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image: splashdamlogoET developer Splash Damage have today made some large company announcements as they announce both a new game and a new game publisher as they focus their efforts onto the mobile space.

Today Splash Damage announced the pending release of their turn based tactical combat game, RAD Soliders. The Game is a far cry from their World War 2 antics on the ID Tech engine but for those who do love a good mobile game it looks fun enough.

Splash Damage appear to have freed themselves of both Activision and Bethesda with whom they've published their most recent works and migrated their publishing to exclusively free to play titles. In doing so they've founded "a brand-new British Publisher of free digitally distributed games, whose production values are set to bring AAA for all leading platforms focusing on connected experiences across them all." called Warchest.

Little hope for the ET fan? Well maybe not. Splash Damage do confirm work on a free to play, unannounced, secret PC game. Splash Damages biggest success to date came with such a project known as Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory so maybe just maybe Splash Damage will return to their roots and pickup their MP40's once more. If they did pickup their MP40's it wont be on an IDTech engine as the company has migrated onto the Unreal 3 Engine for their upcoming PC project! I hereby personally guarantee Mr. Wedgewood more downloads on an ET Sequel than on any iOS game! Who's with me?

:: Warchest Games
(Credit to Ruben0s for finding the Unreal snippet)
Good riddance.
Dont you have any influence Stuart? I mean, if they need some ideas from the community :S
They apparently listened to the community 24/7 with brink. Don't even try to help them, they obviously don't appreciate it or can't convert it into their games.
Watch this newspost descend into a pool of hate and then ask yourself why they'd want help from CF? What people will not admit is that they made a great game and thus they have the potential to do it again.
Which game is that?

Broken copy of RTCW gameplay with few additions on 3rd party engine, saved only by mods and being free?

So talented.

You are a moron if you think they can produce anything of quality.
A broken copy you invested years and travel money in. It might not be cool to admit it, but you liked ET.
W:ET is successful for two reasons.

1) It's gameplay and tech are based on RTCW, with which SD had no involvement whatsoever.

2) People who invested their time making it into good shape, after abortion that SD had left. Even you, with your community activity.

Saying SD are good developer is like complimenting parents that are junkies or alcoholics for their child turned out to be a good person due to reasons beyond their control.
True, and we can see their magnificent talent with thier all games ->
Brink = FAIL
and if Wolf: ET was not free it would be another FAIL.

Our lastest hope is a new Wolfenstein chapter made by id software based on RtCW sequel.
"Broken copy of RTCW gameplay"

Not sure if I want their dirty and greedy developer hands on ET, they will obviously ruin it just like they did with Wolfenstein and ET:QW (dead games are dead)
thats news, since when did they develop wolfenstein?
since the Macintosh incident.. duuuh
Well fuck me, confused them with id software
id didn't make it either.
Quote by WikipediaWolfenstein is a science fiction first-person shooter video game co-developed by Raven Software, id Software, Pi Studios, and Endrant Studios and published by Activision.
yes but the main developper is Raven software as for Quake 4.
hell fuckin yeah! ;)
Whatever they do next please, lord almighty, do not use IDTech4... or 5 even ._.
They've dropped idtech4, as the company has folded behind the engine.
their next game will most likely have an unreal engine.
Evidence? And I bloody hope not.
There is no evidence.

But they hired a new technical director who has worked with the unreal engine in his previous games.

Also fireteam, splashdamage its partner, builds online services for the unreal engine.
Interesting Detective work
Mind explaining me why the Unreal Engine is so bad? In fact, I think it's great and far beyond several other game engines.
I just dont enjoy movement on it 1 bit.
Movement control implemented in Unreal Engine could have exactly the same behavior as, for example, Enemy Territory. I find UE3 rather interesting because of it's renderer techniques. And the CPU/GPU power needed to accomplish complex algorithms.

HDRR (High Dynamic Range Renders), dynamic shadowing (considered a very hard 'problem' regarding game development together with lightning), dynamic pixel-based (per) lightning techniques, and so on...

What I'm basically trying to say, UE3 is a great engine. The way games are designed and programmed on top of UE3 mainly describes the success or failure.

