ET:ZombieMod on the way!

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You may of seen all of the random journals & forum posts about this new mod called ET:Zombies. Well I took the time to speak to the team behind this mod, and I think you will find this mod of interest to the ET Community.
You can find all the information about ET:Z and what's going to be avaible, screenshots from game and interview with entire team in this news post.

First of all you should know who is making this mod so I introduce you ET:Z team members and their functions:

[/b]]United KingdomDanje - Programmer, Web, Graphics
EuropeNitrox* - Programmer
EuropeEthr - Programmer
BrazilSpeer - Map, Web, Graphics, Sound
EuropeBlAcky - Map, Graphics
EuropeBackSnip3 - Modeller
EuropeIschbinz - Modeller, Player Models
PolandInfinity - Web
EuropeSephos - Graphics
EuropemoPPel - Graphics
EuropeMillan - Graphics
EuropeDutchman - sponsor, Linux compiler

United KingdomDanje started the idea of making mod few months ago and I guess we should thank him for that, let's hope for something fresh to ET Scene.
I had chance to ask him some questions(also Nitrox answered few of them because Danje had some problems with his son :D):
Hello guys, can you please introduce yourselves?

Hey, my name is Dan (Danje) and I'm 21 years young. I don't really have many hobbies apart from PC's lol. I do freelance programming for a few small companies which supplies enough money to live on, but my aim is to enter into a decent company(not game programming related). I am not even a C programmer and I have only been expanding on my knowledge of C for 2 months and 2 weeks now.
My main programming experience is in .NET and I've been programming since I was 14.image: l_rsz_294212_293842363965448_100000190591296_1436831_822470701_n

What is ET:Zombie?

ET:Zombies is a modification to an old game called Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, released in 2003 as a free standalone game. ET:Zombies was first aiming to be a very small mod which would be played by a few people for 10minutes or so when they were bored. In ET:Zombies you have 2 classes, Humans and Zombies, the Humans replace the Allies and Zombies replace Axis. There's 2 different game modes inside ET:Z which will constantly change as we go along. The first game mode is LMS known as Last Man Standing and the Zombies have to attack and kill the Humans. The Humans have to survive as long as they can before being turned into zombies themselves. During this time they can rack up points/kills and these are to be saved in our XP SAVE system, now known as PTS (POINTS). We then have the OBJ known as Objective game type, this is where the Humans have to defeat the Zombies by building forts and defences, and transmitting important radio signals to their comrades using the radars supplied in the maps. These objectives are being made as we make maps, and are quite limited at the moment. It's a team based game, not a single shoot zombies kill game.

Who are the members of your team and how you met eachother?

Danje – programmer – he founded this mod and coded the basic base of this mod for 1month and a half.
N!trox' – programmer – he joined in with the development of the mod after speaking to Danje on Splash Damage forum. He was interested in helping and he decided to join the team when he tested out the mod on Staatschutz server.
Speer & BlAcky- Mappers – Speer joined also through Splash Damage after he seen a few posts by Danje regarding the ET:Z project. He first started helping by trying to convert the standard 6 maps to Zombiefied monstrous glory! BlAcky who's a known mapper amongst the Crossfire community joined after PM'ing Danje saying he could offer some help, and he joined from there. He's been developing a map called Hospital. Speer made ColdfortZombie & Sewers.
Ischbinz & BackSnip3 – modellers – both of them joined once again through Splash Damage forum, and have been of a big help to this mod, which is what makes this mod special. BackSnip3 was of a big help with his effort into his models he has created such as the medpack, ammopack & baseball bat (soon to come chainsaw). Ischbinz has made the models for the zombie side, he continues to make them now.
Sephos, moPPel & Millan - graphical - all these guys supply graphical work for ET:Z and met through Crossfire.

Who's the game/modification aimed at?

ET:Z is aimed at everyone, it's not just for the pro's at Crossfire. The main thing we took into consideration was to not serperate the community at it's current state. We aim for this mod to be played between the JayMod to ETPro players and to all unite and have fun, This game is about fun and playing as a team to succeed the goals, and to also get an awesome scare and feeling whilst playing with them friends! We want this mod to be fun for everyone!

What can we expect in the final game?

Well you can expect everything that was expected inside the journals I've made at Crossfire, minus the kittens. We want this game to feel complete which is why release so many revisions for you to test and give feedback on. We have no target date set on when this game will be finished. When the game is at a finished state expect an awesome experieince different from ET in so many ways, but unique like ET is ;). We can only offer so much in a mod based on an old game, and building such an atmosphere is a hard job, it's not like we have great or any support for high quality textures & lighting effects like you'd see in L4D2. We aim to bring to you a mod that is playable by all and has an awesome feeling to it that will leave you scared or happy? I don't know which?;) Just expect zombies & blood!

