BFB Frags of the Week - Week 1

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Frags of the Week - Week 1

As you are all aware from the newspost Crossfire and Battle for Berlin 2 were privileged enough to have the services of the amazing Portugalag0n to produce a "Frags of the Week" series for each matchweek in the Battle for Berlin Tournament.

Anyone that knows Portugalag0n is aware of the quality and effort that he puts into his fragmovie(s). Due to the mass amount of responses from the community (thanks, we appreciate it) we were able to gather a good quantity and quality of frags but were unaware of the amount of time it would take to compile and put these frags together. In all honesty, it is maybe a little larger than predicted/preferred but i am sure you will agree for a "mini movie" you will be looking forward to the future editions.

To download/stream/watch the 1st edition of Frags of the Week head over to the movie and let your eyes have the pleasure of watching, knowing that you can look forward to another 3 editions. We look forward to the community reaction and encourage the good work in helping us compile the worthy frags which would have otherwise took us a very long time to gather. A big special thanks to Estoniacov3r who provided most if not all of the content in this fragmovie.

image: footrzr
gj ag0n :)
great job ag0n. nice movie :P
Hope you guys enjoy!

The clip mini-movie is not perfect and has few glitches (fucking pc is acting mad!), and it's only a 2 days work, but i hope can appreciate the effort.

Also thanks to anyone who sent demos ;) specially cov3r!
It was nice! :)
It was nais! :)
you only say that because you were on it, but that doesn't make it better actualy

Hey I support anyone who does work for the community! I'm not JUST an egotard :D
nice support bro, very proud bro
it sucked hard, bad quality and shit colors
Don't agree with the track choice, but further its a nice movie, nice editing skills and good to see something like that :)

Tune. GJ.
cool effort:)
dat ag0n <3
haha atoon nubs getting rolled
getting killed in mini movie > finishing higher in bfb then people featured
nice work m8!
fix the sound damnit :'d
nice job ag0n !!
Epic stuff!
Great, stuff like this is definitely welcome since good teams no longer make fragmovies (except KRP).
good job ag0n, enjoyed this movie
great job
Well done ag0n ^.^
really nice but would be cool if you could of embedded the movie in to the news post. Is there a twitter/facebook for any of this, also maybe a title of who was playing who or a caster to do the clip would make it so sick e.g
Would prefer to link the movie in the movie section to increase the views in both the newspost and the movie itself. Although the ideas are good, producing this and gathering the content already took longer than predicted. Maybe it is something i will add to the movie description itself
its fine otherwise but the link to the movie itself is hidden too well atm
n1 bruno
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