Edit: Games like ET, Q3 just won't cut it anymore nowadays. Customers standards are way higher than several years back. Pointing to the graphics ofcourse.
+10000 , you said everything needed to say about unreal engine , always been my fav too , super nice maps colors , graphics , q3 and ET are a joke compared to it, except ET has a nonboring gameplay plus it's simple to learn until you go nerd mode.
Keep in mind that idTech3 and UE3 differ a lot in technology available for that particular time. UE3 was released late 2005 if I can remember correctly, while idTech3 was released mid 1999 (Quake3).
let's hope they do things right and not another Wolfailstein...
it has been confirmed by splashdamage that it will be unreal engine.

QuoteThe company also revealed that it is planning a studio-wide transition to Unreal, marking the first time in 10 years that Splash Damage has not used id Software technology for a project.

source :
The trailer of that iphone game looks pretty cool, would like to see it coming to andriod aswell.
Let's dream again and hope for a succesfull ET 2 but the hopes aren't that high anymore after ET:QW, Wolfenstein, Brink but yeah open minded for it and if they need some help from the community I'm more than happy to help out.
I seriously doubt there will be something next to rtcw or et, too bad that they dont listen community and waste some time on mobile games... this is just disappointing.
sad but true..
another sad day :(
who needs new ET when you've shootmania coming soon!
that and ET(pro) beeing still brilliant :)
always happy to see Activision losing more studios. Doubt there will be anything close to ET coming out soon though.
first wcg,now this :D
oh yea you failed hard 3 times and now you escape! great work :D
What you people don't see is that there can't be an ET2.
The reason this game has become so great, is because it was one of the first REAL good shooters + it was free which made a large player base possible. The friends, enemies and other people you met while playing ET is what made this game to you what it is today. Playing a different game even with a few of the same people won't make you get the same feeling that you get from ET.
Like it or not, everyone on this forum, other forums and every person you met in this game made you like or dislike ET.

An ET 2 might be a succes but not for the fact that you wiill go play it , but because it has to be a good game.

There is only 1 ET and that is this one!
As much as i would love to see an ET 2 with similar gameplay and better graphics and shit, for most of us here, there will never be an ET 2
you just ate ET didn't you
ET2 would be success , same engine , better graphics 1 new class + some new maps. Easy making money for the company and many player would play it and buy it.
Never going to happen. The closest you're going to get to playing ET with better graphics is ETXreal.

Quake 3 engine is outdated and old, ET2 would certainly be on IDTECH4 or another engine. I love the Q3 engine also, but when we've done with ET:Z we'll be making a modding community/programming forum/place for people to come along and work on a game together. We will not be using the Q3 engine from then on, we will choose an engine with blur etc...
Blur ? So you could get your dick hard on PC games? We dont need gfx, good gameplay not a fucking blur and shadows -.- jesus, go and watch porn for storyline aswell then :/
Like I said, when we finish with ET:Z we will go adventure other games as another ETPro mod is obviously not wanted.

I haven't played ET actively since 2006, I don't even play now but I STILL PUT IN WORK TO KEEP THE GAME ALIVE FOR YOU GUYS.
Then you should have used your time on ETXreal instead of this Zombie mod which in my opinion is waste of time and sucks , no offence.
How you can say that with it being pre alpha is beyond me. I'm sure you don't even understand our goal.
no offence but what zed said above me i agree with, but then again you can do whatever you want :)
Pre alpha and code only on servers good judgement lollll
wasting your time with zombies...mod will be like the zombies dead
And what have you done for the community?

Wasting time would be a silly opinion, you haven't even played ET:Zombies as the revisions have NOTHING INSIDE OF THEM.

We accept feedback but hatred and being a willy is not cool bro.
i've done plenty, at the end it doesn't matter how much time you put into it , all you have is the feeling you did something and w/e you did.
Rage engine would be awesome for a new wolfenstein chapter.
Rage is based on idTech5.
That the best since idtek3 !
They don't differ all too much though.
QuoteThe friends, enemies and other people you met while playing ET is what made this game to you what it is today.

wolfenstein 2012
Team Fortress 2 :))
After their last successful games such as ET:QW and Brink, i expect nothing less than another epic game, active with lots of competition and sponsors.
at least they are done dishing out pathetic PC games.
go ruin the mobile market, ur games sure feel like budget shit already.
Lets just hope this next "unannounced" project is something good enough that it survives long enough to support PC gaming competition.
make like Wolfenstein Enemy Territory 2012 :D
same gameplay .. just change up the other crap.. as long as the gameplay is the game i wudnt care :D
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