Who Will Win Eurocup?!

Eurocup getting to its end, who are going to be the victorious team gaining infinite amount of glory and pricemo.. umm respect!
32.4 %
(439 votes)
11.2 %
(151 votes)
43.4 %
(587 votes)
13.1 %
(177 votes)

first to vote \o/
all cheats, who cares
Button Bashers : np ofc!
show votes pls, i want to know how many fakeaccounts jaka made to vote for mamut
need a "i shit care bricks" option
should be self-explanatory as the 4th option.
just dont vote, easy as
are you serious?
all the polaks will vote for kick ofc :D
You're WRONG.
You're WRONG.
You're WRONG.
BB i guess
BB will win EC but be beaten by mamut at CC5, imo!
+1 , and that hard
its gna be the other way around
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they get badly raped by mAus & co.!
half of the kick team will get busted before the finals anyway.
yea, the team has become experienced with hiding it :o(
BB or mamut but i voted BB
Button Bashers
close to call between mamut and bb but voted for bb
whos playing?
close between mamut bb, could go either way - with mamut coming from lower bracket a clear disadvantage, but voted mamut :X
all cheats, who cares
in Poland we trust
I belive mamut.si will take it.
Old idle players can't fail :)
GL mamut.si
Polandk1ck ofc!
mamut > bb
mamut will take it.
bb since they got a huge advantage, coming from the winner bracket!
i woudln't say so mate :O(
imo mamut vs buttonbashers << close one
where is the option SNB?

Oh wait.
Nice achievements m8
ofc overload
I would like mamut to win but BB probably will.
Onliners will win it
SNB will win EC. :)
In future for sure :-)))
Finland bb/Matias obv
k1ck or BB, in the end I would choose BB. Mamut.si is looking to much mixed for me
mamut duh although I prefer BB winning :)
k1ck tbh :)
np for IDLEE
easy for bb !
Is this poll for ET:QW or what? Never heard any of those teams
sWat ofc!
BB will take it :P
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