Why start this project?

I started this project as I thought I would just like to spend some of my time programming a small modification to ET. I've never actually played a ZOMBIE MOD inside ET before, and I don't think anything like this exists. I am not the best programmer in the world but experience is priceless, so I started for experience and to bring all the players together in 1 mod for some fun :)

Where can we test ET:Zombie mod?

ET:Z can be tested @ (this is the server that gets updated the most)

Where can others give suggestions and feedback? @Quakenet , CrossFire-PM @ Danje and the other Developers :) Also you can visit our website:

Detailed/technical specification about this game

Without repeating myself too much, the game is a conversion of Enemy Territory based on my idea of zombies and how they would be/act (lol). The game will run on 3 platforms, Windows, Mac & Linux and will be around 140Mb worth of files at finish date. The game will work with your current ET install and will not affect other files inside your ET directory. It requires an internet connection of course and friends?:)

Anything else you'd like to say, or thank someone?

We'd like to say thank you to our sponsors who're on our website, and all of those who've offered support (of which are also mentioned on the website). <3 Ethr, N!trox', Speer, BlAcky, BackSnip3 & sponsors!I would also like to bring to your attention a mod called OpenWolf – link here:
Just please save to your favourites!

I hope the interview wasn't too long ;).

So what next? Maybe you would be intresting in graphics? Will the mode have some horror climate?
Here are some screenshots so you can rate it by yourself:

As you can see these guys are doing great job so far, it would be dumb not to help them. Just stop saying that ET is dead, just do something to make it alive - ET:Z team is doing their best to prove that :) Give them some feedback - test their mod, give some suggestions in the comments below or maybe even help them making it!

I belive that in few months this modification will be played by many ET players and maybe we will have as much as for example with hide&seek. So if you're bored and got some bunch of friends to play with, this is definitely worth trying out.

Contact: /q DanjeETZ
PM United KingdomDanje
Thanks for doing the interview sonNy :).

Some from BackSnip3.

Q: Why do you help ET:Z making models?
A: I'm helping the Zombie Mod because it looks like it will be one of the coolest mods of ET. It's very open on an artistic plan and there are tons of things to model. For example I just introduced a baseball bat in the game, to add a funny experience to the game. I'm happy to be able to do such things as player models and player animations, as only very few people did that for ET. That's what will make the mod unique.

Q. How did you join the team?
A. I joined this team when a friend of mine suggested me to the team, and so they hired me. :)

Q. Do you think that this mod will succeed amongst the current players?
A. I think so. Every new mod is interesting to see, with a proper official server and enough dedicated maps, I think the mod can be well played in the ET community. It also provides a more arcadey feeling and therefore must give even more fun than good old ET. :D

Q. Anything else to add or say?
A. Erhm... Good luck for the mod and I hope people will appreciate everything in it, including all the models I've put effort into. :)

The friend that suggested
not gonna play this mode
You won't play anything on that Alienware setup :).
why you think that
Lol boom rakatakatakata ROLLED
Video pls
should be working now
would like to see more action :D
not sure, I don't know others nationalities, you can ask them on irc ;p
gl danje
Hope there's more action than presented in that video. Come on guys, you can do better than that! A video about a new baseball bat and you do not even swing it let alone attack anybody with it...
Video was purely a test @ new fog :). The bat ofc does swing, and ofc you can kill zombies with it.

Our aim is NOT creating media atm sorry.
No worries. Just some constructive criticism. Empty screenshots and videos are no good advertising and should not be used as such. :)
would like to see some more screenshots :)
check the website, much more there.
Cant see them ...? where?
About -> c. Screenshots
good job !
Lets test now :D, but u're not afraid that instead of reviving the game, the remaining players stay on ur mod and leaves aside ETpro ?
Where are the zombies?
Behind you.

QuoteYou may have* seen all of the random journals & forum posts about this new mod called ET:Zombies.
Danje was writing this sentence, told him I'm not sure about this one but he was.
thats just fucking horrible. for me personally, i hate this slang. at least this is an official news post and not some comment in a random journal. but if he wants it that way - his choice :p.
familiar pic from OC3D :)
nice gl with it :)
Looking fucking awesome! Good luck guys and good job!
good job, i want a 12x12 zombie video, just like cod4 zombie mod times

all allied on some small roof, firing AKs against zombies in VERY dark fog, if you get eaten u become one of them and so on

best times ever

[e] thiis was it, only not on new maps, the older PUBLIC maps with houses and shit (not cs maps..)
Millan? Graphics? The shit? :s
I was there for testing,and your only mistake are sounds..

