouse Bungees.

Razer™ is a household name within eSports and their support in this tournament shows why Battle for Berlin is Crème de la crème of online competition and the excellence that it produces.

Not only will the tournament leave readers licking their lips with coverage, but once again the tournament will host the top 16 Teams selected by the elite Crossfire Council, who judging by the standard of matches from the previous instalment, did an exceptional job. These extraordinary games will be shown live over at GamesTV and the game(s) of the week will have QuadV and Crossfire’s very own TosspoT on hand providing shoutcasts and possibly streams.

At this point I will leave you to contemplate what will be the greatest online tournament in Crossfire and Enemy Territory’s history and the tentative schedule as shown below:

April 5th – WB Round 1
April 10th – LB Round 1
April 12th – WB Round 2
April 17th – LB Round 2
April 19th – WB Round 3
April 21st – LB Round 3
April 26th – WB Final
April 28th – LB Round 4 and LB Final
May 3rd – Grand Final

If you wish to contact any of the admin team or want to show your support for the tournament, then head over to #crossfire.BFB. Don't forget to check out the fantastic products that Razer™ have in store over at Razer

image: footrzr
wow :o good job!
Sexy times. will probly SUPPORT THIS :) by streaming ofc :) GL HF CYA THERE :)
tosspot is enough :o
why dont you just shut the fuck up?
why dont you just shut the fuck up?
idd, why don't you shut up Mr. Airstrike Master ":DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD"
tosspot is enough :o
hater i'm going to hate you to :X
toss isnt enough :)
Thanks! If ther will be more coverage, it´ll be better!
why wouldn't you support the biggest ET tournament loel? :D but anyways I agree with mental
We are here to provide coverage at streams for this! We are doing it, because It´s one way how to promote ET over crossfire community.

Ok, maybe Tosspot is enough, but he´ll be able to stream & shoutcast more matches than only this tournament? I dont think so.

We have a lots of ideas but we need time and community must accept us.

Why that hate to someone, who want to help?
In an attempt to put an end to this debate - I'm all ears to either a) just support you by giving you access to the tournament or b) work with you subject to appeasing the requirements of Razer and QuadV.

Lets chat sometime.
try to get tosspot shoutcasting with you, i prefer him & his way of casting over any other caster, all new ones lack some experience, but he lacked some emotions lately :/

ima win this
still waiting for my prizes for winning the first one! (j/k)
razer so that you can shave your balls? ;D
that actually implies he have hair on his balls...
razz got BJ when he was 14
Nice inside infos u have :DDD but i don't doubt it,uk ghetto boys \o/
i actually got one, no big deal there
so crossfire 4 comes out too?
Hope those prizes will field some killer lineups.
sounds good!
so winner takes all? sucks tbh

Anyways GJ
+1 should be divided i guess Ross made this rule! :P
yeah atleast for 2nd place, give mouses!
Indeed it sucks tbh... should be 1st get the best prize 2nd the 2nd and 3rd the 3rd
Yeah to give other teams a small hope to atleast get something :D everyone knows that anexis is pretty much gonna rape everyone.
Dunno, heard some good things about this team.
:D bien joué policier de l'internet
Didn't you win enough mice? :D
The tournament will no doubt be great but the decision to give all 18 prizes to the 1st place team is a terrible one.
true dat, can still be changed!
yup, considering the headsets are £110 each and the mice £60 odd.
You're saying that like you wouldn't want to see RELOAd returning to ET. :(
Only an idiot would boycott the best tournament ET has to offer right now :P
just joking but the prize thing is shit and should really be changed.

without the change this feels just like another cup without prizes tbh :P
+1, could split it to 1. & 2nd or even 3rd
sounds awesome
Prizes need Razer Scarab
XyLoS <33333333 !!!!!!!!
teams prediction anyone? :P
Nice, gl all teams.

