Crossfire Community League of Legends Cup

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After few days of discussions about cup, working on how it should look like, we're here to announce you 1st Crossfire Community League of Legends Cup.
Get your Health regeneration quintessence’s and get ready to fight in the Fields of Justice. Save some gold for strong items and prepare for stunning "tons of damage"! We're hoping for some high quality games and looking forward to get some nice amounts of sign-ups from the crossfire community side!

Quote by sonNyThe interest in League of Legends on was growing little by little and I thought about making a contest for crown of best team from our lovely site. You just received a chance to take this spot! Cup is coming soon, feel free to sign-up and make a team and fight for your chance to prove your skills!

Quote by Niki0oI’ve had this idea about Crossfire community League of Legends cup in mind for quite a long time now and after I saw sonNy posting a journal about the same idea I couldn’t do anything but pm him and give him a hand organizing this hopefully very successful cup

Cup was suposed to be hosted only on West server but if we manage to get enought teams from Nordic&East we will run two tournaments at same time. Guess that's good news for you guys!


In order to signup you have to send PM to PolandsonNy.
Your message should look like this:
  • Team name:
  • Team captain: (summoner name and link to cf profile)
  • Lineup: (summoner names, atleast 4, not including captain)
  • How much players from LU got CF account older then 3 weeks?:
  • Server you are playing on(West or East)
More detailed informations about signups are in rules section. Read them before sending signup aplication.
If you don't have 4 people to play with and still want to participate in cup, you still can PM me with your summoner name and which server you play on so I can add you to the list of mercs avaible for a cup.

List of teams signedup:[/u]]West:[/u]
GermanyWasted Potential - Germanyb4lu - 5 CF users
BelgiumBelgian Fraternity - BelgiumGifted - 5 CF users
BelgiumTacX Gaming - Belgiumsatan - 2 CF users
Europesaevus - Austriapotter - 4 CF users
Europeayuasgxhiuagz - EstoniaSPRAYY - 3 CF users - FinlandtoMii - 5 CF users
FinlandPsychedelic Four Eyes - FinlandVegee - 5 CF users
NetherlandsDutchtastic Art - Netherlandsaapje - 1 CF user
GermanyACiD - GermanymAurice[/b] - 5 CF users
Europe#retro.eSports - BelgiumNicolah - 3 CF users
GermanyClick and Die - GermanyubertiM - 4 CF users
EuropeImpossible 2 defeat - EstoniaHennessy - 3 CF users
Polandszlachta - Polandgrzesiek - 5 CF users
FinlandTeam jucca - FinlandNiki0o - 1 CF user
EuropeMongols in the forest - BelgiummAus - 2 CF users

DenmarkEpilepsy - Denmarksteeler - 2 CF users
PolandAbove Average - PolandgrzyB - 3 CF users
EuropeTeam High Ego - Czech RepublicGreen Clon - 3 CF users
PolandTo The Ace - PolandLuncher - 1 CF user

List of players avaible for cup:[/u]]Nordic&East Players:

oneofthem - Amatherka
kramz - Ave Bierzuk

West Players:

johNny_ - finkaa
Meehow - Kamykxd
RAFF - rAfz0rus
naco - nacosta
Domi - DoMmElTjE
s3boy - s3boy
moPPel - sAlatji
xeoxis - xeoxis
MerlinatoR - natoRious
kartez - kartez01
TnyYye - TnyYye
yNkk - yNkk
valaR - Mikrotic
g0dZz - Arflik
wZk - wielzako
edenn - Shuzzeh
Iceqbb - iceqbi
bLizzi - xblizx
ollirna - ollirnaa

  • Team format: 5vs5
  • Draft Mode: Riot Games Tournament Draft Mode
  • Server: EU West and EU Nordic&East
  • Gameformat: all games till finals are BO1, final game is BO3
  • Cupformat: Single Elimination/Double Elimination, depends on how much teams will singup.

  • Signups open: 3rd April
  • Signups closed: 14th April
  • Brackets announced: 14th/15th April
  • Main Tournament: 15th April 19.00 CET
  • Teams list will be update regularly.