They are really weird,maybe dont change them (smg!) :)
Some sort of nightvision is a must! :-)
should have made screenies with antialiasing, looks much nicer :p nice project btw!
maybe force "cg_gibs 1" and "cg_blood 1" ? (i hope i wrote those cvars correctly^^)
:), it's all being done, and most cvars are now forced. HOWEVER, we're having to trap engine cvars as we're not touching the engine.
My very poor edit, it's been changed since. Lighting effects tbh :P.
i have to say i have a lot of respect for how far you have come and how much time you invest into this. this really could be an awesome mod. read about a lot of tries of mods to revive et and stuff, but none of those prjects ever got anywhere. you guys seem to really work hard and try to accomplish sth. so, keep it up and gl :) but dont destroy the dark athmo you are trying to create with shiny bright colourful weaponry :p
Ha thank you, we do try yes ^^. Juggling a girlfriend, child & work is quite difficult but I manage to do it :P.

I had my mind set on this, and it will get finished, it's just a matter of when :).

It's not just me either, it's the whole team that puts the effort in! The hard work will pay off in the end, and hopefully everyone can enjoy the mod.

We've worked on the exploits & bug fixes, and the game right now is 100% known exploit & bugs (that we know and can find) free. We even fixed problems that were in ETPUB, and they released the fix after we explained to them the solution.

Mods take time, and this mod doesn't just contain code it contains A LOT of work on all aspects of game making. When you play ET:Z then go back to ETPro, you'll see how smooth & clean ET:Z feels :)
well this sounds to me like you could actually polish up etpro a little? doesnt have to be gfx wise, since it is a pro mod and pro mods are usually played at low gfx settings to get best fps. but if you can get it to run smoother maybe you guys should give it a shot after you finished your zombies?
ETPro source isn't going to see the light of day :(. I'm not even a C programmer, Nitrox does all the heavy work, I do the light tasks which take a long time :P. But I did start the mod and did the first progression, idea, hiring & publicity & such.

I was at first doing everything, code, maps, sound, graphics etc...

The latest edition I added to ET:Z was more ranks, now players can work through 12 ranks instead of 4 (well 5 incl 1st). & a players skill gain is drawn @ console, similar to newer games.... simple but works :P... so when someone builds the defence everyone knows, and objectives & rewarded, no more being Doctor(medic class in this) wins game.
image: l_new_add
Good news and great effort from the zombie mod guys!
i wanna download that shit ! where to !
Wow,looks great! keep on the good job mates! :)
I took a little break with ET:Z in the last few days because my mod keeps me busy for the moment... and this was a freaking hard weekend !! haha

But i'll start working on ET:Z again in a few days and the test server will be updated soon :D

There are a few things to fix and it shouldnt be long :p
:), indeed but this project wouldn't of been possible past the 1month 2week stage if it wasn't for you ;P. The things that you've implemented & managed to fix are beyond my skills as you know :P, so in reality you're the bigboss coder for this project :P.

I'll update the list once again today @ URL I gave you
Nice work! still no venom, Danje I am disappoint :(
As a reaction to everybody who keeps asking why the files listed in the download page of our current website aren't working:

The listed files are for illustration purposes only!
They were added for website testing and stay as long there are changes being made.
Note that his is just an temporary website.

If you would like to download the files and play ET:Zombies simply follow these instructions:

  • Start up Enemy Territory and open up the console (~).
  • Type "/cl_allowdownload 1".
  • Type "/connect" and wait for everything to download correctly.

(without the brackets)

Now you will have all the files from the last update and be able to play.
Make sure to keep checking back for the last updates and your suggestions are more than welcome!

If there are still any questions, contact our team via
i remember trying a 'zombiemod' several years ago. if this is not the same mod, then this is not the first such mod.
Was the mod a complete conversion including brand new sounds, maps graphics & features we provide?

If so please link me.
i only mentioned it in response to this:

"I've never actually played a ZOMBIE MOD inside ET before, and I don't think anything like this exists."

i'm just letting you know that a zombiemod was in fact made for et several years ago. whether it was as complete as yours (it probably wasn't) is irrelevant to the point i'm responding to.

that first(?) zombiemod was fun; i'm sure yours will be too. i love zombie games.
Good job !
the video clip i was like "show the fucking zombies alrdy!"
nice guys keep it up :)
this is so awesome! next EC gonna be ET:Z
nice one keep it up :)
looks great! im sure im gonna play it!
Allready told 2 friends about it they never played ET but they wanna play ET:Z , looks good gl with it , but delete the green fg42! XD
lovvvve zombie mods.look forward to playing
any server up yet for the ET:Z ??

ip pls if so wanna try it out
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