[KaosTV VODs] eSuba vs AVENUE 9GMT/10CET Fasthosts Power Tournament

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Good Evening Ladies and Gents and welcome to the First Round of the Fasthosts Power Tournament , tonight at 9GMT/10CET for 1st place £2,750, 2nd £1,500, 3rd £750.

As we do love bringing you the best of Call of Duty 4 action, i thought we could jump straight into the action tonight with eSuba battling AVENUE.

This game will be in a BO3 format with the action kicking off on mp_crash so get the M&M's,popcorn and even those cool Slushy drinks ready. As i hear on the grape vine that Avenue already had a rather close run in with some rather rattled Western Wolves over that the CGi ending in a draw, so i can tell you this one is going to be a must see.

Streamer : Lee
Casters : Pansy & Nreo

First Map - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypx4LotDvS0
Second Map - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2Lky2DPN-k
Third Map - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp40rKzNgFU


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thx pansy!!
wheres mazarini now xD?
Will be more interesting than the yesterday's one?
Should we wayyyyy closer, AVENUE drew with wW last night so they are a really strong team. eSuba are obviously are a good team anyway.
Nice. I'll tune up to hear and watch at least a bit :)
great :) hope you enjoy
maybe make JOURNAL not news?
imo news is better, easier to spot plus stays longer on top
it isnt easier to spot, its the exact type of list.
stays up longer? exactly. a stream is only relevant the day its happening.
its quite spammy actually there is 4 koas v posts in recent news section which pushes the actual news from the main page.
also the response isnt that great
Then that should make people add more other news rather than be pissed off CoD4 is getting good coverage :).

By responce do you mean our 600 viewers or 1 negative comment on crossfire? Id rather have chat on the stream rather than in a post, there isnt much to say that isnt said in the actual news post.

End of the day, that game was amazing and does deserve to be as news, if you dont like it, put on the filter or make more content for ET
I dont think that anyone here is bitter that the considerably newer game is more active than ET, following that logic we would hate on any non-ET news.
I didnt mock the success of your stream i just dont think that there is anything people (on here) want to discuss on a match to match basis, you said it yourself.
The match might be super awesome but that isnt what makes it news on this site. there is no news content in your post. it is pormotion for your stream but doesnt actually add any value for most of this sites visitors.
It is only relevant during the time the stream goes live and can by no means keep up with the amount of comments/discussions that other (real) news topics raise.
i am not going to filter all cod4 content (which i am generally interested in) because you spam this site to promote your own stuff.
i consider announcing a stream going live in the news section rather than the journal section, especially in a game that the majority of this community isnt interested in, to be spam. no offense
"i am not going to filter all cod4 content (which i am generally interested in) because you spam this site to promote your own stuff."

haha bless you for thinking that. The fact is, for the people who do enjoy this stream its more than worth it and really if you personally don't, use the filters.. don't make this anything more than it is, if you honestly think i get anything out of posting the links here you are massively mistaken and or over estimating the impact this site has, its purely to bring content to crossfire that wouldn't be there in the first place.

If you were *generally interested* in CoD4 you would want to watch this game, if you believe that someone like...Avenue drawing with Western Wolves and then beating eSuba in a online 5k cup isn't news....then you are utterly deluded.

If you want a wall of text go look at columns, news doesn't have to be in the form of a paragraph to do the job it intends.
you seem to misunderstand me.
i appreciate you inforimg people of streams/games/whatever i just dont think that the news section is the right segment to do it in.
Your description of news is rather close minded then, as i said above...news does not have to be in the form of a wall of text to be informative.
you can just check cod4 in site filters if you don't want to see infos from cod scene
this isnt cod4 scene info/news this is a promotional tool for her own stream which is only relevant for a very short period of time and generates about 4 replys per post.
does not mean im not interested in cod4, means it doesnt blong into the news section.
far from a promotional tool.
use your filters :) Pansy adds her newsposts to CoD category, so you don't have to see them with proper site filters.
cant you read?
i am interested in cod4 news, this isnt news tho.
nice casting and quality but i still think your going too fast for a caster.
no thx =( Have fun streaming/watching though.
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