Crossfire League of Legends Cup - update & reminder

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We're geting close to the cup day so I wanted to make clear some things and we also want to introduce you some changes about cup. Make sure you start sharping your swords bit earlier, because we change starting time a bit!

Update & Reminder

There was some discussion about cuptime so I decided it will be wise to start earlier - instead 19.00 CET we swap it to 17.00 CET for WEST and 19.00 for EAST.

I hope it's not big deal for teams. There are 15 signups on west and only one spot left so we can get nice brackets - cup would take too long with this amout of teams, I didn't wanted to reschudle games, want to make it one day cup.
And second decision about the brackets - cup will be with single elimination - which means no loser bracket.
On East we got less signups - but that's not a problem, each team will play game against eachother and the final game will be played versus two teams with best W:L score.


In order to signup you have to send PM to PolandsonNy.
Your message should look like this:
  • Team name:
  • Team captain: (summoner name and link to cf profile)
  • Lineup: (summoner names, atleast 4, not including captain)
  • How much players from LU got CF account older then 3 weeks?:
  • Server you are playing on(West or East)
More detailed informations about signups are in rules section. Read them before sending signup aplication.
If you don't have 4 people to play with and still want to participate in cup, you still can PM me with your summoner name and which server you play on so I can add you to the list of mercs avaible for a cup.
Important note: 0 SPOTS LEFT ON WEST(late signups are possible - you will be added to backup list and you will be able to play if some team won't show up), 4 SPOTS LEFT ON EAST.

List of signed up teams[/b]
GermanyWasted Potential - Germanyb4lu - 5 CF users
BelgiumBelgian Fraternity - BelgiumGifted - 5 CF users
BelgiumTacX Gaming - Belgiumsatan - 2 CF users
Europesaevus - Austriapotter - 4 CF users
Europeayuasgxhiuagz - EstoniaSPRAYY - 4 CF users - FinlandtoMii - 5 CF users
FinlandPsychedelic Four Eyes - FinlandVegee - 5 CF users
NetherlandsDutchtastic Art - Netherlandsaapje - 1 CF user
EuropeTeam Solo Top - RomaniabLizzi - 2-3 CF users
Europe#retro.eSports - BelgiumNicolah - 3 CF users
GermanyClick and Die - GermanyubertiM - 4 CF users
EuropeImpossible 2 defeat - EstoniaHennessy - 3 CF users
Polandszlachta - Polandgrzesiek - 5 CF users
FinlandTeam jucca - FinlandNiki0o - 1 CF user
EuropeMongols in the forest - BelgiummAus - 2 CF users
FinlandTRSKa - Finlandnaco[/b] - 4 CF users
Backup list:
1 - Flying.LoL
2 - Belgian Lions
3 - kimmot

DenmarkEpilepsy - Denmarksteeler - 2 CF users
PolandAbove Average - PolandgrzyB - 3 CF users
EuropeTeam High Ego - Czech RepublicGreen Clon - 3 CF users
EuropePhReaKz - FinlandmAhla - 3 CF users
PolandHo-kago Tea Time - PolandHaoKakao - 2 CF users
List of players avaible for cup:[/b]
[/h3]]Nordic&East Players:[/b]

oneofthem - Amatherka
kramz - Ave Bierzuk
Troja - czitong
howna - ouwnAA

West Players:

johNny_ - finkaa
Meehow - Kamykxd
RAFF - rAfz0rus
naco - nacosta
Domi - DoMmElTjE
s3boy - s3boy
moPPel - sAlatji
xeoxis - xeoxis
MerlinatoR - natoRious
kartez - kartez01
TnyYye - TnyYye
yNkk - yNkk
valaR - Mikrotic
g0dZz - Arflik
wZk - wielzako
edenn - Shuzzeh
Iceqbb - iceqbi
bLizzi - xblizx
ollirna - ollirnaa
Halidith - Halidith
Ekto - Ektomorf17
ampsu - ampso
dydZiu - dydz1u


  • Team format: 5vs5
  • Draft Mode: Riot Games Tournament Draft Mode
  • Server: EU West and EU Nordic&East
  • Gameformat: all games till finals are BO1, final game is BO3
  • Cupformat: Single Elimination

  • Signups open: 3rd April
  • Signups closed: 14th April
  • Brackets announced: 14th/15th April
  • Main Tournament: 15th April 17.00 CET WEST and 19.00 CET EAST
  • Teams list will be update regularly.

  • Create the custom game and invite oponents team to play a game.
  • Player changes only allowed in BO3 game, if both sides agree.
  • Same player can't play for 2 different teams in same cup.
  • Game remake (if one of players is disconnected) is allowed only if the game time isn't higher then 3 minutes and there was no first blood.
  • Picks & Ban: 3 bans per team, higher seed got 1st pick and 1st ban.
  • If team doesn't show up in 15 minutes, oponents get forfeit win.
  • Atleast 1 player from each team has to idle
  • Atleast 1 player from each team must have account older then 3 weeks.
  • Team captain have to PM one of the admins with full team lineup(summoner names and cf account links if they have some) atleast 24h before cup.
  • A player must have access to at least 16 champions (purchased + free week) in order to participate. It means there is no account level requirement to participate.
  • Seed rule: If your team have more CF users with account older then 3 weeks you get better seed/spot in brackets, so there is bigger chance for you to get 1st pick.
  • Seed rule#2: If there is same amout of CF users in few teams, the seeds for these teams are made randomly.
  • Send screenshot from end of game or replay to prove matchscore. Also make screenshot of bans & picks.
To record a LoL game use LoL Recorded Tool. This isn't a must, but you have to make screenshots!


Unfortunately there are no prizes for this cup except the e-fame and glorious spot of #1 LoL Team of crossfire! But if cup goes well we're looking forward to host next edition of it and look for sponsors for some atractive prizes.

>> SIGNUP! <<
lol teams with 1 cf user should be disallowed
indeed, should be like 3 active CF users or smth
just got owned by grzesiek's friend in solo queue, very scared
teams without 5 cf users shouldnt be allowed to play
fine for me!
brb gonna call some aAa players
who's avi for some mixing this weekend ? :D

xbLizx -eu west
ah now i know who that guy on my friendlist is xD
gtfo with this shit
great job. I can't understand that people whine about cups like this - it's a way of keeping crossfire alive and increase the activity
True but I think that people whine because they see activity for a mainstream game (even tho many users here play it) and some kind of official intrusion into Et's backyard which is to be protected. (not taking a stand on it, just putting forward an hypothesis)
Still avi
M1R53 EUW ready to play

West: ampso
I might have team avi for this cup for nordic/east side :P
pulssi for teh win!
Pulssi & Xanz! <3
i am avi for this , west - tw1nsta
EAST: czitong
Shit time, not playing this
y u no like it? coz its not 14 CET? :P
17.00 cet is retarded time cuz like at 18.00/19.00 most ppl will eat:)
so they will play when hungry, lul. Was thinking about your sugest but I guess change for 5 hours would be to much for some teams and we could get some forfeits - I don't want that. Also I won't be at home till 15-16 ;x
Wonder why would it be such a big problem to eat earlier? :D
Speel back up bij ons dan met temp
k is gut
e: summoner name?
casual shitty shit
east: ouwnAA
Avi for it (EUW) - elo 2000

Will get home from army around 15cet at saturday so leave a pm here if you need me.
2000? Ooksä pelannu intis !?
voitin maanantaina aamul 10 pelii putkee xDDDD
voi vitu jätkä.
szlachta 2strong. Np for them.
ban retards who play LoL D:
My body is ready for this.
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