Latest Enemy Territory transfers - 2nd Edition!

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One week has passed and with the BFB2 tournament as well as the next CB EuroCup approaching we have some interesting transaction in our image: et Enemy Territory scene and same as last week I will do a summary of all the player transfers and new teams I heard of.

Let`s just start with one of the most shocking news I`ve heard of: Queens are not going to the upcoming ET Masters lan. A little bird told me that chry will move from Queens to Europe NBS - atleast for the offline tournament in Weesp. Whether it is because of razz not willing to go or butchji still undecided this is a really sad news for the lan competition because Queens were my own favorite to give Anexis a hard fight. Nevertheless NBS will take the profit. With chry in their lan lineup their chances for a top finish suddenly bursts. Estonia Sinnu, Belgium PlAyer, Estonia yEnch, Belgium chry, Netherlands MOT1F and Belgium fostruM

The last week brought us two player switches on the Europe Devastation side. With Gifted`s lack of enthusiasm and monkey`s rl issues Domi and his mates decided to take in stKz and sh1zzle and all supporters can watch them nerding this Firday right at 21.00 CET against inSpiron. Norway Domi, Poland kirej, Netherlands stib, France TOMOYO, United Kingdom stKz and Belgium sh1zzle

In the meantime it seems that Gifted gained his motivation back because we do see a strong Belgium bF lineup participating in the BFB2 tournament. As you all know some of them are playing League of Legends and we just can hope that they don`t miss the train to move back to our beloved Enemy Territory. In case they miss it I don`t see them competing for the top!
Belgium Jere, Belgium Gifted, Belgium Sup3R, Belgium AL1, Belgium uNDEAd, Belgium chizz6l Belgium crook and Netherlands Lun4tiC

You might have discovered the Germany newspost on the right side of the page. If not is composed of the usual suspects around humM3L. He convinced his long time friends criature, violy and the remaining crew to pick up the pistol and fight for an EC Qualifier as well as some maps in the BFB2 tournament. Unfortunately their latest official result against vae victis augurs badly. Germany humM3L, Germany criatura, Germany Kevji, Germany violy, Germany eiM and Germany draqqi

The above mentioned Poland vae victis team is on the up - at least activity wise. Former player and captain SnaCki brought old victis members together and added one good friend from sKyrocket as well as the frog sMirzz and is currently trying to get a good teamfeeling by playing much and against stronger opponents. With a victory over Star and a mapwin against Lost Soldiers we see his plan fluoridating. Poland SnaCki, Poland voodoo, Poland zerohour, Poland Rafacz, Poland MOFFO and France sMirzz

The most outdated information of this edition is the "newly" formed Europe zZz. I just include it due to a new backup and the fact that I missed it last week. The team around toNi had quite a good start with improving day by day but somehow they lost their initial euphoria. One just can hope for them that their new backup - named riZla, works out well and is able to bring in some fresh air to the whole team. Finland toNi, Denmark xcN, Germany znArk, Hungary Nonix, Hungary seb1, Hungary varadi and Poland riZla

As you can read in my last entry the United Kingdom CUBE was formed during the last month and within the last days they were not just able to get an awesome 6th but also a superb organisation for all further events. The final player is no one other than the famous bff known from old snYpe times and the MGO I was talking about is GamePlayServers. United Kingdom ScarZy, United Kingdom crumbs, United Kingdom owzo, United Kingdom Potty, Germany Urtier and Estonia bff

Yesterday`s BFB2 announcement brough a fairly new team in the spotlight. With a very good seeding the guys of Europe Mythica really have to show what they are made of. I was able to catch xAv on IRC and he said the teamleader Artstar is currently on holidays. Nevertheless the crossfire council made a legit decision with their seeding. I mean the individuals can cause some damage but they have to cope with the upcoming pressure. United Kingdom Artstar, Belgium xAv, Poland fanatic, Poland upload, Sweden kaze and Germany s1LENT

Another promising team is setting the course for the upcoming EC battle. I am talking about Swiss legends gifty and dabster as well as other big names such as emorej, rat, lettu, filuS and zerender. All playing with the Netherlands jacks tag. Some years ago the jacks were known and feared by their opponents but nowadays they seem a bit rusty so you as a fan should cross your fingers that they can get back in shape! As far as I know the following gamers are Sweden rat, Slovakia filuS, Switzerland gifty, Switzerland dabster, Finland lettu, France emorej and Germany zerender

There are two more teams looking for a suited 6th. Belgium EUNd (with eron, a1Rtj, Pigie, ViKODiN and abzes playing) try to get someone for the upcoming lan event and the infamous "Random Chicks Volume" creator RazZaH is looking for somebody to finish their roster at Europe Cloud9 (currently they have wra1th, RazZaH, olpen, zaNc and Gnome).

Last but not least I want to add some players searching for a team. The up and coming aim machine France kartez is cless after a.To0n folded and Czech Republic jalo is back from hibernation. Both are searching for a skilled and experienced team for all upcoming competitions.

That`s for now. Feel free to pm me right here on crossfire or qry Germany SPU9 @IRC #crossfire for feedback and/or insider information for further posts!

Nice read :)
SK, its SK not SL/SI...
I think you inverted my nick with jalo
Switzerland gifty is back! :)))))))))
nice team artstar s1lent :)
and wb gifty!
Bff superstar!
razz, what a fucking lil bitch
Yay, mission completed. Being in a Cf newspost
:D congratz mate
Queens death already? 1 prac was enough, shocking!
Losing to anexis roflol
we dont do losing owned anexis 1st prac like real bosses, so we realised lan would be to easy no point
heard you lost 6:0 roflol

Only joking sounds like rape wp
poor United Kingdom koop not allowed into news :(
he would be so proud.. But he's in Italy
Gifty, travel master
Sick. Nice item, keep it up Spu Neun!
nice backstab dev :S
GL rat :)
hf gifty !
No news on the biggest transfer? ...koop!
tell me something about it!
koop has joined mouseCon as a rifle!
Did mouseCon pay as much as chelsea did for Torres?
gl criature
nice spu!<3
gl violy and dabstar :)
I'm not swedish either but thanks for changing that polish flag!
Ta gueule sale suedois
nice to see gifty back!
Bold the names and put flags next to each name. That will make everything easier to read.
Good job nonetheless
Hoped for Queens at LAN :(
Great work as always SPU!
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