ESL WL Division 2 Ends Tonight

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After a lot of controversy, the 2nd Division of ESL's winter League will end tonight as Chickens With Guns takes on, after winning the first final 4-0 put themselves on level pegging with the winners bracket winners and then things went a bit ludicrous. You can read all about it here, but the moral of the story is idiocy does not top stupidity.

But tonight the past counts for nothing and one game determines who the real victors of 2nd Division are. One team will go home thinking what could have been and the other can hang that shiny new gold medal on their e-wall.

Norway CWG
Sweden Sonofevil
Slovenia seareal
Finland Good
Poland Tikej
Poland Btw
Netherlands outlAw
image: game31903Finland
Finland tomi
Finland poksu
Finland hirvi
Finland t0psu
Finland hazz
Finland SpugE

Hopefully someone will be on hand to shoutcast this fiery encounter which should kick off tonight at around 21:00CET. Hopefully some comments and such to come from players soon!

Quote by cwg'searealLike i said it the last time, jari is a good team but cewege is strong and growing stronger from every new match, will be a hard match for jari and for us. at the end it will al go down to the one who will exploit the enemys weakness and use it as their upper hand, but im pretty sure theirs nothing in jari book of tactics that can knock us off guard, so i must say jari does stand a chance, but its a slim one 4:0 for Norway ceWEge

Quote by jari.toMiiWe havent prac as much as we should have. And yesterday hazz stopped playing so our performance depends on who is gonna be our 6th. I think cwg are clearly the favourites here, but miracles do happen :P. If we get decent 6th we mighty be able to avoid getting raped. cwg should take this cos they have been praccing 24/7 and watching our every game from gamestv. With luck we might take one map. So 4-0 or 4-2 to cwg

[center]ESL WL Div 2 Playoff Tree[/center]
Jari allready won? GL jari!
no, ESL forced a replay due to retardation of that game (no blame, it was just all round rubar)
thats just fucking stupid since they allowed it in the first place ( 2 admins on the server )
Better team will win, gl
epic e-drama
Good stuff, last war still makes me smile :)

GL Jari!

np: tommi läntinen - jari ja minä
seareal: just use simple english, that's difficult enough!
omgomg Finland t0psu
hopefully it will be good match :P
I have to say that ESL has the lamest rules & the most horrible admins aswell.
good luck

backuppers will be cheering for you guys!
I'm still looking for the fucks I could give but can't find any of them
you didnt ask statement from Finland jari??
tomii's is incoming, seareal was faster as I guess he was online at the time it was posted.
ye, thought so :]
gl tikej gwiazdorze ;)
jari the winnerman
gl, be ready with backups in case cwg try to take butchji.
haha nerds got rolled 2x by jari XDDD
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