CGo AUS.ET Draft Cup Grand Final

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Australia's first ET Draft cup has been an amazing success. It has pulled the scene from an inch of death and brought back players we thought were long gone from holding an mp40 ever again.
This week features the last game of the cup, the Grand Final. It has actually been a very long time coming as we were expecting this tournament to be finished within a few weeks. Some of it was a little dodgy with the organisation of times and the availability of some players, but that was sort of expected with our scene coming out of such an apathetic state. It was also my first time as an admin for anything, ever. Couldn't have managed any of it without the help of our main man Australiabiggz!

But with all that aside, the match you guys have been waiting for is finally upon us - The CGo Aus.ET Draft Cup Grand Final!

This match will be broadcasted on GamesTV with live streaming audio video casts from with Chrisis and EJ joining us once again to bring you guys all the aus enemy territory goodness.


Team Midas makes it back to the main stage with a second shot at Team Volta except this time the stakes are much higher!

Team Midas were dropped to the loser brackets by Team Volta 3-1 in the upperbracket final with both teams being full held on Goldrush then Australiavolta's team managing a win on Radar straight after.
Meanwhile, Team Chiver were looking very nice as they cruised through the lower brackets throughout this cup until they met with Team Midas in the Loser Bracket Final last week. AustraliaMiDAS led his team to 3-1 victory in a similar fashion to the upper bracket final with double full holds on Goldrush and a very narrow win on radar.

Team Volta's lineup changes this week after a couple of drop outs due to work commitments with New Zealandswerve replacing Australiapie and oldschool damage dealer AustraliadARKNESS taking time off from dota2 to replace #1 pub player New Zealandskukz.
Team Midas continues to field his NZ allstar team with old premier league team cmsfe player New Zealandmeteor joining his ranks of kiwis in place of New Zealandjowlzaah and New Zealandcovert stepping up for a second time filling AustraliaT.Bickles boots.
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Team Volta

Australia volta
Canada bN
Australia siNi
Australia metal
New Zealand swerve
Australia dARKNESS
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Maps// Custom Picks
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Team MiDAS

Australia MiDAS
New Zealand pakeha
New Zealand Adam
Australia rainbow
New Zealand Covert
New Zealand Meteor

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Captain Statements

Quote(pakeha) At the beginning of the draft did you expect to make it to the grand final?
(volta) I really can't say I expected it but I knew my team definitely had a good shot at it. All of the players I picked I knew were top blokes and that our team could work together really nicely. I think that's one of the main reasons why our team has come so far.

(pakeha) After beating Team Midas in the Winner Bracket Final, are you feeling confident for the upcoming match?
(volta) I have a lot of confidence in my team at this stage. The match against Team Midas was definitely a tough one though, especially on goldrush. Team Midas's defense was really solid in that game, especially with midas himself on the riflenade and pakeha's unmatched landmining skills. Our team's attack wasn't orchestrated very well though which is my fault as a captain. But I believe if we can sort things out properly this time around we should have a pretty good chance of taking this one.

(pakeha) Who do you think are the biggest threats on Team Midas and why?
(volta) MiDAS is the obvious one. He's really come a very long way in such a short amount of time (massive skillboost hell suss) with his aim and playing style. He's able to land some really big kills and make sure they enjoy limbo, as well as dishing out a hell of a lot of damage. Diablo and Nasri are the other two. Both are very strong players with some really nice aim. They will definitely be hard to beat as long as midas can keep these two rascals in line.

(pakeha) Name the most important players of your team and justify it!
(volta) Metal has been a real big player for me this cup. Although he hasn't dealt so much damage, he's made sure he's been in the right place at the right time to make some really important clutch plays allowing us to progress through the cup. I think I've lost count on the amount of defuses this guy has made for us!
But also I really can't go past bN. His heavily aggressive style has really helped during our attacks and on defense. Dealing the damage all over the place and destroying heads, pretty much paving the way for our team's success. His back must be pretty sore.
siNi and skukz have been very solid players for the team as well. We could not have made it this far without them. I've really just let these guys go out and rambo around to get those much needed kills, but it's their support play that have been our team's main strength.
And finally there’s Pie who has really surprised me in this cup. As my last pick for the team he has really stepped up and has not been a weakness for us at all, even getting some clutch kills and dealing some very nice damage. Also a top bloke.
Sorry I had to name everyone haha...

(pakeha) What has been your favorite moment of the draft comp and also your most frustrating
(volta) Favourite moment was definitely taking home that winner bracket final match against Team Midas. It felt reeeaaallllly good. Most frustrating moment would have to be our goldrush attack in that same match. Even after holding them for a full 15 minutes we weren't even able to steal the tank until about 2 minutes left.