(agree with the prize distro comments, though)
Nice, but please dont make it winner takes all, even though im going to win it again

Will join up and defend the previous winnery
1st Place - 6 x Razer Megalodons(~150e)
2nd Place -6 x Razer DeathAdders(~60e)
3rd Place - 6 x Razer Mouse Bungees(~20e)

Would be the best imo
seems best to me :)
yeah, best solution
Deathadders are about 45€/mouse.
nice :)
any flexibility in the schelude?
Wow well done!
am i the only person who sees nothing stating that only the eventual winners get all the prizes? "winners" could imply 1st,2nd,3rd

I'd wait for further news before jumping to conclusions!

cudos to R0SS and TosspoT, nice to see this kind of thing, and twidi for admin only guy iv ever seen use common sense whilst reffing a game (TLR vs Dignitas in the cadre Qcup years ago) everyone else is retarded nowadays im guessing considering all the whine over golderak(?) lately
don't really want to go off topic but goldorak is a good admin but not the person most suitable for supervisor.
hilarious, you just made my day :D
We're all winners!
Quote by TosspoT in the Razer Academy news
Speaking of Razer & ET. I'm glad to say that Razer will be sponsoring the next edition of the Battle for Berlin tournament. They have kindly donated our first place prizes and along with The Academy and BFB2 are looking to work closely with Crossfire and ET in the future.
split the prizes to top3 and it motivates more teams to play.. everybody knows that anexis will take the 1st spot-.-
why didnt you include any sundays in the shedule :<
Most likely because TosspoT can shoutcast only on these days afaik.
tbh it's because in other games sundays are left empty from CB/ESL/tournament schedules for one day cups and LANs to not be disturbed by other matches :) ET never grasped that but things are changing.
Ok, good to know
mother of tournaments! o_o
thats what et needed, would like to play it!
QuoteBattle for Berlin is Crème de la crème of online

le gusta
No Finns at finals, end of april & start of may we are obligated to be drunk :/
finnish nerds dont drink
Of course they do. All Fintards get drunk. Nerds just do it alone.
On that winner takes all, 'posted by ross' :-D

i'm rdy though my beloved community x
Holy shiiiiiiit coool
Awesome :)
Amazing for ET good work Tosspot, maybe re-think the prizes and it will be best compertition for sure !
dont forget to pickup CEWEGE!!!!!
looks nice but you should reward 1st 2nd and 3rd and not just you getting everything ross ! :)
Great news, will try to help as much as possible ;-)
Looking good! Keep up the good work guys. :)
Just like the last edition, epic is ready to take part in this amazing competition if there is an available spot. Thanks a lot for trying to keep our community alive with that kind of awesome online events :)
inb4 nerds returning
Good luck everyone!
more prices! team 1! team 2! team 3!
Good job!
nice work, but put prizes for 2nd and 3rd as well... ?
1st team getting all prizes would be better if there would be like atleast 4-6 teams that can win the tournament to increase activity on ET. But now when there's almost 100% chance of anexis winning, I don't see the point to play this if 1st team gets all the prizes.

Pracs > Offis for lanpreparation anyway!
Get all players back, motivate and try to win vs Anexis ;)
Sounds very good indeed! But I think you should distribute the prizes in the way that mental said!
gl best ET team :)

competition will be tough!
Would play if there were no prizes or prizes for top3. Seeing that only #1 gets 1400eur worth of stuff just kills my motivation.
God I'm good, first thing I said when I saw this was that not as many people will sign up if only #1 will get the prizes! (you were the first in mind naturally because you're so moody ;D)
Nice nice !
My idea :
Knowing that Razer won't offer mice everyday (in my opinion) you'd better keep 6mice for winners and keep 12 mice left for 2 other BfB tournaments. It would mean more shows and even more activity for ET.
where to get those 12 mice from which you want to keep?
seems like they plan to offer 3x6 mice
e : The winners will take home 6 x Razer Megalodons, 6 x Razer DeathAdders and 6 x Razer Mouse Bungees.
Megadlon = Headset
Deathadder = Mouse
image: razer-mouse-bungee-gallery3 = A thingy where you can put your mouse cable through
Didn't know... well why not then or split mousebungee+deathadder with headset
Only problem might be the contract with Razer, out of my own experience I know that THEY usually decided, how prizes are split.
Its also a point that Razer have to do 6 packages this way instead of 18, saves on money and human resources :)
first team gets all the prices i guess, because else razer has to pay too much shippingcosts
like any australian is going to win that anyway, thats not expensive for them, but still you have a point

and here is another one .
No, since all prizes are usuallysent to clan leader anyway and he ships them to teammates
or keeps them all for himself
...? 1 clanleader != 3 clanleaders??
Have no words to describe how stupid it is to only give the winner prizes:D
first i was speechless but then i was like " wtf r u fucking kidding me?" that the 1st will become everything^^
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