Adroits ET Masters Signups

With slightly under 2 months to the proposed dates of our ET Masters event, time is running out for teams to sign up and pay for their spot in the tournament. As per the last update, we're getting somewhere in regards to PCs with the help of some individuals and we're simply waiting on the confirmation of the availability of these PCs.

In order to make use of all the time we have left, we will open up the signups for this tournament now. I would like to say that if the event does not happen in Weesp, it will happen in Enschede at the adopted "home" of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - WZZRD. We require a minimum of 10 teams for the event to go ahead.
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How to sign up[/b]]All teams please send the following information to events[at]adroits[dot]net:

Team name:
Team nationality:
Contact person:

(Please include your team name and "ET Masters" in your email subject line)

Event information[/b]]Dates: 2nd & 3rd June 2012
Time: 09:00 CEST both days
Location: Kaos Gaming Centre, Weesp OR Wzzrd Gaming Café, Enschede
Entry fee: €350 (+ €30 if using PayPal to cover costs) per team
Prize purse: €3,000
Slots: 16
TUP / BYOC: This is a turn-up-and-play event. You don't need to bring your PC.

Refunds only given in the case of the event being cancelled.

Please only sign up if you intend to pay promptly!

Original news item:

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Let's hope the best with the pc's and if it would happen at Enschede it will be even more easy for me. Good luck for the teams that are playing. I'm still avi, info in profile.
what if no-one turns up? :OOO nice landodge saken
that monkey we put behind your pc last time played pretty well!
ah great, now we have to send back our prizemoney, gg.
I won't sign up before all informations are fixed.
will sign KRP up later tonight
hold on its not LoL lans
Nice, hope it will be a nice LAN!

Hoping to see some great teams sign up, and some great matches to be played!

If it's not in Weesp you owe me 3 bears! Booked my train ticket to Amsterdam already. Can cancel for a fee of 15 Euro (ticket is 24 :-D!)
Me you and Overboost can drive if its not in Weesp
How are you going to get the bears back home?
2 will probably be eaten at TAG.bbq and the other one.. will be riding it home!

wat :p
Prize purse : 3,00€
Sean, april fools are already over!
signed up!

hope its gonna happen in Enschede! :p
hard to sign up if you cant even say where the lan is gonna be held
I'm not clear on what you mean. Both locations are reached by international people via Schiphol airport. The main difference is which train people need to go on.
You're booking your trains in advance as well are you?

Owzo mad at me again :<
just go for Enschede! :)
gl with the event!
gl guys
tbh if you have the opportunity to hold the lan in enschede for this date i would go for it.

and i can understand the guys who are complaining about the situation that you let it still open where the lan will take place.. i want also book the hotel as soon as i can to get a good and cheap location (also there are not much choices at weesp :x)

anyway cu @ lan ;D
Wont attend this but GL with the event :) hope u can get 10 teams :X
how i wish could go :(
I wish I could attend this :( If only it was 2 weeks later.
QuoteLocation: Kaos Gaming Centre, Weesp OR Wzzrd Gaming Café, Enschede

Thought you said WZZRD was "out of the question" last time :-)
It was. They only have 20 computers now, but have since said they will try to get more for us. Also, they've sorted out their internet connection as of today. The company is also under new management.
Oh, sounds like an improvement! Hope they didnt replace Henk tho :-(
No, Henk is still there and is still a bo$$! We all <3 Henk.
:-D nice, got my signup in! even got Felix to play like a champ, epic lan will be epic :-)
Nice, I sent you guys back the pay info.
Here I am, once again !
:S book a hotel room
I will once Seanza figures out where this lan is held! :-(
he so noob:(
Should just stick to WZZRD :o)
im going to get wasted no matter what
I want to believe.
have to be there if henk is there!
too bad i will be in paris that weekend. would love to come otherwise
enschede would be nice :)

cu lan :D
Location in Weesp is absolutly shit tbh i Hope for everyone who will attend that it will Happen in enschede..
Wzzrd Gaming Café, Enschede

I heard there was this awesome new shoutcaster who had every intention of attending and replacing owzo.
QuoteLocation: Kaos Gaming Centre, Weesp OR Wzzrd Gaming Café, Enschede

Is there a cheap train from Amsterdam to Enschede?
how much does it costs?
Can't remember, check
hmm nvm ok got stray anyway <3 :D
€24 open return.
It actually is € 41,20 and we don't have something as an open return ticket when it's two-way. You could buy a weekend two-way ticket but that's only friday after 19 till sunday.
Oh? I looked at my ticket from last year and it says "€23,90 Open Return" :D
Hmm just checked the NS site (dutch railways) and it said 41,20 From Amsterdam > Enschede. Prices have gone up though, although 24 or 42 euro's is quite a big difference :P
Untill when can you signup? Need to get a final lineup together
Sign up as soon as you can, basically.
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