  • Create the custom game and invite oponents team to play a game.
  • Player changes only allowed in BO3 game, if both sides agree.
  • Same player can't play for 2 different teams in same cup.
  • Game remake (if one of players is disconnected) is allowed only if the game time isn't higher then 3 minutes and there was no first blood.
  • Picks & Ban: 3 bans per team, higher seed got 1st pick and 1st ban.
  • If team doesn't show up in 15 minutes, oponents get forfeit win.
  • Atleast 1 player from each team has to idle
  • Atleast 1 player from each team must have account older then 3 weeks.
  • Team captain have to PM one of the admins with full team lineup(summoner names and cf account links if they have some) atleast 24h before cup.
  • A player must have access to at least 16 champions (purchased + free week) in order to participate. It means there is no account level requirement to participate.
  • Seed rule: If your team have more CF users with account older then 3 weeks you get better seed/spot in brackets, so there is bigger chance for you to get 1st pick.
  • Seed rule#2: If there is same amout of CF users in few teams, the seeds for these teams are made randomly.
  • Send screenshot from end of game or replay to prove matchscore. Also make screenshot of bans & picks.
To record a LoL game use LoL Recorded Tool. This isn't a must, but you have to make screenshots!


Unfortunately there are no prizes for this cup except the e-fame and glorious spot of #1 LoL Team of crossfire! But if cup goes well we're looking forward to host next edition of it and look for sponsors for some atractive prizes.

>> SIGNUP! <<

Also I'm looking for someone who can strem and shoutcast some of the games, if you think you can do so, please contact me via PM on CF or IRC Quakenet /q zeroE`sonNy.
We're looking for an extra admin who can update the brackets and solve problems because me and Niki0o want to play in cup too! So if you want to help us please contact me via CF.

Thanks to SimonKinsler for helping out with writing this news :)
Good luck everyone :-)

Lets have awesome cup!

Interested to see how this turns out :)
very nice, bf will sign up for this =)
nice will sign up
west or gtfo
sucken or gtfo

come eune carried bitch huehuehue
we run cup on both servers :)
saken fk nub korean
tomorrow i claim platin
ima beat your ass so hard in this cup you wont be able to sit down for a week bro
you're so noob you might as well not sign up for this cup casual scrub
We can say goodbye to the newly formed bF ET squad :D
You'd be surprised to learn, I'm fucking amazing at LoL.
isn't everyone? :P
i told you almost 2years ago you should shoutcast LoL, you said its a boring game for noobs, go shoutcast IEM shit or smth id be proud gogo tosspot
You missed the sarcasm in my comment :`(
thought so, still... some day i will see you shoutcasting LoL games
traitor, y u no paly with us.
say what? :x
you haven't been on mumble to play bf3 with us in ages :'(
I might have forgotten to mention we've quit bf3. :( But you're more than welcome to join us in our LoL adventure!

even redeye gave in and is playing!
we have cookies!
cuddly germans with lots of love to share?
Just can't see it happening :(
that's one way to break a boys heart :(
lucky you're a man! A big strong man....
Wtf is this? THIS ISNT HON.
Avi for ownator team.
Take me = easy win. Carry hard pro damage anal rapage.
shit cup with shit players
sad to see crossfire support this shitty kids game and not hon/dota2:/
I play LoL instead of hon/dota2 so I thought about making cup for LoL, not other game, I think if there are some people playing these 2 games you can make cup for yourselves too, like I did, lol.
ahh i tought this is crossfire taking a new game in its wings or smth so had to whine a bit:P

nice to see you doing something for the game you like hope it works out:P
just go and host your own cup and stop crying retard!
naaah man i wouldnt know how to do that since i am a tard aperently.
Sad to say but hon and dota2 were bad:/
i like hon the best but keep in mind i just play random mmr game for fun nothing more then that.

Imo hon is the best game of the 3 dota 2nd but its still not out as a full game and lol is just lol imo cant get why the worst games are allways the most popular.
Well HoN is more straight copy from dota than LoL and also i like LoL more since it's not made to be so serious. At first i disliked LoL alot and only tried it after 1 year it had been out and haven't touched dota since. Also tried HoN when it came but didn't like it at all and had dota2 betakey aswell (still do ofc) but it was horribly laggy even with my good pc and it felt like it was all about new graphics, nothing rly changed ingame.
I play with a regular laptop without any lags shit. That's dota2 btw.

And Hon/Dota are way better than LoL. Lol is just idiotic. Getting killed and you wont lose money in game, like wtf? Farming with 500 gold per minute is way better than ganking. And that makes LoL boring as shit.
lol no losing money either?:D

i thought no deny is the most retarded thing in that game but seems like i was wrong!
Oh yeah, almost forgot about the no deny part as well.

