Tonight's Spring Series Matches

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After struggling with some teams which are delaying the cup we are back on air with some updates. Find out which matches will be played tonight!

3on3 Series
Finland lettu from red as a beetroot:
I'm not really all that familiar with our opponent, but I assume they wont be easy or anything. Our shape was quite poor in our last offi, so I guess it comes down to how well we can perform today. Finland walle is a little sick and hasntplayed much, but hopefully we can still play well and get the win. We are counting on Slovakia filuS to carry.

Estonia sCope from epicAimers:

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6on6 Series

Poland fanatic from to Make odds even.ET:
It won't be our 1st game against Czech Republic zeroE (counting both offi and praccs) so we are quite aware of ouropponent's quality. Few days ago we beat them with 4-0 in EuroCup game and this time I think we will take it without losing a map as well. Due to a lot of free days + hot weather, diablo 3 and some slight lineup issues we don't prac much but we are confident about our awesome skillz so we are ready to take on those guys! Player to watch is obviously Poland hunter or Poland zMk (because I'm not playing :D)

Germany mental from inteRaction / Zero Empathy:

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Other matches
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