BFB 2 mPG or TAG?

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Thursday, Thursday, Thursday...

We are coming closer and closer to the end of the Battle For Berlin II, a tournament that has shown us how coverage is done for ET, a tournament that brought us stunning games. Europe Queens already qualified themselves for the Grand Final by beating Europe Anexis with a stunning score of 4-0. Europe Queens have secured 6 Razer Deathadder mice already but they surely don’t aim for the second place and the victory over the “unbeaten” Anexis has given them a fair amount of confidence.

Tonight's match up sees Europe mPG face Europe TAG where the winner will claim a top4 position and face Finland Finlantic6 in the next round of the lower bracket and the loser will be packing their bags! News has come through that United Kingdom griim, recent UK Nations Cup Winning team member, has decided to quit Enemy Territory and thus tag will need to find a replacement, United Kingdom Scarzy has been lined up for Adroits ET Masters but has already played for bF so cannot play for TAG in BFB. This will be a massive loss for TAG in BFB and for the upcoming LAN event, hopefully griim has a sudden change of heart! The game tips off at 22:00CET this evening, be sure to tune in!

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Europe miNd’s Pro Gamers
Finland miNd
Latvia Clown
Germany drago
Netherlands perfo
Sweden Nuggan
Estonia subbi

image: game32778Europe TAG
Netherlands Lightning
United Kingdom griimTBA
United Kingdom meez
Germany kReSti
Germany stownage
Germany FLoPJEHZ

Let’s start with LB round 4. Europe TAG were often mentioned as one of the podium pretenders. Since the team was created they managed to lose only one game and even though they seem a bit ‘shaky’ and are definitely losing at gbooky odds you shouldn’t cross them out so quickly, with the addition of United Kingdom meez they might surprise! Europe mPG on the other hand looked really good until facing top seeded team Anexis eSports, where they were beaten badly. This is a tough call and with dropping out of the competition on the line no one wants to under perform.

QuoteTAG are more focused on lan which we aren't attending, so I think this game means more to us than them, but I doubt that this fact will make it any easier for us. I have no idea what their line-up will be, so I can't comment about our chances, but we've not done well recently, so maybe this could be a bounce-back game for us!

QuoteWell the game against mPG gonna be a hard game for us. We had a lot of lu changes and a lot of switches in our game the last days and weeks but at the moment we are finding back into our game. mPG is a really good team and everything can happen in this match. I hope we gonna win it 4-2 but it can go either way.
Update since quit of United Kingdomgriim
since im not sure who our 6th is gonna be, is it hard to predict who's gonna win, with a decent 6th and a bit of luck we could actually take the game, but if we cant find a decent 6th i hardly doubt that we gonna win the game.

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Due to time issues we decided to change the schedule a bit, please take a look at the updated schedule and make sure to not miss out on any of the upcoming games!
Tuesday 10th April – WB Round 1 (Adlernest + Loser's choice)
Thursday 12th April – LB Round 1 (Bremen_b3 + Loser's choice)
Tuesday 17th April - WB Round 2 (Bremen_b3 + Loser's choice)
Thursday 19th April - LB Round 2 (Supply+ Loser's choice )
Tuesday 24th April - WB Round 3 (Supply + Loser's choice)
Thursday 26th April - LB Round 3 (Goldrush + Loser's choice)
Tuesday 1st May – WB Final(Free Choice)

Thursday 3rd May - LB Round 4(Radar + Loser’s choice)
Sunday 6th May – LB Round 5(free choice)
Tuesday 8th May – LB Final(free choice) - Grand Final(free choice)

VOD - Anexis vs Queens - shoutcasted by TosspoT

Battle For Berlin II - Brackets


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rip dave
Reason why he quits?
Playing with TAG for a couple of weeks will do that to any sane man!
Lightning seems to be immune! :O
emphasis on the word "sane"
oh yeah, my bad :D
heard from flop that it's very stressfull! :D
Sad to see Dave quiting.
tough luck for TAG. Gl both of you.

oh and, what's the correct map-schedule now? Yesterday the LB round 5 was moved to Sunday, news post here
map schedule is the same, the dates may have moved a bit though as teams have used their wildcards late in the competition

Updated - dates were indeed extended a bit.
quitting before lan and after he started playing really well, gj
jo avi Simon! :D
Did I wear you down with those Rnades Dave :(

No Daif no Win. Sorry TAG!

ringing does pay off?
TAG should rape the shit out of MPG
say what HAH
welcome to ET.
sad news deef! gl TAG
image: pBgep

gl TAG, you'll need it though I saw lightning praccing on nexus last night so he certainly will rape faces. (ps get mud back in ze lineup, he shot over 100 kills yesterday!)
dave ;€
Dave m8 :S
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