(pakeha) Finally, any comments you'd like to make?
(volta) This cup has been extremely fun for me. Reconnecting with some players I haven’t played with or against for quite a while has been the most rewarding thing about it. Hoping it all continues for draft cup # 2!
Good luck to Team Midas it should be a great game!

Quote(pakeha) At the beginning of the draft did you expect to make it to the grand final?
(MiDAS) I thought my team would go through without dropping a single round, I think we had a very well balanced team in terms of select classes (med,eng etc) but i knew our biggest downfall would be experience in clutch situations. We have a fairly 'newschool' team and have no were near the experience of teams like #team.chevron and #team.dongo, but i knew we had the aim & brain to get through to the finals

(pakeha) After losing to Team Volta in the Winner Bracket Final, are you feeling confident for the upcoming match?
(MiDAS) In All honesty, not really, #team.volta have shown excellent performances throughout the entire draft competition only dropping 1 round to #team.chevron. My team on the other hand have just scraped by each match thanks to sum superb engy work by pakeha. Although i'm not really confident I prefer to be in this position as we are the underdogs and have nothing to lose. Hopefully we have the MiDAS'touch for the final :)

(pakeha) Who do you think are the biggest threats on Team Volta and why?
(MiDAS) bN is the main dangerman, waking up at 5am continually pulling out massive plays and topping damage, he will be the one we need to stop! siNi is another threat, though he is not on the same scale as bN, siNi has been playing very well lately and defintly one to watch out for. For the rest of the team, they are good players & aimers but I honestly don't seem them as much of a threat.

(pakeha) Name the most important players of your team and justify it!
(MiDAS) MiDAS - Stats dont lie

(pakeha) What has been your favorite moment of the draft comp and also your most frustrating
(MiDAS) Favourite moment was probably disposing of #team.chiver, can't stand low sense mpitching bads so to beat them was pretty hilarious (get skill mongoloids) On a more serious note the best part was just playing some nice competitive emeny territory with new people :) The most frustrating part was obviously my luck and my teams inability to listen. I try to help them out as much as I can but some of them just don't listen.

(pakeha) Finally, any comments you'd like to make?
(MiDAS) Massive shoutout to Biggz & Volta for getting everything setup and running a nice draft competition. Was abit disappointed with the admin abuse from volta but hopefully the next draft will be more fair! Thanks to everyone for playing hopefully cu in #draft2 and Goodluck to #team.volta in the Grandfinal. Shoutout to luv2party ventrillo <3

Quote by dongoIt will be a close game. Expect to see some long spawns for volta, minimal objective play from anim, and some silly, obsolete trick shots from midas. I cant imagine Team Midas winning twice, so Team Volta will take it out 4-0. bbl dinner

Quote by biggzTeam MiDAS are out for a double dosage of Team Volta blood after going down to them in the upper bracket
The only question is will they have the stomach to sit through two Voltalicious courses... Only time will tell, all I know is it is going to be a final match to be beheld!

Quote by meadowvolta should take it 4-2, bN will be the one to watch on that team... midas top damage as per usual, although i am hoping for an upset from his team! :)

Quote by chiverThis should be a good curtain raiser for the xFx versus Wood Ducks battle royale. Looking at the updated lineups, meteor replacing Jowlzaah for Team Midas is a lot better than a largely inactive dARKNESS replacing new talent skukz for Team Volta. 8-0 Team Midas.

Australians seem to have a very nice community! Good job and good luck with the possible future cups!
no offence at all but what is bN doing @ Australian draft cup?
same what new zealanders(?) are doing
New Zealanders only ping 50-100 to Australian servers, and without us there wouldn't be as much teams formed
Theres only like 8 new zealand players in et..
bN is everywhere BOOM
He's an immigrant
bN is indeed everywhere
why arent you playing btw?
playing QL instead :)
you owned hard on nbs pub :o still awake or still up? :P
yep gonna have to sleep a bit so will be off soon

and well, I'm still out ot shape atm. havent played scrim or match in a long time. :)
:o sleep well then, hope exams are going well :)
exams are done mate :p l8r
I only see midas winning
Wohoo! So excited :)
gl adam pakeha volta bn midas! nerds
gl hf both :) was a nice cup so far, gj to all who supported, especially biggz :)
Any change for a stream? Would be nice to have something to do at work.
stream should be here:

If not it'll be posted in the GTV comments as the match starts
midas better give me shoutout
Unhit austrilians playing versus other unhit australians!! best of luck midas & co!
midas is beast! <3
gl bro
Thanks for the support in our coverage of this cup Crossfire! <3
ggz guys thanks to everyone that participated and supported this cup! special mention of course to chrisis and Ej over at GameStah for getting involved again <3
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