BFB 2 Opening Games

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And so it Begins...

Battle for Berlin 2 kicks off this evening with the first round of games, the winners will progress into the next round of the upper bracket and the losers will get a second chance in the lower bracket. One game was already rescheduled with a wild card and was played on Sunday night, the rest will be played to the schedule tonight.

Germany Anexis eSports
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom sqZz
Belgium mAus
Italy XyLoS
Estonia Night
Finland Squall
image: game32236Germany
Germany Kevji
Germany humM3L
Germany criatura
Germany woDka
Germany violy
Germany draqii

In this game a wildcard was used for it to be played on Sunday, Anexis eSports came out on top as most would have expected in this game and they will face the winner of Poland PolagZ and Germany Team.PDEG in the next upper bracket round.

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Finland Finlantic6
Finland Iron
Finland Jewe
Finland Matias
Finland OLBAA
Finland Salaneuvos
Finland twidi
image: game32241Finland
Finland toMi
Finland Stuka
Finland t0psu
Finland spuge
Finland poksu
Finland HIRVi
Finland Blindi

An all Finnish affair in this game as Finlantic6 facing in their opening game. Odds are stacked in Finlantic6's corner and it would be a real upset for the second seeds to lose out, but anything is possible in game where just that little extra could be played for.

image: s_head

Europe Queens
Germany butchji
United Kingdom razz
Belgium chry
Poland wiaderko
Netherlands xPERiA
Estonia freeze
Iceland phyzic
image: game32243Norway sleeperz
Finland toNi
Denmark xcN
Hungary Nonix
Hungary seb1
Hungary varadi
Germany znArk

Queens will be a lot of teams favorites for the competition considering the sheer firepower they bring into the competition, but will this one dimensional style be enough? The underdog for this match up is definitely sleeperz but if the team have put in the time before hand who knows what could happen as the pressure is very much off them.

image: s_head

Netherlands Mouse Control
Netherlands saKen
Netherlands joshua
Netherlands SQuid
Netherlands L4mpje
Netherlands JALLAAAAAA
United Kingdom koop
image: game32310Europe Zero Empathy
Czech Republic denton
Czech Republic Green_Clon
Czech Republic milhAus
Czech Republic Malfoy
Germany mental
Netherlands Testi

Mouse Control go into their first game clear favorites and after picking up Team UK rifle United Kingdom koop they have given themselves a great chance of finishing in the prizes come the end of the competition. ZeroE will be up against it and although they have a team that has been playing together for some time I don't think they will match the quality of the Dutch team.

image: s_head

Europe TAG
Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands aphesia
United Kingdom griim
Germany stownage
Germany kReSti
Germany FLoPJEHZ
image: game32244Germany a.ToOn
United Kingdom Artstar
Poland fanatic
France kartez
Belgium kaze
Sweden tornis
Belgium xAv

The new TAG lineup are a team that have played together a fair bit and will cause any opposition problems and the a.ToOn lineup will have to be on top form not to simply get rolled over. The newly formed a.toOn lineup have a good mix of upcoming talent with a fair bit of experience mixed in as well, they may have to be content with dropping into the lower bracket after this game though.

image: s_head

Poland PolagZ
Poland dialer
Poland Frag`Stealer
Poland Krein
Poland lesti
Poland Lukey
Poland stexx
image: game32238Germany Team.PDEG
Germany sNoOp
Germany Bl4d3
France An7ho
Germany stRay
Germany eujen
Germany gr0ss

Another great opening round game is this match up between Polagz and Team.PDEG with the odds between the teams on gtv being the closest of the round so far. Both teams have a mix of great aimers, team players and experience and it will surely be a tight game, preparation for the game will probably be the defining factor. TosspoT will be casting this game! so be sure to tune in.

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TosspoT casting polagZ vs teamoxid?
yes, and its PDEG now! ;]
Nice coverage ! ;)
our game is not opening tonight : )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
only 2 wrong, not bad :PPP
I won all the money so far, with my 20 e-euro's bets!
np 4 butchji
Great work merlin, hopefully an entertaining night, specialy with TosspoT grabbing the microphone.
Will be video streaming tonight courtesy of Sweden mlmn so please check it out :) Also wiill be doing some 'intro to ET" bits tonight that I'll explain onair for the Razer Academy.
finally :) cant wait!
Possible to watch it later on demand? :X

Cant watch/listen you but i want it later !!
when will it start?
stealing my rtcw streamer i see!
Merlinator is the real Judas, stealing from RTCW to give to ET. Merlinator of ALL people?
he shall burn in hell!
Is it recorded somewhere? Missed it :(
Tosspot's stream quality is sick!
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