Sure, if you kill someone and he isnt able to farm because he is dead, but that changes so little, 400 gold max which he could farm, that isnt such a big deal + in public games like this tournament is going to be, ganking a good player with a hero with escape capabilities will be too hard.
I agree with the deny thing, don't like it at all myself either, but the not losing gold when u die it's pretty good thing imo, that way the noobs on ur team wont get too bashed.
And that makes the game shit. As easy as that.
Not even, i hate to lose games coz of some noob feeders, just imagine they gettin even more shittier items and feeding double the amount. And i really don't know how your laptop can handle dota2 well, for me it lagged like hell but maybe they've recoded some stuff, i dunno.
That's the problem. The game is heavily-noob infested and too noob-friendly which makes public unplayabale. And if those support noobs would get killed and lose money perhaps they will learn how to play a support and not die when not needed. LoL is just shit compared to HoN/Dota2
Atleast it's not straight copy from dota:)
And that is the problem. Dota is by war the most awesome out of the games. It just got old and nowdays gamers cant handle low graphics.
Can't see why, dota aint about graphics, they just ruin the game
Even a cheap copy of Dota is better than LoL.
ye.dno why ppl dont like hon if they liked dota.yea its not the same but graphics are really good, so are other is a good clone if u ask me
I hate HoN. Dota and Dota2 is way better. Some friends asked me to play a game, we went 5 stack agasint some clan. I took Kunkka or Guardian ( playing HoN the 2nd time ever) and raped the shit out of their team. I was 22-1 in that game I guess. And it was boring to play. Really dunno why.
Maybe because you are nerd with glasses? :S
Perhaps, minus the nerd part. You nolife more than me :)
herd u are still virgin, what u have to say to defend urself?
I guess I had to videotape my sex-adventures with my ex. Sorry bro, got no proof for you :(
was she ugly?
I am a nerd. Of course she was.
This is a community organised cup, we will pretty much support anything someone wants to run for CF members.
read the first line of my reply to snny same goes to you:P
noob avi as ryze :D

lvl 8 :xD
west? nick?
west kartez01
Cant wait for some people to grow up and see how shit these games actually are :\
Professional carry ad/ap midlane / support avi /q
Can also cast but no stream video :s
tank/kog maw avi - rAfz0rus

prefer fr
which server?
jungler, top, mid, ad carry avi - nacosta @ EUW
avi west and east
playing on NA :(
Tank avi, west: DoMmElTjE
great laugh when i see posts "kogmaw avi", keep going
why you cant handle anything with him? i understand :)
eh? just lets meet in cup and i insta ban your kogmaw, what will u do?
there is 90000 champs bro you know? lol

nasus, warwick and sion is also ok
cant stop laughing
well you are polak so ye
Top/mid/support avi on eu-west: sAlatji :o)
It's bad that i have to have 16 champs.
Otherwise great idea and let's hope that me, BelgiumSh1zzle and Slovenia DJ Wunderschnietzel are going to play.
To play in draft mode you need to have 16 champs because if you are placed as lastpick there are 6 banned champions and 9 champions are being picked so you have that 1 last champion to play with.
Thought there was a private config for cups, in which 30 random champs are available. Seems it's wrong then...
dont think that riot would provide comp server for this
Didn't mean that. Just thought about the config.
yeah, config in lol
AKA some simple patch, same as in HoN n shit.
There's no viable way of hosting the game in a LAN enviroment, unless you're supported by Riot. Think Starcraft 2 (?).
Afaik you need to have 16 champs those 10 free included, so as long as none of ur bought heroes are on free rotation u only need 6 champs + those then.
Yea, it's mentioned in rules :)
Its WUNDERSCHWANZ u dumbass!
i wasn't sHure !
need 4 nice own dude mates
gl niki0o friend nice cup
France Taichi is a beast

you don't have to be level 30, just need have 16 champions right?

because then I might have a team actually, just have to tell 2 level 15 to get as much champions as possible...

If not then we might have an open slot in the team
lvl doesn't matter, only 16 champions are required
sounds great!
Im glad i dont play this shit
actually might be up for this.
Garen is pwning you all nigga!
Does this game have wizards and magical pigs?

If yes, count me in..
There are wizards, and one character rides a pig. With frost magic.
SUCKS that non cF-members/LoL-pro's are also gonna play
as far only cf users signed up
Should be " only people with 6+ months account on CF are allowed " or smt :P
yeah TSM definitely going to sign up for this one, awesome prizes to be won!
y u so negative?
not at all, just don't see why any "pro" lol team would join this cup as it'd be a steamroll for them.. nothing to be gained/learned.
not sure if troll or idiot

this cup was made 4fun

if u want some money - find a job then
"not sure if troll or idiot"
Can I play on both servers at the same time?
No - coz you wont be able to be in 2 games in same time :)
Not "at the same time" but you can have multiple accounts. You won't be able to "duplicate" your account though.
I know, asking bcoz my main account is on NE but if I'm not gonna find team there then maybe I could play on WEST where I have lvl 13 account atm with enough heroes!
who needs runes anyway
Dunno, I migrated to West from East shortly after the split... In terms of ranked performance, absolutely nothing changed (I gave up on solo queue after some 60 games of dice-rolling). The normal games are a bit nicer, though, with somewhat less of "XAXAXAXA ))))" and a bit more of "pt?? u from pt??"

