The TLR rankings are...?

The experts have given their opinion - what do you think of them?
26.4 %
(446 votes)
35.5 %
(599 votes)
38.1 %
(643 votes)
I think they came way too late - For now all the scene needs is a bit more growth in activity which would then eventually allow us to rate approx. 20 teams in stead of 10. Nice initiative and respect goes out to the guys whom invested time to the idea, though it is a bit useless at this stage..
Bad choice of asnwers. What about Awesome, okey, useless, huh...
Heh basic yes / no / indifferent. There be too many nuances to do it any other way... "nice idea, don't like the panel" / "crap idea, but the panel seems ok" / "decent idea, poor implementation with the points scoring" / "crap idea, decent implementation objectively" etc etc etc

Couldn't be you're a tad bias?:)
Could be ;p
don't like the options.
not "awesome" since i don't agree with the whole ranking and some 'experts'
not "useless" since it's a nice idea and quite ok for a start.
Useless, based on praccs and lineups.
they vote themself the best...:|
They didn't.
go back prone :D
Good Ati_ :D.
;p I want to make a movie again tbh!
go go .. it will be a great succes.. show some oldschool stuff on battery against rA :D
cba to watch all the old demo's O_O to many =<
ye.. true. Well , just show some nice actions you know ! :D
make a dNan movie!
Like we asked for it?
Atm useless, but in 2 months it will be awesome.
I'd rather see them fighting in the CB ladders than just making a ladder because they don't play
I think that there should have been more "neutral" players telling their opinions.

I think that this is a great idea,if you were going to fix it a bit.
Nice effort, but useless at the moment since none of the teams actually played each other in officials at the time of voting.
it was a good idea but the actual rankings are pretty useless at this moment in time.
Go back to your kitchen.
Something between awesome and useless
The experts ???? what make them experts?
hours and hours of casting man, hours of casting! :*
no offense but those guys have the exact same knowledge of the scene the community as plenty of xfire users which read news and watch ettv. There is not so much going on on ET world so the people who know who plays good and who dont have to be called experts....
bad day or whats wrong mate? take it easy, idea is great and finally someone try to do something in that way for W:ET, why are you so angry? Be happy! Enjoy rush hours of W:ET again and with joy!
i am not angry or anthing, i am not talking about the idea of ranking to be bad. I just feel there is no need for the word "experts"
You might be right, but does one word make all that effort aimed primary for W:ET make ot wrong? Hope not.
well it is always good to do smth for ET, i had an opinion about this not influenced by that "experts" anyway:)
good thing to start useless discussions on xfire :D
I dont get it, why do people care that much?
Its just the opinion of those 10 people, noone is forced to stick to that ranking nor is it important for anything (like seedings etc.)
Useless, seriously who gives a fuck about rankings.
clearly nellie thinks they are useless and that was why the poll was made ;D

I'd say useless, I don't really care about people's opinions (except pedros <3)

give me points based on official match results
Completely useless.
tbh, they're roughly the rankings I'd have come up with, having minimal scene knowledge except lineups and some prac results :D
menagers, shoutcasters and refree's should be experts not players.
Not useless but needs to be calculated differently. A panel of "experts" is fine but should only be part of the equation....

Expert Ranking + Peer Ranking + Current Stats/Match Points = Overall Ranking

Anything that brings more prestige to the team aspect can't be bad.
asking some of those people is sick
These rankings are idiotic.
only sleeperz need to get the fuck out, the rest is good :p
Pointless but fun. :)
awesome because of the comments in it :D

had fun time reading all of them at work!
huh.. Experts?
Good, but I'd prefer them to be "Crossfire top 10/15/20". I can't really follow the scene daily, so such list is good for me personally.

they can be useless and awesome at the same time :P
more options please
Its nice to see and I appreciate the effort put into doing it... but it is pretty useless. :D
pretty useless at the moment, after teams play more and we see some results, it gets better.

not to mention the expert panel wasnt really the best available.
Useless :<
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