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Thursday with ETTV

With more and more teams dropping to lower bracket it comes as no surprise the pressure on the remaining sides will soon go through the roof. One error can cost you everything at this point and with Battle for Berlin 2 heading to its end it is only natural the games are more exciting then ever.
Only four teams managed to keep their records clean of defeat but round 3 of winner bracket is going to change that. Winners of those games are guaranteed place on podium and a share of prizes provided by Razer. But wait, there’s more! We also have 3rd round of loser bracket being played the same day! That is their last chance to stay in competition and continue the struggle for podium positions. With no ‘do overs’ left it’s now or never for them.
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Finland Finlantic6
Finland Iron
Finland Jewe
Finland Matias
Finland OLBAA
Finland Salaneuvos
Finland twidi

image: game32518Europe Queens
Germany butchji
United Kingdom razz
Belgium chry
Poland wiaderko
Netherlands xPERiA
United KingdomBaggiez

Even though Finland Finlantic6 has a higher seed predicting the winner of this match-up is as easy as getting the lottery numbers right. The teamplay advantage might be on their side but against a team with stars like Germany butchji or United Kingdom razz is it going to be enough? Europe Queens have their toughest game so far in front of them and they are definitely not taking it lightly. GamesTV odds lean towards the European mix but Enemy Territory provides surprises time after time and with such a close match all you can do is watch the game yourselves. I can promise you are not going to regret that.
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Germany Anexis eSports
United Kingdom R0SS
United Kingdom sqZz
Belgium mAus
Italy XyLoS
Estonia Night
Finland Squall

image: game32517Germany miNd’s Pro Gamers
Finland miNd
Latvia Clown
Germany drago
Finland Vanhaomena
Netherlands perfo
Sweden NuggaN

Europe mPG had some problems in their last game against Netherlands Mouse Control. They managed to get a win but definitely not in a style they’d want to. Germany Anexis eSports on the other hand seem to be unstoppable. They date their last defeat to june 2011. After that they haven't lost a single game, be it on LAN or online. United Kingdom R0SS admitted in a recent interview that their team had a long break and is still not in top shape. That’s most certainly a good news for Finland miNd and his teammates. However, will they stop the 10 months long undefeated streak for Germany Anexis eSports? You will have to see for yourselves. This game will be streamed by QuadV with United Kingdom TosspoT shoutcasting so you are guaranteed an exciting show.
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Belgium Belgian Fraternity
Belgium Gifted
Belgium AL1
Belgium Sup3r
Belgium chizz6l
Belgium uNDEAD
Belgium Jere

image: game32686Europe a.ToOn
United Kingdom Artstar
France kartez
Belgium kaze
Sweden tornis
Poland upload
Belgium xAv

Europe a.ToOn surprised everyone winning their previous game against NetherlandsMouse Control 4:0. They showed great potential and should be feared. Belgium Belgian Fraternity on the other hand had one hell of a game against Germany Team.PDEG and struggled to stay in competition. This is the last chance for both of those teams and no one wants to miss it. Will Belgians show what true teamwork is or maybe the European mix will keep the momentum going for them and score another win? You’ll find out soon!
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Belgium Nothing But Skillz
Croatia rimi
Estonia yench
Estonia Sinnu
Sweden slajdan
Canada bN
Belgium fostruM

image: game32687Europe TAG
Netherlands Lightning
Netherlands aphesia
United Kingdom griim
Germany stownage
Germany kReSti
Germany FLoPJEHZ

Europe TAG must be disappointed after their loss to Europe Queens. Definitely one of the strongest teams in this competition. Recent lineup problems might affect their performance though. Nevertheless they are still hopeful and and are pushing forward as hard as they can. Then again Europe Nothing But Skillz team seems to be in a permanent lineup shuffle. They played every of their matches so far with a different set of players! Whatever the reason was, they are still holding their spot in BFB2 and should not be underestimated. GamesTV odds are way ahead in favour of Europe TAG but history taught us that the majority is not always right.
image: s_head
Updated version of the map schedule[/h3]]Tuesday 10th April – WB Round 1 (Adlernest + Loser's choice)
Thursday 12th April – LB Round 1 (Bremen_b3 + Loser's choice)
Tuesday 17th April - WB Round 2 (Bremen_b3 + Loser's choice)
Thursday 19th April - LB Round 2 (Supply+ Loser's choice )
Tuesday 24th April - WB Round 3 (Supply + Loser's choice)
Thursday 26th April - LB Round 3 (Goldrush + Loser's choice)

Tuesday 1st May – WB Final(Free Choice) and LB Round 4(Radar + Loser's choice)
Thursday 3rd May – LB Round 5(free choice) and LB Final(free choice)
Sunday 6th May – Grand Final(free choice)

Battle for Berlin II brackets

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Quotestars like butchji

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Costa Ricarimi = Croatiarimi --> hr (weird I know)
not weird if you know why
I guess you're right on that one :P
I'm pretty sure rimi=adeto = flagNL?
RMY = Remy = adeto = flagnl
ok now i understand why you've always put rimi with this Netherlands flag :D
newschooler alert!
nice games. gl all
Nice , GL all
great coverage once again krein! :)
we lost against queens not mpg
still nice read
thats 4am newswriting for you there ;p
no excuses pls! :D
great actions coming to our screens!
I will make sure our total of 7 viewers will have a good show!:)
and we did :D
it's really a no brainer to schedule matches at different times so we can watch them all unless stream vids will be uploaded....
its a shame WB matches are being played on the LB day :).

Strict schedule!
yeah, i heard your game was really close :) review might come soon getting you some on demand views ;)
our hearts were ticking like a bomb :), is fun to win games like that :p. atleast we got a better spot than our seed! while we suck :D
yes my heart was tickling like a bomb too omg :P nice game gg!! next game soon image: duivel)
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