It'd be nice to see a comparision of the playerpools. I have a feeling West has at least a third more players than East does.
roll the dice
Single Draft was probably the one thing in HoN that I liked the most. I wish LoL had something similar, it would (at least hypothetically) force people into trying out more champions and thus learning the game better.

Dunno how would that be possible to implement with the champion unlocking thang, though. I'd just make it pick from all the champions, disregarding whether you own them or not, because it's kind of random anyway so you wouldn't really be able to "abuse" it.
Sorry busy that day.
Can play Jungle or Top I guess, just PM me

I guess
west coast - kartez01
west coast - 2pac
surely used to it by now!
Take this shit child game and go kill yourselves brainless maggots.
Crossfire doesn't support League of Losers anyways.
crossfire supports any cup made by its users for users. So would you be so kind to take your flame somewhere else...
and this was not deleted?

what are admins doing

whenever i write smth negative or a bit agressive, my comment got deleted and admin are likes:

and now

??? nothing

where is this baggiez hater too

good job
avi as ad/ap carry or solotop

west ofc
avi euw Mid Top or jungle
name : wielzako
AVi! id: Shuzzeh on west
Looking for team. Am pro wit comms n stuff.
i dont know that game, but i am pretty sure its about damn time someone did a cup!
i want sc2 cup like this.
sorry mate, organisators on crossfire obviously only support retarded games for casual gamers besides ET and RtCW.
Quote by TosspoTThis is a community organised cup, we will pretty much support anything someone wants to run for CF members.

make your own cup instead flaming -.-
I wasn't flaming. Just sharing expressions with a user of the most competitive game in the world.
ok, if u say so.
No you were flaming.
+1 I see everyone flamming but they should host their own cup instead !
well its done by the guy who plays the game not cf admins so i dont have anything against this eventho i dont like the game

just shared my wish!
you are so sad person
you re pitiful..

jungle/ranged ad

rating: ~1500

add: Arflik

edit: eu-west
Great work guys and nice idea!
I can play what needed on a decent level

add: Mikrotic

~1450 elo

eu west (;
nice, gl
Too bad I'm not avi for this :x

But for next cup avi as top, mid, jungle, support. Not really fan of ad carrys but can handle them too if needed.
Servers: both(west&east) lvl 30, all necessary(viable) runes + champs.
Avi for the next cup since i dont have 16 champs so far ;DDD

But great idea, hf all
i don't have lvl 30:\
You don't need it
ah then i can play without any problem! so avi for this server: west
Available for this cup, Platinum or 1700+ only please. I main top and jungle but can play any role at top level.
Account: Garyyyyy (Eu West)

nvm i'll be abroad during that weekend -.-
sad day for crossfire
Available for this cup | yNkk | yNkk | EU West | Can play everything but prefer Jungle/Solo Top/Support.
Could play, TnyYye - West
Gonna install LoL and rape everyone.
Avi with Lvl 0 account! 0 Elo!
iceqbi @west avi I guess
edified gayming is in np
e: btw will it be a 1dc or what :O?
e2: avi to stream
1dc, we got streamer for final game, but we're looking for some1 who can stream other games
if its a 1dc you shouldnt let it start at 19cet cuz u ill prolly be done very late,
make it like 14.00cet to give the teams more time...
well its suposed to be odc but it all depends on how much teams will sign up.
ye it is possible to make it a odc but not when u start at 19cet, even if u have below 16 signups, the final might even take 3 hours. well for more advice or questions, pmme here
looks nice, will compete in this tournament!
Psychedelic Foureyes gonna roll the shit out of everyone.
WEST , xblizx
can try what is needed
avaible west :

Benjii aka folsky
no triumph ryze for #1 ? :(
I see forward to dominate this cup with my fellow Four Eyes.
east avi

ap mid preferably, but I can be anything else
nah , too late for ET imo , it was fun like 3-4 years ago , not anymore.
who the fuck is interested in playing a odc without prizes?
Nowadays even EC isn't worthy enough to be played :DDDDDDDD
I need 3 players for this you can pm me here my 2nd player is NetherlandsKoRaL
send msg to some of the players from mercs list :)
i heard LoL bad copy of this true???
I allready joined a team with joshua and hennessy soo you can delete me from "avi" players.
OH LOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL this Saken guy who obviously just got pwnd by Hennessy gotta be the biggest LoL
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