CGo AUS.ET Draft Cup LB Final + Showmatch

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As the CyberGamer AUS.ET Community Draft Cup nears its end we are only left with one game to go and is no doubt going to have you on the edge of your seats or whatever it is you nerds sit on when you watch ettv in the morning. The lower bracket final needs to be decided...

The match will be broadcasted on GamesTV with live streaming audio video casts from our very own mc Australia biggz to bring you guys the action.


Team Midas and Team Chiver find themselves fighting for the best losers this week and a one way ticket to face the undefeated Upper Bracket Champions, Team Volta in the Grand Final.

Team Chiver were sent very early to the lower brackets, going down in the first round against Team Volta. However, they've managed to pick themselves up and pretty much cruise their way through the lower brackets taking down the teams lead by Australia hammerkrook, Australia meadow and Australia dongo.
Australia chiver will be hoping to use his quakecon 2005 experience to lead the charge with Australia pedro and Australia royalty and continue their winning streak with this next match.

Team Midas have dominated up until they met Australia volta's team last week in the upperbracket final, bringing them back to reality. I guess Chiver was just lucky to get it out of the way during round one. But if there's anyone that can lift their team after such a tough loss, it's with kind words and encouragement that can only come from Australia MiDAS. New Zealand Diablo aka pakeha's brute landmining skills and New Zealand nasri aka Adam's deadly backrage could very well be the difference in this battle.

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Quote by biggz
-22:45:21- (biggz-) It will be interesting to see if Team MiDAS can bounce back from their narrow loss to Team Volta
-22:45:56- (biggz-) However Team Chiver have the momentum coming into this one with their recent win over team dongo.
-22:47:40- (biggz-) That mo*mentum has been driven by the resurgent form of angelus.
-22:49:24- (biggz-) In the end though this one could go either way, too close to call!
-22:49:28- (biggz-) shoutout to Swerve, sexiest man in ET.


As a bonus we have a show match with the CyberGamer Premier League winners, xFx.eSports taking on the old school has-beens, the Wood Ducks, who dominated the scene back in our GameArena ladder days as a formed super team, mixed of players from RoK, Modus Operandi and Adversus.
With Australia riCo, Australia shaggy and Australia dongo in the one team we should definitely see some nice aggressive gibbing and objective play, allowing Australia Chevron and Australia angelus the room they need to do some heavy damage.

Players to watch - Australia dongo and Australia I'm Constructing!

In the other corner we have xFx.eSports, intially formed from a forever lasting friendship between Australia MiDAS and Australia Meadow, who found the troubled et player Australia Pedro, an outcast in after accusations of cheating in a GameArena match, gave him the second chance he needed to find his spot as the #1 smg engineer in Australia.
Finland Matias will be joining them as the 6st during this game as unfortunately (for xFx) Australia volta wasn't available, even after hours of begging from midas himself, due to his strong commitment to his draft cup team.

Players to watch - Young gun Australia MiDAS for some video game money winning plays and predictable riflenades, Australia Stompy for some great mg42 action or Canada bN for some team.volta ownage.

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gl hf!
nice bonus match :)
Matias will be joining them as the 6st
I cannot into understand the logic then :D
it's a joke about the random euros that cannot into english <3
it kinda seem like the other way aroud, for a outsider like me :D
well ironically i'm bad at it too. this news post is most likely full of terrible grammar. :D
it kinda seems like the other way around, for an outsider like me :D
Thanks for point it out.
Thanks for pointing it out.
ag0n such a qt
Nice life Matias....
I never got to see who " -_- " was back in the day when they also played TWL with iceman and ikezor. Was that I'm constructing?
-_-v was a korean player (aka bui) from team Warholic, im_constructing was formally known as Hammerkrook.
Whoever wins let's just hope they take down that scumbag team volta twice.
unlikely! :D
nice post, best of luck. I remember watching a stream last week with a shoutcaster but It only last 30 second. I was to late to hear biggz live and to see the australians play.
Losing captain of this game will face off in a 1v1 peen sword-fight against dongo.
Utterly love Cybergamer, the website is amazing... nice to see it being put to good use by ET.

Best of luck both teams!
yeah it is an awesome model that allows admins to run, promote and manage their respective games without needing to continually ask for support/assistance from the website admins.

Given that they have expanded to MW3 and Battlefield more recently I am surprised no potential European admins have approached them about ET yet (or have they?!).
I would of hoped they might of, Im rather unaware of what goes on ET wise but i know CoD4 now uses it for its ladder etc as its way better than CB and the admins of the site are really involved and helped us to no end development.

Its a fatastic platform for getting viewers on stream too there are two live sections that show whats coming up/live streams etc, cybergamer really should be used in ET more if its possible.
Yeah exactly, you can see how much room for growth the EU version of the site has if you check how far the site has come already! (now supporting 20 odd different games competitively).
gl both team :D!
Replay is available on my channel here. No in-game footage for the first 15mins (forgot to switch presentation >.>).
first anim, now matias, nice Australia draft :D
~As a bonus we have a show match~

Mongoloid polaki kurwa mac
didn't read the news, just lineups lol
midas gives amazing handjobs
I dont have hands
thats what makes it so AMAZING
obviously Midas won :)
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