Will you attend CC6

CC6 has been announced do you plan to attend?
21.4 %
(306 votes)
50.5 %
(721 votes)
28.1 %
(402 votes)
i hope so!
Liek you'll ever go thereeeeeeeeeeee har har har
hahahahahah rise and lan ahahahahahaha
Never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8-@
Never !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8-@
if some1 motivates me to
its only fun if you do this to some1 you know..dno about any1 nais going there and prolly finkregh & nobadi are the only ones i would join or ofc if annajr shares a honeymoon suite or sth wit me..
but since finkreghs is wowaddicted again & nobadi all the time in south africa and wEAK would give me 3 lugerhs if i touch her i doubt ill be there
most likely
most likely not
ye only becouse of schnee :)
i was really planning on, but now that i know that its the 1st of may, i dno if i can come. Two of my cousins are doing communion (dno what its called in english) and since they live next door and since my father is the godfather of one of them, i dont think i can get away from it.
it's the right term :P
strict catholics :(
I will see you there if I get a team :)
show votes, so we can laugh to everyone
probably yes
Not this time I guess 8(
and they keep saying the game is dead
yeah would be nice
i want to but its so far :(
lies :C landodger
I would love to, but no intrest to put money and no1 knows me so waste of time

and i am :O)
i clicked yes but uuuhm maybe..
cu there
Yes, CPC/CDC veteran returning! :P
you're the type of guy that has always the intention to integrate the oldschool-thing into his sentences. you might explain why you're doing it again and again? =)
nice, let them whine :P
i will go there with some mates :)
replay-house :D
hope i have the time

80% atm
when not take your time X:D
maybe! If I'd just have some team to go with! -,-
probably yes :)
i would love to but i dont think i got money :EE
yes sir
Bad time, can't come!
no have to work :<
Hopefully ;)
for sure already got team
not sure atm.. but maybe we are going to play at cc6
If I have money! :)
Dunno.. Would be fun!
ye I think so.
Maybe I'll come to a'dam first then to lan as a spectat0r.
Might do.
Probably incorporate it into a week away or summat..
Yeah some of the English boys where thinking about that to. Spending a few nights in Amsterdam!
At that time of year it would be worth it, and the flights are so cheap at the moment.
Pity the £ is so weak against the euro though :<

I'll see, I'd want to play rather than purely spec so I'll keep my options open :)
do bears shit in the forrest? yes ofcourse!
If I had team I would surely come there, money ain't prob, just pm me here!
need my prize money first!

image: nolanmuniez
nema pari/no money
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